CMZ Army (8chan) history

CMZ Army is one of the most recent brands the clique behind 8chan (also known as pedochan, cripplechan, 8kun, 8ch, infinitechan, and fullchan) is using. The name is a reference to Ron Watkins's twitter handle, @codemonkeyz.

(Other affiliated groups: NT Technology, VanwaTech, Is It Wet Yet Inc, and Disarm The Deep State PAC)

8chan (also called infinitechan or ∞chan) began as an anonymous imageboard similar to 4chan; the differentiating factor was that people could create their own message boards on it and moderate them how they saw fit. The original owner saw it as a free speech board, and users were allowed to post pretty much anything as long as it was legal in the US. At the top level, moderation was lax, though individual boards could be tightly moderated.

For a long time, very few people knew it existed. In 2014, it became popular due to incredibly stupid video game drama. Popularity attracted vultures - and one such vulture was a senile pig farmer by the name of Jim Watkins (left).

8chan was being knocked down by DDOS attacks (a crude form of hacking) that were slowing it down enough that the site was often unusable. Jim offered the services of his son, failed congressional candidate Ron Watkins (right), to fix the problem.

For technical reasons, the fix involved moving 8chan onto Jim Watkin's servers. Once the Watkinses controlled the domain, the DDOS attacks stopped taking 8chan down. The founder became a semi-employee of Jim Watkins, applying his expertise to keep the site running.

From the outside, 8chan was seen as an example of what goes wrong when you don't have any moderation. Cartoons of child sexual abuse would be posted alongside dead bodies, terrorist manifestos, occult neo-Nazi imagery, rants blaming the Jews for everything wrong with society, death threats, whining about the state of video games today, exhortation to commit mass murder, revenge porn, photos of child sexual abuse, a judge's social security number, and advertisements for livestreamed murders.

The truth was far, far darker than that. It was pretty easy to get a multi-month ban on 8chan... all you had to do was post something that undermined the National Socialist recruitment project. The mods were very definitely awake; it's just that their job was to make sure that the next high-profile mass shooter would NOT be demoralized and give up his plans.

Understandably, as the crimes attached to 8chan mounted up, many webhosts cancelled 8chan. 8chan had to move several times, usually accompanied by mass deletions of old (and, cynics say, incriminating) posts. Control over 8chan content slowly became more centralized; overall activity levels faded. Some boards have been closed down by mods who are irritated by Jim Watkins's demands that they promote his other projects. Ordinary people can no longer create boards; only Jim Watkins's cronies can.

After Q stopped posting to 4chan's /pol/ board, another Q showed up on 8chan. The second Q enabled the Watkinses to lure Qanon believers into their orbit, attempting to steer them to support their own sinister agenda. While we don't know if all the 8chan Q posts were written by the same person, Ron Watkins is known to have the 'tripcode' (a kind of password) used to post as Q.


Jim Watkins: owner of 8chan and several other websites. He claims to be a pig farmer. Court documents filed in the Philippines show that he is senile. Supposedly a US citizen.

Ron Watkins: Supposedly Jim's son. Ron has claimed to be a skilled systems administrator/webmaster, and has gone by the handles 'codemonkey' and 'codemonkeyz'.

8chan, 8ch, 8kun: various domains that the 8chan imageboard has occupied. There have been others.

Cripplechan, pedochan, infinitechan, ∞chan, fullchan: nicknames for 8chan/8kun.

CMZ Army: A brand used by Ron Watkins' political campaign. Initials presumably from "code monkey Z".

Is It Wet Yet, Inc.: Another Watkins company.

NT Technology: A company owned by Jim Watkins. Operates a variety of websites.

VanwaTech: A hosting company, apparently controlled by the Watkinses.

Disarm The Deep State PAC: An 'expenditure-only PAC' supporting Jim Watkins's favored political candidates. They claim not to be affiliated with Is It Wet Yet; they either buy ad space on 8kun or are receiving it free.