Firas Al-Shariah

July 28, 2003

Firas headed out the door to his job at SwedishMatch. That day he would buy tickets to Madrid for a ten-day vacation, before enteringthe engineer program at Malmö University. His little brother had just graduated fromhigh school, and Firas no longer had to support his mother, who had been single since hisfather was killed in Iraq and the family fled the country.

Unfortunately, a terrorist was waiting outside the door. He intended to force Firas into his flat, then rob him and kill him. Firas was stronger than the terrorist had expected; the terrorist wound up shooting Firas in the head and running away without robbing him.

The terrorist is now serving a life sentence for other crimes. As to the groups that helped radicalize him - the 'Cosmotheist Church' (a legal fiction to give tax exemption to the National Alliance) remains operational, despite the leaders' lengthy criminal pasts in America.

Below: the leaders of National Alliance in 2014: Will Williams (L) and Kevin Strom (R). Both have criminal records - Will for trying to strangle a NA clerk, Kevin for collecting child pornography, strangling his wife, and grooming a ten year old girl. (This continues a longstanding tradition in NA; the previous leader, William Luther Pierce, was arrested for beating and raping the wife of another fash leader.)