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The mainstream media keeps bleating about this "deadly terrorist group" called ANTIFA. If you believe the wrong talking heads, you can easily get the impression that America's on the verge of being conquered by masked, black-clad anarchocommunists, and only the brave anti-Antifa movement will stand up for the oppressed police departments of the world. If you've worked on the front lines during some of the West's more vigorous demonstrations, you'll have noticed that Antifa is disrespectful, surprisingly well organized, and really irritating.

What the MSM talking heads DON'T bother to tell you - perhaps because their employers don't want them to mention it, perhaps because they're afraid of getting a flood of angry letters from outraged far-right snowflakes, perhaps (and this, I think, is the real reason) because anti-Antifa's messaging team is simply better at injecting their narrative into your screens... is the actual death toll from neofascism.

Where Antifa keeps getting caught beating people up and destroying property, fascists keep getting caught beating people up, destroying property (both in overt attacks and in false flag attacks intended to make the left look bad), and actually killing people.

Fascism is tricky to define. For this site, we're counting:

When in doubt, volunteers adding to the DB should tag killings that look like they might be fash but that haven't been verified as /unclear - that way, we can readily continue research. Killings that look like they might be fash, or that are falsely reported as fash in news coverage, should be tagged /notfash so that volunteers will not repeatedly re-research them. Killings tagged /unclear or /notfash do not show up on the public website.

Other common themes that showed up when studying terrorist murders were ethnonationalism and radical antifeminism - both ideologies that include neo-fascism, but are much broader.

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