BlueLivesMatter.One: They kill their own

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Disclaimer: some of the killings listed on this site are still open cases; others have never gone to court (perhaps the killer has absconded, perhaps the alleged killer was shot in a firefight.). There may be errors in this site, or in the sources we use to put together this site.

While the mission of the site is primarily to expose the neofascist threat to law enforcement professionals, we've collected a LOT of data on fash crime. One thing that stands out is the frequency with which neofascists kill their own. For this list, "their own" are fellow fascists, their family members, current lovers, ex-lovers, and children of their lovers who were left in their care.

For this particular list, we count a killer or a victim as 'neofascist' if:

We count a victim as 'accomplice' if they were a participant or an accessory after the fact in violent fascist crime committed by the perp. For example, a friend who knew of a fash murder but did not report it to the police is an accomplice.

This list does not include cases where we have not been able to confirm that the killer(s) were fash. If you know of any cases that should be added to our list, please use the contact page to let us know.

Sources are often inconsistent over whether the victim was currently in a relationship with the perp at the time of the murder.

DateVictim NameVictim group(s) and/or relationship to the killer(s).Group(s) responsible for the killing.
December 3, 2023Phyllis Pattersonaunt"FFF"
October 11, 2022Yevgeny Nuzhin (55)"Wagner PMC""Wagner PMC"
January 11, 2022Audrey Lynn Slack (21)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood (associate?)""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
January 11, 2022Stephen Allen Walker II (49)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood (associate?)""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
September 18, 2021Terri Harris (35)girlfriend
August 9, 2021Kaelo (2)son"Qanon"
August 9, 2021Roxy Rain (10 months)daughter"Qanon"
August 3, 2021Stefanie Caraway (38)wife
May 19, 2021Hanna F. (43)ex-wife
May 17, 2021Dustin Lloyd Cyr (37)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood (associate?)""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 17, 2021Elizabeth Christina Mourton (50)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood (associate?)""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 15, 2021James R. Kenney (41)"Southwest Honkies""Family Values"
May 12, 2021Brandon Torres (43)"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
May 12, 2021James Fisher (41)"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
May 12, 2021Michael Edward Sanchez (34)"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
January 15, 2021Daniel Lee Lusk Sr. (52)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
December 5, 2020Toni Hakulinen"Nordic Resistance Movement""Nordic Resistance Movement"
October 24, 2020Michael Dean Bryan (40)"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
September 5, 2020Phillip Martin Smith (61)brother"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
August 17, 2020Misty Herndon (38)ex-girlfriend
June 18, 2020Elizaveta Khlyupina (23)ex-girlfriend

Elizaveta's ex-boyfriend tortured and murdered her. He also murdered her mother and her four year old nephew.

June 11, 2020Ron Davies (49)"Highwaymen Motorcycle Club""Highwaymen Motorcycle Club"
April 7, 2020Danielle Tyler (18)ex-girlfriend
February 26, 2020Cindy Ann Mulligan (41)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood (courier)""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
February 19, 2020Gabriele Rathjen (72)mother

After a terrorist attack on Hanau, the killer went home and murdered his mother.

December 5, 2019Jared Langworthy"Universal Aryan Brotherhood",
"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"

The argument started over an air conditioner. It ended with Jared being tortured and murdered by a group of his fellow UAB members - including his girlfriend.

December 1, 2019Logan Cline (11) ‡son
November 8, 2019Anastasia Yeschenko (24)girlfriend"ISSEP"
November 4, 2019Louis J. Weber, Jr. (72)father
October 25, 2019Jade Monique Harris (20)ex-girlfriend
September 3, 2019Steven Ray Seay (47)uncle"Loyal White Knights of the KKK"
August 11, 2019Bette Jean Vaughn (74)mother

Stabbed to death by her son, a swastika-tattooed meth abuser.

July 23, 2019Jennifer Burpee (45)girlfriend
February 17, 2019Heather Camp (33) ‡girlfriend"Ohio Aryan Brotherhood"
January 5, 2019James Wolfebrother"Proud Boys",
December 23, 2018Tomi Michelle Masters (23)girlfriend"Undergound Nazi Hacktivist Group"
July 27, 2018Ernest Starry (85)father
July 27, 2018Thelma Montalvo (60)stepmother
July 27, 2018Isaiah Starry (13)nephew
July 27, 2018Roel Mireles (41)stepbrother
August 15, 2017Randy Baker (59)husband,
"211 Crew"
August 3, 2017Michael Staton (34)"1488s""1488s"
July 14, 2017Charles Davis (73)father"Breitbart News",
May 19, 2017Andrew Oneschuk (18)"Atomwaffen Division""Atomwaffen Division"
May 19, 2017Jeremy Himmelman (22)"Atomwaffen Division""Atomwaffen Division"
February 8, 2017Frank Ancona"Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan",
November 12, 2016Shelsea Schilling (20)ex-girlfriend
October 25, 2016Poppie van der Merwe (3)daughter,
September 20, 2016Apache Rose Hightower (24)ex-girlfriend
July 19, 2016Jason Robert Popovich (35)"COORS Family Skins (associate?)""COORS Family Skins",
"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 1, 2016Clifton Hallmark (51)"Aryan Circle""Aryan Circle"
April 22, 2016Alan George Taylorex-boyfriend"Aryan Nations",
"Aryan Girls"
September 17, 2015Илья Журавлёв (19)"Russian National Unity (affiliate)""Russian National Unity"

Ilya, a sober-living vigilante, had been "mentored" by a Russian National Unity groomer three times his age. Prior to his murder, Ilya had reportedly begun advocating the "equality of nations" - something that would not fit well with his racist mentor. The circumstances of the murder are unclear, but somehow the old man through Ilya out a fifth floor window.

July 30, 2015Andrea Piwkogirlfriend"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 2015Kely Cristina de Oliveiraaunt
November 14, 2014Tibor Lakatoš (50)cousin
October 11, 2014Holly Elizabeth Combs (24)wife"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
June 9, 2014Leo Johns"Soldiers of the Aryan Culture""Soldiers of the Aryan Culture"
May 7, 2014Russell William McKinley (29)boyfriend"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 17, 2014Bryan Childers"Aryan Circle""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
April 15, 2014Joshua Calkins"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
January 18, 2014Nathan Bradley Maddox (34)ex-husband"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 16, 2013Derek Wagner"Aryan Skins Kindred""Aryan Skins Kindred"
October 12, 2013Jessie Cavettex-wife"Gypsy Jokers"
March 24, 2013Corey Matthews"Aryan Nation""Aryan Nations"
December 6, 2012Amber Nicole Guillory (26)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
June 25, 2012Jenna Hernandez (16)ex-girlfriend"Dirty White Boys"
May 2, 2012Lisa Lynn Mederos (47)ex-girlfriend"Stormfront",
"U.S. Border Guard",
"Minuteman Civil Defense Corps",
"National Socialist Movement"

The man who murdered Lisa, her daughter, her daughter's fiancee, and her 15 month old granddaughter was already under investigation for a string of murders on the US border.

January 14, 2012Sarah Laycock (31)girlfriend"British National Party"
January 14, 2012Abigail Miller (8)daughter"British National Party"
January 3, 2012Jamie Lee Czeck (36)"Aryan Circle (ex)""Aryan Circle"
December 30, 2011James Mask"Universal Aryan Brotherhood""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
November 12, 2011John Forrester (42)ex-boyfriend
October 7, 2011Ronald Richardson"United Society of Aryan Skinheads""Aryan Brotherhood"
September 26, 2011David Pedersenfather"Aryan Soldiers"
September 26, 2011Leslie Pedersenstepmother"Aryan Soldiers"
August 16, 2011Eric Marshstepfather"Aryan Circle"
July 31, 2011Мирослав Ковровский"neo-Nazi"
July 13, 2011Lisa Coon Harrington (44)mother
July 13, 2011Dan Harrington (41)stepfather
July 13, 2011Joshua O'Brien (24)stepbrother
July 13, 2011Kenneth Earl Ayers"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
May 1, 2011Jeffrey Hall"National Socialist Movement",
March 14, 2011James Lee Sedtal"SWS""SWS"
March 11, 2011James "Jimbo" Huddleston III (36)"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
December 6, 2010Angela S. Biggers (48)girlfriend
December 2, 2010Michael Hudson"Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi""Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi"
May 14, 2010Sven M."right-wing scene"
April 21, 2010Melissa Meza (34)ex-wife"Stormfront"
February 17, 2010Laura Taft (29)fiancée
February 5, 2010Craig Wall, Jr. (5 weeks)son
November 3, 2009Brandi Duba (27)girlfriend
July 19, 2009Blake Ford (23)"Aryan Brotherhood""Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
July 6, 2009Victoria Marie Adams (21)"neo-Nazi",
"Vinlanders Social Club"
July 6, 2009Sidney Michael Parrish (18mo)son"Vinlanders Social Club"
April 21, 2009Bernardo Dayrell Pedroso (24)"neo-Nazi""Neuland Group",
"Hammerskins (future)"
April 21, 2009Renata Waeschter Ferreira (21)"neo-Nazi""Neuland Group",
"Hammerskins (future)"

Bernardo and Renata were celebrating Hitler's birthday with other members of the Nazi scene. They were murdered by their comrades because, apparently, Bernardo had argued against attacks on homosexuals.

April 20, 2009I. Gyöngyvért (20)"neo-Nazi",
"Magyar Gárda",
2009Nikolai Melnik"National Socialist Organization""National Socialist Organization"
November 9, 2008Cynthia C. Lynch (43)"Sons of Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan""Sons of Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
October 25, 2008James Lamy"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
October 12, 2008Scott "Arizona" Freeman"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
May 4, 2008Mark Davis Byrd Sr."Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (prospect)""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas",
"Aryan Brotherhood",
"Aryan Circle"
February 19, 2008Deborah Leshkevichwife"National Alliance",
November 7, 2007Bradley Qualls"United Aryan Brotherhood""United Aryan Brotherhood"
August 10, 2007David Mitchamore"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas""Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"

"Super Dave" Mitchamore and his girlfriend, Christy Rochelle Brown, were murdered by the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas over a drug debt Dave owed.

August 3, 2007Peter Connelly (17 months)family"National Front"

Peter died as a result of torture and neglect at the hands of his mother's neo-Nazi boyfriend and the boyfriend's fash activist half-brother.

June 28, 2007Christopher Bailey"European Kindred""European Kindred"
May 22, 2007Martin William Kent (27)"White Boy Posse""White Boy Posse"
May 19, 2007Crystal Hamiltonwife"Aryan Nations"
January 2007Roland David Dickinson (20)"Aryan Circle""Aryan Circle"
November 28, 2006Michael Sanderson (42)"Nationalist Alliance",
"Wolf’s Hook White Brotherhood"
"Nationalist Alliance"

Mick was stabbed on the 26th by a follower who took exception to him taking droit de führer with his girlfriend. He died on the 28th.

April 16, 2006Stephen Long (22)"Hammer Heads""Hammer Heads"

A wannabe Hammer Heads member, upset over being called an embarrassment, demonstrated the usual standard of neo-Nazi bravery by waiting until Stephen had fallen asleep and then beating him to death.

April 7, 2006Jamie Flanz"Bandidos""Bandidos (prospect)",
"The Holocaust"
February 4, 2006Jennifer Rena Bailey (33)ex-girlfriend
December 24, 2005Cory Simpson (31)"Canyon State Skinheads""Canyon State Skinheads",
"Vinlanders Social Club"
October 30, 2005Margarette Moser Kalinoski (55)mother,
"Aryan Nations",
"Creativity Movement",
"White Revolution",
"Cleveland Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
March 21, 2005Daryl Lussier Sr. (58)grandfather"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
December 18, 2004Deborah Rhoudesgirlfriend"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 7, 2004Darrell Grockett"Aryan Brotherhood""FAIM"

Once upon a time, one of the men responsible for Darrell's death had been a close enough friend to invite Darrell to his wedding. But times change, and friends with swastikas tattooed atop their heads can prove a lot less loyal than one would hope.

August 3, 2004Lori Hann (41)ex-girlfriend"Creativity"
June 7, 2004Rostislav Hoffman"Combat Terrorist Organization""Combat Terrorist Organization"
June 7, 2004Алексея Головченко"Combat Terrorist Organization""Combat Terrorist Organization"
March 1, 2004Rose Ann Johnstongirlfriend"Small Town Peckerwoods"
2004Valery Starchikov"Werwolf Legion""Werwolf Legion"
April 7, 2003Blue Norris"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
February 27, 2003William Whitesideboyfriend
February 1, 2003Robert Carson"Ulster Defence Association""Ulster Defence Association",
"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
February 1, 2003John Gregg"Ulster Defence Association""Ulster Defence Association",
"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
December 27, 2002Jonathan Stewartnephew"Ulster Defence Association West Belfast Brigade C Company"

Jonathan was murdered by the Nazi branch of the UDA, in retaliation for his uncle being in the non-Nazi branch.

June 20, 2002Henry George"Aryan Brotherhood (prospect)""Aryan Brotherhood"
March 8, 2002Scott Miller"ex-PEN1""PEN1"
September 8, 2001Nina Susu (20)ex-girlfriend"neo-Mansonite"

A Nazi security guard who had been suspended for vandalizing his ex's car (his ex was also a security guard) murdered five people in the Sacramento area.

September 2001Yvonne Polzin (31)mistress
August 2001Lawrence Arthur Pettit"KKK""Church of the Nation's Knights",
"National Knight Klan"
July 2001Sharon Bubb (30)girlfriend
April 1, 2001Barry Scott Holstone"Nazi Low Riders""Nazi Low Riders"
March 21, 2001Jennifer Hinz (16)ex-girlfriend
January 28, 2001Marcel von Allmen (19)"Ordens der arischen Ritter""Ordens der arischen Ritter"
August 23, 2000Samuel Rockett"Ulster Volunteer Front",
"Ulster Defence Association",
"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
August 8, 2000Christelle Lavigne-Gagnon (15)ex-girlfriend
May 26, 2000Martin Taylor"Ulster Volunteer Force",
"Loyalist Volunteer Force"
January 10, 2000Richard Jameson (46)"Ulster Volunteer Force",
"Loyalist Volunteer Force"
November 1, 1999Daniela Peyerl (18)sister
May 9, 1999David Terence Johnson (22)stepbrother
November 21, 1998Elizabeth Haydon (37)wife"Snowtown Murders"

Elizabeth was murdered because her husband had told her about his participation in a string of murders, and feared that she might tell someone else.

September 17, 1998Frederick Brooks (18) ‡nephew"Snowtown Murders"

Frederick was the intellectually disabled nephew by marriage of one of the gang members.

April 30, 1998Dennise Hayslip (39)ex-girlfriend"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 5, 1997Thomas Trevilyan (18)accomplice"Snowtown Murders"

Thomas helped a neo-Nazi gang murder one of their accomplices. Three weeks later, the gang murdered him.

October 18, 1997Barry Lane (42)accomplice,
"Snowtown Murders"

Barry had helped his boyfriend's neo-Nazi gang hide the corpse of their first victim. Later, the same gang would murder him.

October 1, 1997Mary Ann Woodham (50)mother"Kroth",
"Fourth Reich"
October 1, 1997Christina Menefee (16)ex-girlfriend"Kroth",
"Fourth Reich"
September 21, 1997Jonathan Bumstead"Aryan Nations""Aryan Nations"
July 25, 1997Aaron Marsh"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
April 17, 1997Chris Danneil"neo-Nazi""Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei"
April 17, 1997Olaf Schmidke"neo-Nazi""Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei"

Chris and Olaf went to a bachelorette party with fellow far-righties. Like many fash, they had strong opinions about various things. Such as fap. No, not the fap that that Nordfront guy cut off his finger over. FAP: Freieheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, a neo-Nazi group. Specificacally, they disagreed with another Nazi about when FAP got banned by the government. The coverage, regrettably, does not tell us whether Chris and Olaf or the guy who stabbed them to death was correct about the date.

March 22, 1997Didier Quèze (39)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Bruno Klaus (49)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Pauline Rioux (54)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Chántale Goupillot (41)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Suzanne Druau (63)mother"Order of the Solar Temple"
February 10, 1997Christopher Castle"Combat 18""National Socialist Movement",
"Combat 18"
August 29, 1996Sanet de Wet (41)"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging",
"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"

Sanet de Wet's husband was one of a trio of AWB terrorists who escaped from prison and went into hiding on a farm. When her husband was away from the camp, one of the AWB members suffocated her for fear that she would lead the police to the camp. On her husband's return, his comrades assured him that his wife had died of a heart attack.

August 12, 1996Bobie Blewerfather,
August 12, 1996Marilyn Blewermother,
April 9, 1996Thomas Richmond"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
March 15, 1996Martin Kemming (26)"neo-nazi associate""Wiking-Jugend"

Dropout from the right-wing scene, murdered by a neo-Nazi rapist/serial killer who considered him a 'traitor'.

February 2, 1996Arthur Ruffo"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
January 11, 1996William Mueller (52)"Elohim City""Aryan Peoples' Republic",
"Aryan Peoples' Resistance",
"Aryan Nations",
"Aryan Republican Army"
January 11, 1996Nancy Ann Mueller (28)"Elohim City""Aryan Peoples' Republic",
"Aryan Peoples' Resistance",
"Aryan Nations",
"Aryan Republican Army"
January 11, 1996Sarah Elizabeth Powell (8)"Elohim City""Aryan Peoples' Republic",
"Aryan Peoples' Resistance",
"Aryan Nations",
"Aryan Republican Army"
December 20, 1995Kristal Bendele (15) ‡ex-girlfriend
December 15, 1995Curval Lardanchet (19mo)"Order of the Solar Temple",
"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Aldwin Lardanchet (4)"Order of the Solar Temple",
"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Jean-Pierre Lardanchet"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick Rostand"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995unknown"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Édith Vuarnet"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick Vuarnet (27)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Ute"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Tania Verona (6)"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"

l'Ordre du Temple Solaire (Order of the Solar Temple in English) was an occult secret society, founded by members of a Gestapo agent's occult group after a schism in 1983. By 1995, their leader was dead - but not before brainwashing his followers into believing that only murder/suicide would take them to Paradise. The December 15-16 'transit' ritual claimed the lives of sixteen of the OST's victims, including officers Lardanchet and Rostand - and Lardanchat's young daughters, age 2 and 4.

September 1995Henry Roberts"Nazi collector""Nazi collector"
August 25, 1995Charles Leger"Aryan Brotherhood (associate)""Aryan Brotherhood"
August 9, 1995Marc Dubé"Hells Angels (subordinate)",
June 5, 1995Florence Marie Marks ‡cousin
February 26, 1995Brenda Freeman (48)mother,
"Christian Identity"
February 26, 1995Erik Freeman (11)brother,
"Christian Identity"
February 26, 1995Dennis Freeman (54)father,
"Christian Identity"

Two neo-Nazi brothers and their cousin joined to murder the brothers' family.

1995Yves Bichetstepfather
1995Marie-Jeanne Parentimother
1995Jean-Yves Bichet (11)half-brother
October 16, 1994Eddie Tucker"National Vastilian Aryan Party (prospect)""National Vastilian Aryan Party"
October 2, 1994Camille Pilet"Order of the Solar Temple""Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Renée Pfaehler"Golden Way""Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Jocelyn Grandmaison"l'Ordre Renové du Temple",
"Order of the Solar Temple"
"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Marie-Christine Pertuéex-wife"Order of the Solar Temple"
July 14, 1994unknown"Rock Machine""Hells Angels"
March 15, 1993Glenn Chambersaccomplice"Sacramaniacs"
December 28, 1992Dean Fawcett (22)accomplice
December 8, 1992Johnny Sharbnow (29)"Aryan Nations""Aryan Nations"
November 15, 1992Eugenio Berríos Sagredo"DINA"
June 5, 1992Thomas Lauri (60)father-in-law
June 5, 1992Barbara Cunningham (53)half-sister,

According to the murderer, his reason for killing his in-laws was that he feared they would be a bad influence on his niece, daughter and grandniece. The lack of a comma is not an error - he had forced his niece into a sham marriage, officiated by his mother.

April 20, 1991Wayne Smith"National Action""National Action"
January 17, 1991Deborah Ann Mason (33)wife"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
August 1990David Richard Lindley (19)"American Front""Malicious Oi Boys",
"American Front"
July 1990Norman Dale Hillier"Hammerskins""Hammerskins"

Norman was beaten to death by four of his fellow Hammerskins because they wanted $25 he'd stolen... and his boots. No word on how they planned to split the boots.

April 20, 1990David Noble"neo-Nazi""KKK"

David was murdered by a Nazi pedophile, when, in the course of celebrating Hitler's birthday, he asked if he could borrow the pedo's girlfriend.

September 1, 1989David Locke"Australian Nationalist Movement""Australian Nationalist Movement"
August 9, 1989Arva Lee Ray"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
October 15, 1988Thomas Lamb"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
August 12, 1987Tracy Jo Shinegirlfriend"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 3, 1987Gerd-Roger Bornemann (17)"Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei",
"Gemeinschaft Eisernes Kreuz EK 1"
"Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei",
"Gemeinschaft Eisernes Kreuz EK 1"
August 18, 1986Kenneth L. Shray (28)"Aryan Nations",
"Order II",
"Bruder Schweigen Strike Force II"
"Aryan Nations",
"Order II",
"Bruder Schweigen Strike Force II"
April 23, 1986Ramon Alvero Cruz (40)accomplice
April 22, 1986Fara Quintero (28)accomplice
April 22, 1986Sara Musa (30)accomplice
April 29, 1985James Thimm (26) ‡"Christian Identity""Christian Identity"

James was a member of an obscure Nazi church. The pastor ordered his torture, rape, and murder.

March 25, 1985Luke Stice (5) ‡family"Christian Identity"

Luke's father joined a neo-Nazi church. Following the pastor's instructions, Luke's father would torture and rape him repeatedly. Eventually, the pastor killed Luke.

May 27, 1984Walter E. West"The Order",
"Aryan Nations"
"The Order",
"Aryan Nations Church"
October 6, 1983Richard Andreasen"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
September 23, 1983Gregory Keefer"Aryan Brotherhood (associate)""Aryan Brotherhood"
September 30, 1982Joseph Hoover (17)accomplice"Mansonites"
August 10, 1982Carmine Palladino"Avanguardia Nazionale""Ordine Nuovo"
July 3, 1982Stephen Clark"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
1982Steven Ray Gibson"Aryan Brotherhood""Aryan Brotherhood"
July 31, 1981Giuseppe De Luca"Nuclei Armati Rivolunionari""Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
April 13, 1981Ermanno Buzzi"neo-Fascist""Ordine Nuovo"
February 22, 1981unknown"Norges Germanske Armé""Vigilante",
"Norges Germanske Armé"
February 22, 1981unknown"Norges Germanske Armé""Vigilante",
"Norges Germanske Armé"

A neo-Nazi terrorist cell murdered two of its members on suspicion they were reporting the terrorists' activities to law enforcement. The terrorists failed to quite grasp the fact that it wasn't hard for the police to guess who'd killed their informants.

January 6, 1981Luca Perucci (19)"Terza Posizione""Nuclei Rivoluzionari Armati"
September 9, 1980Francisco Mangiameli"Terza Posizione""Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 8, 1980Robert Hogan"Aryan Brotherhood (associate)""Aryan Brotherhood"
May 20, 1979John Sherman Marzloff"Aryan Brotherhood (associate)""Aryan Brotherhood"
August 1975Joseph Tommasi"National Socialist Liberation Front""National Socialist White People's Party"
January 13, 1975Alberto Esteban Palacio González"DINA""Pinochet"
August 25, 1967George Lincoln Rockwell"American Nazi Party"

George Lincoln Rockwell was leader of the 'American Nazi Party'. He was assassinated by a former member he'd expelled over political differences.

‡: Victim was sexually assaulted, sexually tortured, or subjected to necrophilia. The absence of this flag doesn't guarantee the murderer didn't sexually assault the victim, since not all of our sources supply that information reliably. This includes instances where the sexual assault/torture predates the murder.