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Disclaimer: some of the killings listed on this site are still open cases; others have never gone to court (perhaps the killer has absconded, perhaps the alleged killer was shot in a firefight.). There may be errors in this site, or in the sources we use to put together this site.

This is a list of people killed by neofascist cop killers and wannabe cop killers. It includes both civilian and law enforcement victims.

Database notes:
The underlying database primarily uses perpetrator name to link multiple crimes by serial killers. This means that if two fascist killers have the same name but only one of them killed a cop, the other killer's victims may be wrongly included in this list.
The database used here is very incomplete.

For this particular list, a neofascist is considered a cop killer or wannabe if:

For this particular list, we count a killer as 'neofascist' if:

This list does not include cases where we have not been able to confirm that the killer(s) were fash. If you know of any cases that should be added to our list, please use the contact page to let us know.

DateVictim NameRoleGroup(s)
May 6, 2023Christian LaCourguard
May 6, 2023Cindy Chocivilian
May 6, 2023Kyu Song Chocivilian
May 6, 2023Aishwarya Thatikondacivilian
May 6, 2023Jamescivilian
May 6, 2023Daniela Mendozacivilian
May 6, 2023Sofia Mendozacivilian
May 6, 2023Elio Cumana-Rivascivilian
May 14, 2022Roberta A. DrurycivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Margus D. MorrisoncivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Andre MacknellcivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Aaron SalterLECMZ Army
May 14, 2022Geraldine TalleycivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Celestine ChaneycivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Heyward PattersoncivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Katherine MasseycivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Pearl YoungcivilianCMZ Army
May 14, 2022Ruth WhitfieldcivilianCMZ Army
June 26, 2021David L. GreenLE
June 26, 2021Ramona Coopercivilian
June 6, 2020Damon Christopher GutzwillerLE"Grizzly Scouts"
May 29, 2020David Patrick UnderwoodLE"Grizzly Scouts"
February 5, 2020Nick O'RearLE
December 3, 2019James Blackbail agent
March 23, 2018Jean MazièrescivilianDaesh
March 23, 2018Hervé SosnacivilianDaesh
March 23, 2018Christian MedvescivilianDaesh
March 23, 2018Arnaud BeltrameLEDaesh
February 14, 2018Alyssa Alhadeffcivilian
February 14, 2018Scott Beigelcivilian
February 14, 2018Martin Duque Anguianocivilian
February 14, 2018Nicholas Dworetcivilian
February 14, 2018Aaron Feisguard
February 14, 2018Jaime Guttenbergcivilian
February 14, 2018Chris Hixoncivilian
February 14, 2018Luke Hoyercivilian
February 14, 2018Cara Loughrancivilian
February 14, 2018Gina Montaltocivilian
February 14, 2018Joaquin Olivercivilian
February 14, 2018Alaina Pettycivilian
February 14, 2018Meadow Pollackcivilian
February 14, 2018Helena Ramsaycivilian
February 14, 2018Alex Schachtercivilian
February 14, 2018Carmen Schentrupcivilian
February 14, 2018Peter Wangcivilian
September 29, 2017Kristen Nicole HearneLE"Ghost Face Gangsters"
June 13, 2017Curtis Bernard BillueLE"Ghostface Gangsters"
June 13, 2017Christopher James MonicaLE"Ghostface Gangsters"
May 16, 2017Mason Palmer Bethea MooreLE
April 21, 2017unknownLE"Shtolts"
April 21, 2017unknowncivilian"Shtolts"
April 21, 2017unknowncivilian"Shtolts"

A neo-Nazi murdered a rifle club instructor, an FSB officer, and a civilian at the FSB office in Khabarovsk, Russia.

April 20, 2017Xavier JugeléLEDaesh
April 18, 2017David James WadeLE"Irish Mob", "Aryan Brotherhood"
March 23, 2017Leslie RhodescivilianDaesh
March 22, 2017Keith David PalmerLEDaesh
March 22, 2017Kurt CochrancivilianDaesh
March 22, 2017Aysha FradecivilianDaesh
March 22, 2017Andreea CristeacivilianDaesh
October 26, 2016Pálvölgyi PéterLE"Magyar Nemzetiszocialista Akciócsoport", "Magyar Nemzeti Arcvonal"
June 13, 2016Jean-Baptiste SalvaingLEDaesh
June 13, 2016Jessica SchneiderLEDaesh
September 25, 2015Богдан ДацюкLE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
September 1, 2015Dmitry SlatnikovLE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
September 1, 2015Oleksandr KostinLE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
August 31, 2015Ihor DerbinLE"Sich", "Karpatska Sich", "Svoboda"
May 4, 2015Yuri RomanenkoLE"Azov Battalion"
May 4, 2015Yuri HristenokLE"Azov Battalion"
March 24, 2015Trevor John CasperLE"National Alliance", "Fond du Lac Boot Boys"
March 24, 2015Thomas C. Christcivilian"National Alliance", "Fond du Lac Boot Boys"
January 9, 2015Yohan Cohencivilian"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015François-Michel Saadacivilian"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015Philippe Brahamcivilian"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015Yoav Hattabcivilian"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 8, 2015Clarissa Jean-PhilippeLE"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 7, 2015Ahmed MerabetLEDaesh
January 7, 2015Franck BrinsolaroLEDaesh
June 8, 2014Alyn Ronnie BeckLE"Bundy Ranch"
June 8, 2014Igor SoldoLE"Bundy Ranch"
June 8, 2014Joseph Robert Wilcoxcivilian"Bundy Ranch"

The MSM paints the terrorists who killed Beck and Soldo as conflicted anti-government extremists who left a swastika at the scene of the crime just to mock the fallen officers. However, as they were caught passing out white power literature in the past, it is far more likely that they were sincere fascists.

August 11, 2013Daniel Oliveracivilian

A California Nazi killed a cashier because he thought the cashier was the guard who wouldn't let him into the store while they were counting money.

March 19, 2013Thomas Lynn ClementsLE"211 Crew"
March 17, 2013Nathan Leoncivilian"211 Crew"
July 22, 2011Trond BerntsenLE"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Torjus Jakobsen Blattmanncivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Anne Lise Holtercivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Aleksander Aas Eriksencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Aasta Sofie Helland Dahlcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Anders Kristiansencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Karin Elena Hoistcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne Ekroll Loevillecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Fredrik Lund Schjetnecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tina Iversen Sukuvarnacivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Carina Borgundcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Elisabeth Trønnes Liecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Mona Abdinurcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tarald Kuven Mjeldecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Isabel Victoria Green Sogncivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andreas Edvardsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ronja Soettar Johansencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Gizem Dogancivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Synne Roeynelandcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tove Aashill Knutsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Silje Stamneshagencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Rolf Christopher Johansen Perreaucivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Dupe Ellen Awoyemicivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Margrethe Boeyum Kloevencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Bano Abobakar Rashidcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Diderik Aamodt Olsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Birgitte Smetbakcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Simon Saebocivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Silje Merete Fjellbucivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Haakon Odegaardcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Guro Vartdal Havollcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kjersti Berg Sandcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne A Balch Fjalestadcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sharidyn Meedan Ngahiwi Svebakk-Boehncivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tore Eikelandcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne Kristine Fridtuncivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Johannes Buoecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Monica Boseicivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Gunnar Linakercivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Snore Hallercivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ismail Haji Ahmedcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Jamil Rafal Yasincivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Syvert Knudsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sondre Furseth Dalecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sverre Flate Bjorkavaagcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Eivind Hovdencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ida Marie Hillcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanna Orvik Endresencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kai Haugecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Jon Vegard Lervaagcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Steinar Jessencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ingrid Berg Heggelundcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Thomas Margido Antonsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Victoria Stenbergcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Bendik Ellingsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Eva Kathinka Lutkencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Lene Maria Bergumcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andreas Dalbycivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Marianne Sandvikcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tamta Lipartelianicivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Even Flugstad Malmedalcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Pamela Ardamcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ruth Menedichte Vatndal Nilsencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Espen Jørgensencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Karar Mustafa Qasimcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Maria Maagero Johannesencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kevin Daae Berlandcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ida Beathe Rognecivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Monica Iselin Didriksencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Havard Vederhuscivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Lejla Selacicivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andrine Bakkene Espelandcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Rune Havdalcivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Henrik Andre Pedersencivilian"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sondre Kjrencivilian"Stormfront"

Trond was an off-duty police officer acting as a guard at a summer camp when a neo-Nazi attacked.

April 20, 2010Timothy Donleyguard
April 12, 2010Eduard Chuvashovjustice"National Socialist Society", "BORN"

Eduard Chuvashov, a Russian judge, was murdered in retaliation for daring to find neo-Nazis guilty.

February 0, 2010Grigory KovalchukLE"Primorsky Partisans"
October 10, 2009Trez West Perssoncivilian
July 13, 2009Shane Thomas DetwilerLE
June 10, 2009Stephen Tyrone JohnsLE
April 4, 2009Eric Guy KellyLE"Stormfront"
April 4, 2009Stephen J. MayhleLE"Stormfront"
April 4, 2009Paul John Rizzo Domenic Sciullo, IILE"Stormfront"
August 15, 2007Ronald Hamlin HarrisonLE
August 10, 2007John Russell SmithLE"Aryan Circle", "Aryan Brotherhood"
August 10, 2007Charles WilsonLE"Aryan Circle", "Aryan Brotherhood"
July 14, 2007Natalia Mamarchukcivilian
July 12, 2007Sergei Yatzenkocivilian
July 7, 2007Andrei Sidyukcivilian
July 6, 2007Egor Nechvolodacivilian
July 6, 2007Yelena Shramguard
July 6, 2007Valentina Hanzhacivilian
July 1, 2007Yevgenia Grischenkocivilian
July 1, 2007Nikolai Serchukcivilian
June 25, 2007Yekaterina Ilchenkocivilian
June 25, 2007Roman Tatarevichcivilian
June 25, 2007Stephen AndersonLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 19, 2007Lee Stewart NewbillLE"Aryan Nations"
May 19, 2007Paul Bauercivilian"Aryan Nations"
May 19, 2007Crystal Hamiltoncivilian"Aryan Nations"
April 25, 2007Michèle KiesewetterLE"National Socialist Underground"
August 1, 2006Anthony Ormwell Clarkcivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 1, 2006Breanna Taylorcivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"

A group of Aryan Brotherhood members, under the mistaken impression that a fellow jailbird was a Federal agent, tortured and murdered him.

April 6, 2006Halit Yozgatcivilian"National Socialist Underground"
February 4, 2006Jennifer Rena Baileycivilian
February 4, 2006James Walter SellLE
December 1, 2005Henry "Hank" Nava Jr.LE"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
November 17, 2005Andy StevensLE"Peckerwoods", "United Society of Aryan Skinheads"
June 15, 2005Theodoros Boulgaridescivilian"National Socialist Underground"
June 5, 2005İsmail Yaşarcivilian"National Socialist Underground"
March 21, 2005Daryl Lussier Sr.LE"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Michelle Siganacivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Derrick Brunguard"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Thurlene Stilldaycivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Chanelle Rosebearcivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Chase Lussiercivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Alicia Whitecivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Neva Rogerscivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Dewayne Lewiscivilian"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
December 18, 2004Deborah Rhoudescivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 18, 2004Bob HedmanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 19, 2004Nikolai Girenkojustice"Combat Terrorist Organization"
February 25, 2004Mehmet Turgutcivilian"National Socialist Underground"
December 8, 2003Donald McMurray OuztsLE
December 8, 2003Danny WilsonLE
July 28, 2003Firas Al-Shariahcivilian
July 7, 2003Kevin Michael MarshallLE"Christian Identity", "Michigan Militia"
June 13, 2003Kooros Effatianretired
October 13, 2001Dwight WoodrellLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 9, 2001Nikolay P. Popovichguard"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001Nina Susuguard"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001Marsha Jacksonguard"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001George Bernardinoguard"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001John Derek Glimstadcivilian"neo-Mansonite"

A Nazi security guard who had been suspended for vandalizing his ex's car (his ex was also a security guard) murdered five people in the Sacramento area.

August 29, 2001Habil Kılıçcivilian"National Socialist Underground"
August 22, 2001John C. BohachLE"Christian Identity"
June 27, 2001Süleyman Taşköprücivilian"National Socialist Underground"
June 13, 2001Abdurrahim Özüdoğrucivilian"National Socialist Underground"
June 4, 2001Gregory Guy CollinsLE"Dead Man Incorporated", "Stormfront (probable)"
September 9, 2000Enver Simsekcivilian"National Socialist Underground"
June 14, 2000Thomas GoretzkyLE"NPD"
June 14, 2000Matthias Larisch von WoitowitzLE"NPD"
June 14, 2000Yvonne HachtkemperLE"NPD"
December 17, 1999Daniel James NagleLE
May 28, 1999Robert KarlströmLE"National Socialist Front"
May 28, 1999Olov BorénLE"National Socialist Front"
July 7, 1998Margarita Florescivilian
July 7, 1998Delia Morincivilian
July 7, 1998Susan Lynn RodriguezLE
July 7, 1998Ricardo Guillermo SalinasLE
January 29, 1998Robert SandersonLE"Christian Identity"
November 12, 1997Bruce VanderJagtLE"Aryan Nations"
September 8, 1997Pierre RondeauLE"SS", "Hells Angels"
June 26, 1997Diane LavigneLE"SS", "Hells Angels"
February 23, 1997Stefan GrageLE"Deutsche Alternative", "Nationale Alternative"
March 1, 1996Tullio Melchioricivilian
March 1, 1996Guerrino BotteLE
February 27, 1996Paolo Vecchiolinicivilian
February 14, 1996Umberto Marchiorocivilian
February 8, 1996Hans Otto Detmeringcivilian
February 8, 1996Clorinda Cecchetticivilian
Dec 18, 1995Tony Daviescivilian
December 15, 1995Curval Lardanchetcivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Aldwin Lardanchetcivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Jean-Pierre LardanchetLE"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick RostandLE"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995unknowncivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Édith Vuarnetcivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick Vuarnetcivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Utecivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Tania Veronacivilian"Order of the Solar Temple"

l'Ordre du Temple Solaire (Order of the Solar Temple in English) was an occult secret society, founded by members of a Gestapo agent's occult group after a schism in 1983. By 1995, their leader was dead - but not before brainwashing his followers into believing that only murder/suicide would take them to Paradise. The December 15-16 'transit' ritual claimed the lives of sixteen of the OST's victims, including officers Lardanchet and Rostand - and Lardanchat's young daughters, age 2 and 4.

November 29, 1995Keith Randlesguard
October 0, 1995Edward Carthycivilian
September 0, 1995Henry Robertscivilian"Nazi collector"
April 19, 1995Lucio Aleman Jr.civilian
April 19, 1995Teresa Antionette Alexandercivilian
April 19, 1995Richard A. Allencivilian
April 19, 1995Ted L. Allencivilian
April 19, 1995Miss Baylee Almoncivilian
April 19, 1995Diane E. (Hollingsworth) Althousecivilian
April 19, 1995Rebecca Needham Andersoncivilian
April 19, 1995Pamela Cleveland Argocivilian
April 19, 1995Saundra G. (Sandy) Averycivilian
April 19, 1995Peter R. Avillanozacivilian
April 19, 1995Calvin Battlecivilian
April 19, 1995Peola Battlecivilian
April 19, 1995Danielle Nicole Bellcivilian
April 19, 1995Oleta C. Biddycivilian
April 19, 1995Shelly D. Blandcivilian
April 19, 1995Andrea Yvette Blantoncivilian
April 19, 1995Olen Burl Bloomercivilian
April 19, 1995Sgt. 1st Class Lola Bolden, U.S. Armycivilian
April 19, 1995James E. Bolescivilian
April 19, 1995Mark Allen Boltecivilian
April 19, 1995Casandra Kay Bookercivilian
April 19, 1995Carol Louise Bowerscivilian
April 19, 1995Peachlyn Bradleycivilian
April 19, 1995Woodrow Clifford “Woody” Bradycivilian
April 19, 1995Cynthia Campbell BrownLE
April 19, 1995Paul Gregory BroxtermanLE
April 19, 1995Gabreon D.L. Brucecivilian
April 19, 1995Kimberly Ruth Burgesscivilian
April 19, 1995David Neil Burkettcivilian
April 19, 1995Donald Earl Burns Sr.civilian
April 19, 1995Karen Gist Carrcivilian
April 19, 1995Michael Carrillocivilian
April 19, 1995Zackary Taylor Chavezcivilian
April 19, 1995Dr. Margaret L. “Peggy” Clarkcivilian
April 19, 1995Robert N. Chipmancivilian
April 19, 1995Kimberly Kay Clarkcivilian
April 19, 1995Anthony Christopher Cooper IIcivilian
April 19, 1995Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr.civilian
April 19, 1995Dana LeAnne Coopercivilian
April 19, 1995Harley Richard Cottinghamcivilian
April 19, 1995Aaron M. Coverdalecivilian
April 19, 1995Elijah S. Coverdalecivilian
April 19, 1995Kim R. Cousinscivilian
April 19, 1995Jaci Rae Coynecivilian
April 19, 1995Katherine Louise Cregancivilian
April 19, 1995Richard (Dick) Cumminscivilian
April 19, 1995Steven Douglas Currycivilian
April 19, 1995Brenda Faye Danielscivilian
April 19, 1995Sgt. Benjamin LaRanzo Davis, USMCcivilian
April 19, 1995Diana Lynne Daycivilian
April 19, 1995Peter L. DeMastercivilian
April 19, 1995Castine Brooks Hearn Deverouxcivilian
April 19, 1995Tylor Santoi Eavescivilian
April 19, 1995Ashley Megan Ecklescivilian
April 19, 1995Susan Jane Ferrellcivilian
April 19, 1995Carrol June “Chip” Fieldscivilian
April 19, 1995Kathy A. Finleycivilian
April 19, 1995Judy J. (Froh) Fishercivilian
April 19, 1995Linda Louise Florencecivilian
April 19, 1995Don Fritzlercivilian
April 19, 1995Mary Anne Fritzlercivilian
April 19, 1995Tevin D'Aundrae Garrettcivilian
April 19, 1995Laura Jane Garrisoncivilian
April 19, 1995Jamie (Fialkowski) Genzercivilian
April 19, 1995Sheila R. Gigger-Drivercivilian
April 19, 1995Gregory N. Driver IIcivilian
April 19, 1995Margaret Betterton Goodsoncivilian
April 19, 1995Kevin “Lee” Gottshall IIcivilian
April 19, 1995Ethel L. Griffincivilian
April 19, 1995J. Colleen Guilescivilian
April 19, 1995Capt. Randolph A. Guzman, USMCcivilian
April 19, 1995Cheryl E. Hammoncivilian
April 19, 1995Ronald Vernon Harding Sr.civilian
April 19, 1995Thomas Lynn Hawthorne Sr.civilian
April 19, 1995Doris “Adele” Higginbottomcivilian
April 19, 1995Anita Christine Hightowercivilian
April 19, 1995Thompson Eugene “Gene” Hodges Jr.civilian
April 19, 1995Peggy Louise Hollandcivilian
April 19, 1995Dr. George Michael Howard, DVMcivilian
April 19, 1995Linda Coleen Housleycivilian
April 19, 1995Wanda Lee Howellcivilian
April 19, 1995Robbin Ann Huffcivilian
April 19, 1995Amber Denise Huffcivilian
April 19, 1995Dr. Charles E. Hurlburtcivilian
April 19, 1995Jean Nutting Hurlburtcivilian
April 19, 1995Paul Douglas IceLE
April 19, 1995Christi Yolanda Jenkinscivilian
April 19, 1995Norma “Jean” Johnsoncivilian
April 19, 1995Raymond “Lee” Johnsoncivilian
April 19, 1995Larry James Jonescivilian
April 19, 1995Alvin J. Justescivilian
April 19, 1995Carole Sue Khalilcivilian
April 19, 1995Blake Ryan Kennedycivilian
April 19, 1995Valerie Jo Koelschcivilian
April 19, 1995Ann Kreymborgcivilian
April 19, 1995Rona Linn Kuehner-Chafeycivilian
April 19, 1995Teresa Lea Taylor Lauderdalecivilian
April 19, 1995Mary Leasure-Rentiecivilian
April 19, 1995Kathy Cagle Leinencivilian
April 19, 1995Carrie Ann Lenzcivilian
April 19, 1995Michael James Lenz IIIcivilian
April 19, 1995Donald Ray LeonardLE
April 19, 1995Airman 1st Class LaKesha Richardson Levycivilian
April 19, 1995Dominique Ravae (Johnson) Londoncivilian
April 19, 1995Rheta Bender Longcivilian
April 19, 1995Michael Lee LoudenslagerLE
April 19, 1995Aurelia Donna Lustercivilian
April 19, 1995Robert Lee Luster Jr.civilian
April 19, 1995Mickey B. MaroneyLE
April 19, 1995James K. Martincivilian
April 19, 1995The Rev. Gilbert X. Martinezcivilian
April 19, 1995James A. McCarthy IIcivilian
April 19, 1995Kenneth G. McCulloughLE
April 19, 1995Betsy J. (Beebe) McGonnellcivilian
April 19, 1995Linda G. McKinneycivilian
April 19, 1995Cartney J. McRavencivilian
April 19, 1995Claude Arthur MedearisLE
April 19, 1995Claudette (Duke) Meekcivilian
April 19, 1995Frankie Ann Merrellcivilian
April 19, 1995Derwin W. Millercivilian
April 19, 1995Eula Leigh Mitchellcivilian
April 19, 1995John C. Moss IIIcivilian
April 19, 1995Ronota Ann Newberry-Woodbridgecivilian
April 19, 1995Patricia Ann Nixcivilian
April 19, 1995Jerry Lee Parkercivilian
April 19, 1995Jill Diane Randolphcivilian
April 19, 1995Michelle A. Reedercivilian
April 19, 1995Terry Smith Reescivilian
April 19, 1995Antonio “Tony” C. Reyescivilian
April 19, 1995Kathryn Elizabeth Ridleycivilian
April 19, 1995Trudy Jean Rigneycivilian
April 19, 1995Claudine Rittercivilian
April 19, 1995Christy Rosascivilian
April 19, 1995Sonja Lynn Sanderscivilian
April 19, 1995Lanny Lee David Scrogginscivilian
April 19, 1995Kathy Lynn Seidlcivilian
April 19, 1995Leora Lee Sellscivilian
April 19, 1995Karan Howell Shepherdcivilian
April 19, 1995Chase Dalton Smithcivilian
April 19, 1995Colton Wade Smithcivilian
April 19, 1995Victoria (Vickey) L. Sohncivilian
April 19, 1995John Thomas Stewartcivilian
April 19, 1995Dolores (Dee) Strattoncivilian
April 19, 1995Emilio Tapiacivilian
April 19, 1995Victoria Jeanette Textercivilian
April 19, 1995Charlotte Andrea Lewis Thomascivilian
April 19, 1995Michael George Thompsoncivilian
April 19, 1995Virginia M. Thompsoncivilian
April 19, 1995Kayla Marie Titsworthcivilian
April 19, 1995Rick L. Tomlincivilian
April 19, 1995LaRue A. Treanorcivilian
April 19, 1995Luther H. Treanorcivilian
April 19, 1995Larry L. Turnercivilian
April 19, 1995Jules A. Valdezcivilian
April 19, 1995John Karl Van Ess IIIcivilian
April 19, 1995Johnny Allen Wadecivilian
April 19, 1995David Jack Walkercivilian
April 19, 1995Robert N. Walker Jr.civilian
April 19, 1995Wanda Lee Watkinscivilian
April 19, 1995Michael D. Weavercivilian
April 19, 1995Julie Marie Welchcivilian
April 19, 1995Robert G. Westberrycivilian
April 19, 1995Alan G. WhicherLE
April 19, 1995Jo Ann Whittenbergcivilian
April 19, 1995Frances “Fran” Ann Williamscivilian
April 19, 1995Scott D. Williamscivilian
April 19, 1995W. Stephen Williamscivilian
April 19, 1995Clarence Eugene Wilson Sr.civilian
April 19, 1995Sharon Louise Wood-Chesnutcivilian
April 19, 1995Tresia Jo “Mathes” Wortoncivilian
April 19, 1995John A. Youngbloodcivilian
March 29, 1995Frank Vasquez TrejoLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 14, 1994unknowncivilian"Hells Angels"
April 23, 1994Steven Frederich TerblancheLE"Afrikaanse Weerstands Beweging", "Boere Weerstands Beweging"
March 6, 1994Barnabas JaggersLE"AWB", "IFP"
September 18, 1993Abraham LabuschagneLE"BWB", "BRL"
April 15, 1993Robert VallandinghamLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 15, 1993David Sommerscivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 15, 1993Earl Eldercivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 21, 1992William Francis Degan, Jr.LE"Aryan Nations"
June 25, 1992Thomas DavisLE"Aryan Brotherhood", "Aryan Nation"
December 16, 1989Robert Vance Sr.judge"Americans For a Competent Federal Judicial System"
December 4, 1989Ricardo van WykLE"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
August 10, 1989Michael Haosebguard"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"

Michael Haoseb was a guard at the UN office in Outjo when a trio of terrorists bombed it.

January 28, 1988Freddie Floyd HouseLE
November 30, 1987David MothasiLE
November 30, 1987Busisiwe Irene Mothasicivilian

Sgt. David and his wife were assassinated by a South African government death squad during apartheid.

May 5, 1987Joe Tselecivilian"Vlakplaas"
May 1, 1985Giovanni Di LeonardoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
April 15, 1985Jimmie Elliot LinegarLE"The Order", "Aryan Nations"
June 30, 1984Louis Perry BryantLE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord"
January 29, 1984Boyd H. SpikermanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"

Boyd was murdered by prison thugs who were trying to impress the Aryan Brotherhood.

November 0, 1983Bill Stumppcivilian"The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord"
Oct 22, 1983Merle CluttsLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
Oct 22, 1983Robert HoffmanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 3, 1983Thomas Glenn Jackson, Sr.LE"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 3, 1983Harold MatthewsLE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord"
February 13, 1983Kenneth MuirLE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord", "Posse Comitatus"
February 13, 1983Robert S. Cheshire, Jr.LE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord", "Posse Comitatus"
November 18, 1982Erminio Carloniguard"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 27, 1982Raymond Smithcivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 24, 1982Antonio GalluzzoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 8, 1982Giuseppe Antonio CarrettaLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 8, 1982Franco SammarcoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
May 12, 1982Giuseppe RapestaLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
December 7, 1981Ciro CapobiancoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
December 6, 1981Romano RadiciLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 21, 1981Francesco StraulluLE"Gruppo di fuoco Franco Anselmi", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 21, 1981Ciriaco Di RomaLE"Gruppo di fuoco Franco Anselmi", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 19, 1981Carlo BuonantuonoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 19, 1981Vincenzo TumminelloLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
April 13, 1981Ermanno Buzzicivilian"Ordine Nuovo"
February 5, 1981Enea CodottoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 5, 1981Luigi MaroneseLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
, 1981Robert Chappellecivilian"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 24, 1980Josef ArnoldLE"Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands"
December 24, 1980Walter WehrliLE"Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands"
November 26, 1980Ezio LucarelliLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 9, 1980Francisco Mangiamelicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Angela Marinocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonella Cecicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Catherine Mitchellcivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980John Kolpinskicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Leo Luca Marinocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Domenica Marinocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Errica Frigerio In Diomede Fresacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vito Diomede Fresacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Cesare Francesco Diomede Fresacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Anna Maria Bosio In Mauricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Carlo Mauricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Luca Mauricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Sonia Burricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Patrizia Messineocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Silvana Serravalli In Barberacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Velia Carli In Laurocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Salvatore Laurocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Manuela Galloncivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Elisbetta Manea Ved. De Marchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vittorio Vaccarocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Flavia Casadeicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Giuseppe Patrunocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rossella Marcedducivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Davide Capriolicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vito Alescivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto Procellicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mauro Alganoncivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Nilla Natalicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pietro Galassicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Verdiana Bivonacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzina Sala In Zanetticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mauro Di Vittoriocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Sergio Seccicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto Gaiolacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Katia Bertasicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Angelo Priorecivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Euridia Bergianticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Onofrio Zappalàcivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pio Carmine Remollinocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Gaetano Rodacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonino Di Paolacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Nazzareno Bassocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzo Pettenicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Salvatore Seminaracivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Francesco Gomez Martinezcivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Argeo Bonoracivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Francesco Betticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mario Sicacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pier Francesco Laurenticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Eckhardt Madercivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Margret Rohrs In Madercivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Kai Madercivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Paolino Bianchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Natalia Agostini In Galloncivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Berta Ebnercivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzo Lanconellicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Romeo Ruozicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Amorveno Marzagallicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonio Francesco Lascalacivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rosina Barbaro In Montanicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Lidia Olla In Cardillocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonio Montanaricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Fausto Venturicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Angela Marangoncivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Lina Ferretti In Mannoccicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Idria Avaticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mirco Castellarocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rita Verdecivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Angela Fresucivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Brigitte Drouhardcivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Eleonora Geraci In Vaccarocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Franca Dall'oliocivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Irene Breton In Boudoubancivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Loredana Molina In Sacraticivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Marina Antonella Trolesecivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Anna Maria Salvagnini In Trolesecivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mirella Fornasaricivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Paolo Zecchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Viviana Bugamelli In Zecchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto De Marchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Carla Gozzicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Umberto Luglicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Iwao Sekiguchicivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Fresucivilian"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 23, 1980Mario Amatojustice"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
May 28, 1980Francesco EvangelistaLE"Gruppo Organizzato Per L'azione Diretta", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 6, 1980Maurizio ArnesanoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 21, 1978Franco Battagliaringuard"Ordine Nuovo"
April 2, 1977Joseph Russocivilian
February 14, 1977Allen Bruce McLeod, Sr.LE
February 14, 1977Joseph Hickscivilian
February 14, 1977Frederick Holmescivilian
February 14, 1977James Greencivilian
February 14, 1977Pariyarathu Varghesecivilian
September 10, 1976Brian J. MurrayLE"Otpor"
July 10, 1976Vittorio Occorsiojustice"Ordine Nuovo"
January 24, 1975Leonardo FalcoLE"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
January 24, 1975Giovanni CeravoloLE"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Elena Donatinicivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Nicola Bufficivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Herbert Kontrinercivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Nunzio Russocivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Maria Santina Carrarocivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Marco Russocivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Tsugufumi Fukudacivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Antidio Medagliacivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Elena Cellicivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Raffaella Garosicivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Wìlhelmus Jacobus Hanemacivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Silver Sirotticivilian"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
May 28, 1974Giulietta Banzi Bazolicivilian
May 28, 1974Livia Bottardi Milanicivilian
May 28, 1974Clementina Calzari Trebeschicivilian
May 28, 1974Alberto Trebeschicivilian
May 28, 1974Euplo Natalicivilian
May 28, 1974Luigi Pintocivilian
May 28, 1974Bartolomeo Talenticivilian
May 28, 1974Vittorio Zambardacivilian
February 11, 1974Luis Alberto Toro Castillocivilian"Pinochet"
February 11, 1974Alberto Amador Yáñez CarvajalLE"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Jenaro Ricardo Mendoza VillavicencioLE"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Aquiles Juan Jara AlvarezLE"Pinochet"
September 12, 1973Guilliermo Eugenio Schmidt GodoyLE"Pinochet"
May 28, 1973Felicia Bartolozzicivilian"Ordine Nuovo"

Felicia was murdered in a grenade attack targeting police. Another civilian and two officers were killed.

May 27, 1973Federico MasarinLE"Ordine Nuovo"
May 25, 1973Giuseppe PanzinoLE
May 17, 1973Gabriella Bortoloncivilian"Ordine Nuovo"

Gabriella was murdered in a grenade attack targeting police. Another civilian and two officers were killed.

April 12, 1973Antonio MarinoLE"La Fenice", "Movimento Sociale Italiano"
September 20, 1972Julio Tomás TroxlerLE"Argentine Anticommunist Alliance"
June 25, 1972Miloš PopovićLE
June 25, 1972Branko BlečićLE
May 31, 1972Donato PoveromoLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
May 31, 1972Franco DongiovanniLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
May 31, 1972Antonio FerraroLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
December 12, 1969Giovanni Arnoldicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Giulio Chinacivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Eugenio Corsinicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Pietro Dendenacivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Gaianicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Calogero Galatiotocivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Garavagliacivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Paolo Gerlicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Luigi Melonicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Vittorio Mocchicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Gerolamo Papetticivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Mario Pasicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Peregocivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Oreste Sangallicivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Angelo Scagliacivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Silvacivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Attilio Valècivilian"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
June 26, 1967Armando PivaLE
June 26, 1967Francesco GentileLE
June 26, 1967Mario Di LecceLE
June 26, 1967Olivo DordiLE
September 23, 1963Kurt GruberLE
July 13, 1959Raymond William PurdyLE