Special circumstance flags:

LE: Law enforcement.
LA: Law enforcement adjacent (justice, civilian guards, mistaken identity)
SA: Sexual assault. This includes attempted sexual assault and sextortion.
CSA: Child sexual assault (defined here as an assault targeting a victim under 18; again, includes attempts.). This does not include cases of simple posession of child pornography.
Nec: Necrophilia. As with child sexual assault, this does not include cases of simple posession of necrophiliac porn.
Can: Cannibalism.
Occ: Occultism - the killing was part of an attempted religious or magical ritual. This does not automatically include gang-initiation murders.

When a flag is in the perpetrator section rather than the victim section, it means that at least one of the killers is known to have done it, but not necessarily to that particular victim.

The LE and LA flags should always be present where applicable, since the database started out tracking cop killers. The other flags are much less comprehensive.
DateVictim (age)Special circumstancesPerpetrator(s)
February 15, 2024Audrii Cunningham (11)"Aryan Nation"
December 3, 2023Phyllis Patterson"FFF"
September 28, 2023Jurgen Damen (43)"4chan"
September 6, 2023Terry Czernowski
August 26, 2023Anolt Laguerre Jr. (19)
August 26, 2023Jerrald De'Shaun Gallion (29)
August 26, 2023Angela Carr (52)
August 19, 2023Jennifer Gardiner (32)"Goyim Defense League"
August 19, 2023Timothy Evans (31)"Goyim Defense League"
May 6, 2023Christian LaCour (20)LA
May 6, 2023Cindy Cho (35)
May 6, 2023Kyu Song Cho (37)
May 6, 2023Aishwarya Thatikonda (26)
May 6, 2023James (3)
May 6, 2023Daniela Mendoza (11)
May 6, 2023Sofia Mendoza (8)
May 6, 2023Elio Cumana-Rivas (32)
March 31, 2023Mika Josephine Westwolf (22)
December 15, 2022Matthew Muller (37)"Nazi Low Riders"
November 26, 2022Flavia Amboss Merçon Leonardo (38)
November 25, 2022Cybelle Passos Bezerra Lara (45)
November 25, 2022Maria da Penha Pereira de Melo Baths (48)
November 25, 2022Selena Zagrillo (12)
November 19, 2022Daniel Davis Aston
November 19, 2022Kelly Loving
November 19, 2022Ashley Paugh
November 19, 2022Derrick Rump
November 19, 2022Raymond Green Vance
October 21, 2022Timothy Nabors"Wisconsin Aryan Brotherhood"
October 12, 2022Matúš Horváth (23)"Vlast", CMZ Army
October 12, 2022Juraj Vankulič (26)"Vlast", CMZ Army
October 11, 2022Yevgeny Nuzhin (55)"Wagner PMC"
July 30, 2022Lauren Teyshawn Abbott Jr. (19)"Stormfront"
July 17, 2022Pedro Piñeda (56)
July 17, 2022Rosa Mirian Rivera de Piñeda (37)
July 17, 2022Victor Gomez (30)
July 6, 2022Ing-Marie Wieselgren (64)"Nordic Resistance Movement"
May 14, 2022Roberta A. Drury (32)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Margus D. Morrison (52)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Andre Macknell (53)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Aaron Salter (55)LECMZ Army
May 14, 2022Geraldine Talley (62)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Celestine Chaney (65)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Heyward Patterson (67)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Katherine Massey (72)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Pearl Young (77)CMZ Army
May 14, 2022Ruth Whitfield (86)CMZ Army
April 28, 2022Caliyah J. Guyton (2)"United Aryan Brotherhood"
April 22, 2022Anthony Fuimaono (56)"Nazi Low Riders"
March 30, 2022Todd Monroe Brown (53)
March 30, 2022Kevin Mitchell Gonzales (34)
March 19, 2022Federico Martin Aramburu (42)"Group Union Défense"
March 15, 2022Justin Peoples (30)
March 8, 2022Ronnie Paul Ennis, Jr. (47)"Aryan Brotherhood"
March 8, 2022James Yagle (44)"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 11, 2022Audrey Lynn Slack (21)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
January 11, 2022Stephen Allen Walker II (49)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
January 5, 2022Michael Johnson"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
December 9, 2021Dustin Tucker (31)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
December 1, 2021Justin Shilling (17)
November 30, 2021Hana St. Juliana (14)
November 30, 2021Tate Myre (16)
November 30, 2021Madisyn Baldwin (17)
November 27, 2021Konner Huckeby"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
October 22, 2021William Wade Pierce (48)"Aryan Circle"
October 15, 2021David AmessDaesh
September 18, 2021Terri Harris (35)
September 18, 2021John Bennett (13)
September 18, 2021Lacey Bennett (11)
September 18, 2021Connie Gent (11)
August 20, 2021Charles Skuza (73)
August 9, 2021Kaelo (2)"Qanon"
August 9, 2021Roxy Rain (10 months)"Qanon"
August 3, 2021Stefanie Caraway (38)
July 31, 2021Logan Mwangi (5)"National Front"
June 26, 2021David L. Green (68)LE
June 26, 2021Ramona Cooper (60)
June 6, 2021Talat Afzaal (74)
June 6, 2021Salman Afzaal (46)
June 6, 2021Madiha Salman (44)
June 6, 2021Yumna Salman (15)
May 30, 2021Darren Jimmie Salaam
May 19, 2021Hanna F. (43)
May 19, 2021Tobias Hager (53)
May 19, 2021Carsten B. (52)
May 17, 2021Dustin Lloyd Cyr (37)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 17, 2021Elizabeth Christina Mourton (50)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 15, 2021James R. Kenney (41)"Family Values"
May 12, 2021Brandon Torres (43)"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 12, 2021James Fisher (41)"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 12, 2021Michael Edward Sanchez (34)"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 5, 2021Priscilla Limon (38)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
May 1, 2021Zeyed E. (39)
April 20, 2021Tina S.
April 13, 2021Pacer Dewayne Hampton (56)"Fresnecks"
January 19, 2021Myquel L. Middlebrook (22)
January 16, 2021David Anthony Orr"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
January 15, 2021Daniel Lee Lusk Sr. (52)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
December 5, 2020Toni Hakulinen"Nordic Resistance Movement"
November 15, 2020Christopher Hallett"Qanon"
November 2, 2020Nedzip V. (21)Daesh
October 26, 2020Herman Leslie Graham III (48)
October 24, 2020Michael Dean Bryan (40)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 4, 2020Allan Roshanski (34)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 4, 2020Ruslan Magomedgadzhiev (40)"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 12, 2020Mohamed-Aslim Zafis (58)Occ"Order of Nine Angles" (Occ)
September 5, 2020Phillip Martin Smith (61)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
September 5, 2020Frederick Edward Mitchell (33)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
August 17, 2020Richard Lamm (56)
August 17, 2020Misty Herndon (38)
August 17, 2020Bruce Avery Mercer (59)
June 22, 2020Phillip Mbuji Johansen
June 18, 2020Elizaveta Khlyupina (23)
June 18, 2020Svetlana Tivchenko (52)
June 18, 2020Matvey (4)

Elizaveta's ex-boyfriend tortured and murdered her. He also murdered her mother and her four year old nephew.

June 13, 2020Timur Gavrilov (17)
June 11, 2020Ron Davies (49)"Highwaymen Motorcycle Club"
June 6, 2020Damon Christopher Gutzwiller (38)LE"Grizzly Scouts"
June 5, 2020Robert Forbes (55)
May 29, 2020David Patrick Underwood (53)LE"Grizzly Scouts"
April 7, 2020Heather Grogg
April 7, 2020Danielle Tyler (18)
March 29, 2020Josef Neumann (72)
March 18, 2020Jonathan Riddle
March 5, 2020Matthew Philips (31)"Valhalla Bound Skinheads"
March 2, 2020Baba Punjab Singh"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
February 26, 2020Cindy Ann Mulligan (41)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
February 21, 2020Hang-Kam Annie Chiu (64)Daesh
February 19, 2020Sedat Gürbüz
February 19, 2020Gökhan Gültekin
February 19, 2020Fatih Saraçoğlu
February 19, 2020Mercedes Kierpacz (35)
February 19, 2020Ferhat Unvar (23)
February 19, 2020Hamza Kurtović (22)
February 19, 2020Kaloyan Velkov
February 19, 2020Vili-Viorel Păun (22)
February 19, 2020Said Nesar Hashemi
February 19, 2020Gabriele Rathjen (72)

After a terrorist attack on Hanau, the killer went home and murdered his mother.

February 11, 2020Haley Adams (14)"Ghost Face Gangsters"
February 8, 2020Dalton Wood (29)
February 5, 2020Nick O'RearLE
February 1, 2020Massai Cole
December 5, 2019Jared Langworthy"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"

The argument started over an air conditioner. It ended with Jared being tortured and murdered by a group of his fellow UAB members - including his girlfriend.

December 3, 2019James Black (42)LA
December 1, 2019Logan Cline (11)SA
November 8, 2019Anastasia Yeschenko (24)"ISSEP"
November 4, 2019Louis J. Weber, Jr. (72)
October 25, 2019Jade Monique Harris (20)
October 9, 2019Kevin Schwarze (20)CMZ Army, CMZ Army
October 9, 2019Jana Lange (40)CMZ Army, CMZ Army
September 29, 2019Cruz Burnham"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
September 3, 2019Steven Ray Seay (47)"Loyal White Knights of the KKK"
August 11, 2019Bette Jean Vaughn (74)

Stabbed to death by her son, a swastika-tattooed meth abuser.

August 10, 2019Johanne Ihle-Hansen (17)"Nordic Resistance Movement"
August 3, 2019Andre Anchondo (24)CMZ Army
August 3, 2019Jordan Anchondo (25)CMZ Army
August 3, 2019Guillermo GarciaCMZ Army
August 3, 2019David Johnson (63)CMZ Army
July 23, 2019Jennifer Burpee (45)
July 18, 2019Leonard Dyck (64)
July 14, 2019Chynna Deese (24)
July 14, 2019Lucas Fowler (23)
June 2, 2019Walter Lübcke (65)"Combat 18", "Alternative fur Deutschland", "Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands"
May 4, 2019Daniel S. Rice (30)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 27, 2019Lori Gilbert-Kaye (60)CMZ Army
April 16, 2019Frank Bligh (72)"Arizona Aryan Brotherhood"
March 27, 2019Quentin Hicks (42)
March 15, 2019Abdelfattah Qassem (60)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Abdukadir Elmi (66)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ahmed Gamal Eldin Mohamed Abdel Ghany (68)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ali Mah’d Abdullah Elmadani (66)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Amjad Hamid (57)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ansi Alibava (23)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Areeb Ahmed (26)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Arif Mohamedali Vohra (58)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ashraf al-Masri (54)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ashraf el-Moursy Ragheb (54)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ghulam Hussain (67)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Haji Daoud Nabi (71)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Hamza Mustafa (16)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Hussein al-Umari (35)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Haroon Mahmood (40)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Husna Ahmed (45)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Jahandad Ali (34)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Junaid Ismail (36)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Karam Bibi (64)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Kamel Mohd Kamal Kamel Darwish (38)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Khalid Mustafa (44)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Lilik Abdul Hamid (58)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Maheboob Khokhar (65)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Matiullah Safi (55)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Mohammed Imran Khan (47)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Mohsen Al Harbi (63)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Mounir Guirgis Soliman (68)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Mucaad Ibrahim (3)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Muhammad Ata Elayyan (33)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Muhammad Abdus Samad (66)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Muhammad Suhail Shahid (36)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Muhammad Zeshan Raza (39)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Muse Awale (77)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Naeem Rashid (51)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Osama Adnan Abukwaik (37)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ozair Kadir (25)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Ramiz Arif Bhai Vora (28)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 15, 2019Talha Naeem (21)"Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs", CMZ Army
March 13, 2019Francesco Cali (53)"Qanon"
February 17, 2019Heather Camp (33)SA"Ohio Aryan Brotherhood"
January 27, 2019Thomas Patrick Glenn (49)"Aryan Warriors"
January 22, 2019Josue Lizardo Contreras-Verdin (24)"Aryan Warriors"
January 22, 2019David Esparza-Sanchez"Aryan Warriors"
January 5, 2019James Wolfe"Proud Boys", "Qanon"
December 23, 2018Tomi Michelle Masters (23)"Undergound Nazi Hacktivist Group"
December 14, 2018Chris Bagley (31)"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 11, 2018Anupong Suebsamarn (45)Daesh
December 11, 2018Kamal NaghchbandDaesh
December 11, 2018Antonio Megalizzi (29)Daesh
December 11, 2018Barto Pedro Orent-Niedzielski (35)Daesh
November 2, 2018Nancy Van Vessem (61)
November 2, 2018Maura Binkley (21)
October 27, 2018Rose Mallinger (97)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Jerry Rabinowitz (66)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Cecil Rosenthal (59)"Gab"
October 27, 2018David Rosenthal (54)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Daniel Stein (71)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Richard Gottfried (65)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Joyce Fienberg (75)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Melvin Wax (88)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Sylvan Simon (86)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Bernice Simon (84)"Gab"
October 27, 2018Irving Younger (69)"Gab"
October 18, 2018Виктория Демчук (17)
October 17, 2018Влад Вердибоженко (15)
October 17, 2018Руден Джураев (17)
October 17, 2018Алексей Лавринович (19)
October 17, 2018Анастасия Бакланова (27)
October 17, 2018Светлана Бакланова (57)
October 17, 2018Ксения Болдина (17)
October 17, 2018Лариса Кудрявцева (62)
October 17, 2018Людмила Устенко (65)
October 17, 2018Александр Моисеенко (46)
October 17, 2018Дарья Чегерест (16)
October 17, 2018Данил Пипенко (16)
October 17, 2018Vladislav Lasarev
October 17, 2018Ruslan Lysenko
October 17, 2018Alina Kerova (17)
October 17, 2018Анна Журавлева (19)
October 17, 2018Роман Карымов (21)
October 17, 2018Сергей Степаненко (16)
October 17, 2018Никита Флоренский (18)
October 17, 2018Владислав Лазарев (19)
October 17, 2018Егор Перепелкин (17)
September 30, 2018Vitali Safarov
Sep 19, 2018Stephen Morphis"Aryan Enterprises"
August 19, 2018Dulane Cameron Jr. (24)
July 27, 2018Ernest Starry (85)
July 27, 2018Thelma Montalvo (60)
July 27, 2018Isaiah Starry (13)
July 27, 2018Roel Mireles (41)
July 20, 2018Donald Pequeen"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 13, 2018Nathan Frazer
July 6, 2018MeShon Cooper (43)"KKK"
July 5, 2018Luciana de Jesus do Nascimento (27)"Dogolachan"
June 23, 2018David Pop (24)"Sober and Evil Youth"
June 16, 2018Dawid Szubert (38)"English Defence League"
June 16, 2018Assane Diallo (54)
June 9, 2018Jared Streeter (20)
May 31, 2018Henry John Seraica Acorda (36)
May 6, 2018Rodney J. DeLong Jr."Aryan Brotherhood"
May 4, 2018Bruce Douglas Ferguson (46)
April 18, 2018Christopher W. (27)
April 17, 2018Christopher W. (27)
April 17, 2018Philipp W. (38)
April 17, 2018Philip W (38)
April 8, 2018Deana K. Lorenzo (50)"Right Sector"
April 8, 2018Serafin "Danny" Lorenzo (52)"Right Sector"
March 23, 2018Jean Mazières (60)Daesh
March 23, 2018Hervé SosnaDaesh
March 23, 2018Christian MedvesDaesh
March 23, 2018Arnaud Beltrame (44)LEDaesh
March 21, 2018Lee Johnson
March 17, 2018Robert Miller (40)"American Institute of Theology", "Christian Identity"
March 12, 2018Jovanni Sierra (13)Daesh
February 26, 2018Jozef Chovanec (39)
February 14, 2018Alyssa Alhadeff (14)
February 14, 2018Scott Beigel (35)
February 14, 2018Martin Duque Anguiano (14)
February 14, 2018Nicholas Dworet (17)
February 14, 2018Aaron Feis (37)LA
February 14, 2018Jaime Guttenberg (14)
February 14, 2018Chris Hixon (49)
February 14, 2018Luke Hoyer (15)
February 14, 2018Cara Loughran (14)
February 14, 2018Gina Montalto (14)
February 14, 2018Joaquin Oliver (17)
February 14, 2018Alaina Petty (14)
February 14, 2018Meadow Pollack (18)
February 14, 2018Helena Ramsay (17)
February 14, 2018Alex Schachter (14)
February 14, 2018Carmen Schentrup (16)
February 14, 2018Peter Wang (15)
February 1, 2018Aaron Glynn (36)"Sacramento Skinheads"
January 23, 2018Preston Cope (15)
January 23, 2018Bailey Holt (15)
January 2, 2018Blaze Bernstein (19)
December 30, 2017Riley Powell (18)"Aryan Republic Militia", "Creativity"
December 30, 2017Brelynne Otteson (17)"Aryan Republic Militia", "Creativity"
December 22, 2017Scott Fricker (48)"Atomwaffen"
December 22, 2017Buckley Kuhn-Fricker (43)"Atomwaffen"
December 20, 2017Matthew Kyle Williams (35)"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 8, 2017Christian Sonnemann (37)"Pegida"
December 7, 2017Casy J. Marquez (17)"Daily Stormer"
December 7, 2017Francisco "Paco" Fernandez" (18)"Daily Stormer"
November 27, 2017Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson (31)"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 5, 2017Keith Allen Braden (62)
November 5, 2017Robert Corrigan
November 5, 2017Shani Corrigan
November 5, 2017Bryan Holcombe
November 5, 2017Daniel Holcombe (36)
November 5, 2017Crystal Holcombe (36)
November 5, 2017Emily Colcombe (11)
November 5, 2017Greg Holcombe (13)
November 5, 2017Karla Holcombe
November 5, 2017Megan Holcombe (9)
November 5, 2017Noah Holcombe (1)
November 5, 2017Dennis Johnson (77)
November 5, 2017Sara Johnson (68)
November 5, 2017Haley Krueger (16)
November 5, 2017Robert Marshall (56)
November 5, 2017Karen Marshall (56)
November 5, 2017Tara McNulty (33)
November 5, 2017Annabelle Pomeroy (14)
November 5, 2017Ricardo Rodriguez (64)
November 5, 2017Therese Rodriguez (66)
November 5, 2017Joann Ward (30)
November 5, 2017Brooke Ward (5)
November 5, 2017Emily Ward (7)
November 5, 2017Peggy Lynn Warden (56)
November 5, 2017Lula Weicinski White (71)
October 4, 2017Jason Harris (38)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
September 29, 2017Kristen Nicole HearneLE"Ghost Face Gangsters"
September 14, 2017Donald Smart (49)
September 12, 2017Bruce Cofield (59)
September 5, 2017Joseph Zawacki (46)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 15, 2017Randy Baker (59)"211 Crew"
August 12, 2017Heather Heyer"Disdain4plebs", "Unite The Right", "National Policy Institute", "Proud Boys"
August 3, 2017Michael Staton (34)"1488s"
August 1, 2017Dustin Hammons (22)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
July 26, 2017Thomas A. Bryson (68)
July 14, 2017Charles Davis (73)"Breitbart News", "Gamergate", "Killstream", "Pizzagate"
June 19, 2017Makram Ali (51)"Britain First (supporter)"
June 13, 2017Curtis Bernard Billue (58)LE"Ghostface Gangsters"
June 13, 2017Christopher James MonicaLE"Ghostface Gangsters"
May 26, 2017Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche (23)
May 26, 2017Rick Best (53)
May 20, 2017Richard W. Collins III
May 19, 2017Carlos Eduardo Gutiérrez (20)
May 19, 2017Andrew Oneschuk (18)"Atomwaffen Division"
May 19, 2017Jeremy Himmelman (22)"Atomwaffen Division"
May 16, 2017Mason Palmer Bethea Moore (42)LE
April 20, 2017Xavier Jugelé (37)LEDaesh
April 18, 2017David James WadeLE"Irish Mob", "Aryan Brotherhood"
April 13, 2017Ron Lane (44)
March 23, 2017Leslie Rhodes (75)Daesh
March 22, 2017Keith David Palmer (48)LEDaesh
March 22, 2017Kurt Cochran (54)Daesh
March 22, 2017Aysha Frade (44)Daesh
March 22, 2017Andreea Cristea (31)Daesh
March 20, 2017Timothy Caughman (66)
March 3, 2017Joey Dean Jojola (50)
February 22, 2017Srinivas Kuchibhotla (32)
February 8, 2017Frank Ancona
January 29, 2017Mamadou Tanou Barry"National Front"
January 29, 2017Azzedine Soufiane"National Front"
January 29, 2017Abdelkrim Hassane"National Front"
January 29, 2017Ibrahima Barry"National Front"
January 29, 2017Aboubaker Thabti"National Front"
January 29, 2017Khaled Belkacemi"National Front"
2017Hamdi Bouta"Wagner PMC"
November 12, 2016Shelsea Schilling (20)
October 29, 2016Zachary Scott (36)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 26, 2016Pálvölgyi PéterLE"Magyar Nemzetiszocialista Akciócsoport", "Magyar Nemzeti Arcvonal"
October 25, 2016Poppie van der Merwe (3)"Orania"
October 15, 2016Doug Maynard"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 20, 2016Apache Rose Hightower (24)
September 10, 2016Jimi Joonas Karttunen (28)"Nordfront"
September 4, 2016Ryan Durkin (22)
August 31, 2016Robert Barrentine
August 21, 2016Samuel Hardrix (22)
August 14, 2016John Albert O'Sullivan (43)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 13, 2016Larnell Bruce (19)"European Kindred"
August 2016PlatonOcc"Church of Darkness", "Order of Nine Angles"
July 26, 2016Jacques HamelDaesh
July 22, 2016Sevda Dağ (45)
July 22, 2016Hüseyin Dayıcık (17)
July 22, 2016Selçuk Kılıç (15)
July 22, 2016Giuliano Kollmann (19)
July 22, 2016Can Leyla (14)
July 22, 2016Janos Roberto Rafael (15)
July 22, 2016Armelia Segashi (14)
July 22, 2016Sabina Sulaj (14)
July 22, 2016Dijamant Zabërgja (20)
July 20, 2016Павло Шеремет
July 19, 2016Jason Robert Popovich (35)"COORS Family Skins", "Aryan Brotherhood"
July 16, 2016Alberto Gonzalez (34)SA"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas", "White Knights"
July 15, 2016Joseph Mark Lamar (38)
July 15, 2016Zachary David Thompson (36)
July 15, 2016Janell Renee Knight (43)
July 1, 2016Clifton Hallmark (51)"Aryan Circle"
June 16, 2016Jo Cox
June 13, 2016Jean-Baptiste SalvaingLEDaesh
June 13, 2016Jessica SchneiderLEDaesh
May 2, 2016Bruce Wayne Hurley (49)"New Aryan Empire"
May 2016Brent Adler"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 22, 2016Alan George Taylor"Aryan Nations", "Aryan Girls"
April 16, 2016Ralph Eugene Goodman (39)"Aryan Warriors"
March 31, 2016Dmitry Tsilikin
March 18, 2016Jeanette Laureano"Maniac Latin Disciples"
February 1, 2016Andrew Ryan Thurgood (26)"Aryan Warriors"
December 15, 2015Richard S. Hoisington
December 3, 2015Nazir Amso (42)
November 1, 2015Ronnie L. Kelly"National Alliance"
October 22, 2015Lavin Eskandar (20)
October 22, 2015Ahmed Hassan (15)
October 1, 2015Kim Saltmarsh Dietz (59)
October 1, 2015Lucero Alcaraz (19)
October 1, 2015Jason Johnson
October 1, 2015Quinn Glen Cooper (18)
October 1, 2015Lucas Eibel (18)
October 1, 2015Lawrence Levine (67)
October 1, 2015Sarena Dawn Moore (44)
October 1, 2015Treven Taylor Anspach (20)
October 1, 2015Rebecka Ann Carnes (18)
September 25, 2015Богдан ДацюкLE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
September 20, 2015Luke Holland (31)
September 17, 2015Илья Журавлёв (19)"Russian National Unity"

Ilya, a sober-living vigilante, had been "mentored" by a Russian National Unity groomer three times his age. Prior to his murder, Ilya had reportedly begun advocating the "equality of nations" - something that would not fit well with his racist mentor. The circumstances of the murder are unclear, but somehow the old man through Ilya out a fifth floor window.

September 12, 2015Kyle Tiffee (23)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
September 12, 2015Christopher Tignor (29)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
September 8, 2015Shayan Mazroei (22)"PEN1"
September 1, 2015Dmitry SlatnikovLE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
September 1, 2015Oleksandr Kostin (20)LE"Svoboda", "Sich", "Karpatska Sich"
August 31, 2015Ihor DerbinLE"Sich", "Karpatska Sich", "Svoboda"
August 19, 2015Wendy Boudreau
August 12, 2015Hugo Pinell"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 30, 2015Andrea Piwko"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 23, 2015Mayci Breaux (21)
July 23, 2015Jillian Johnson (33)
July 5, 2015Lance Love (22)
July 5, 2015Cornelius Poole (21)
June 28, 2015John H. Anderson
June 17, 2015Clementa C. Pinckney (41)
June 17, 2015Susie Jackson (87)
June 17, 2015Ethel Lee Lance (70)
June 17, 2015Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49)
June 17, 2015Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd (54)
June 17, 2015Tywanza Sanders (26)
June 17, 2015Daniel Simmons (74)
June 17, 2015Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45)
June 17, 2015Myra Thompson (59)
June 6, 2015Joshua Edmunds"Aryan Empire"
June 2015Kely Cristina de Oliveira
May 4, 2015Yuri RomanenkoLE"Azov Battalion"
May 4, 2015Yuri HristenokLE"Azov Battalion"
April 20, 2015Abel Martinez Oliva (35)
April 16, 2015Oles Buzyna"C14", "Ukrainian National Assembly"
April 7, 2015Tipu Sultan (32)"English Defense League"
April 2, 2015Ritchie Lynch (60)
March 24, 2015Trevor John CasperLE"National Alliance", "Fond du Lac Boot Boys"
March 24, 2015Thomas C. Christ"National Alliance", "Fond du Lac Boot Boys"
March 18, 2015David Williams (29)"Aryan Nations", "Hammerskin Nation", "Aryan Brotherhood"
February 23, 2015Alexander Alcides Lara Ayala"Ghostface Gangsters"
January 9, 2015Yohan Cohen (21)"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015François-Michel Saada"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015Philippe Braham"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 9, 2015Yoav Hattab (21)"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 8, 2015Clarissa Jean-Philippe (26)LE"Flemish House (indirect)", "Front National (indirect)", Daesh
January 7, 2015Ahmed MerabetLEDaesh
January 7, 2015Franck BrinsolaroLEDaesh
November 14, 2014Tibor Lakatoš (50)Occ (Occ)
October 23, 2014Charles Werabe (55)
October 21, 2014Isaac Araya Herrera (37)"Legion 38"
October 11, 2014Holly Elizabeth Combs (24)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
October 2014Alyona Shitik"Sanitater-88"
September 23, 2014Gennady Danilov"Sanitater-88"
September 14, 2014Иван Исык"Rusich"
September 5, 2014Атаманчук Андрей Викторович"Rusich"
August 23, 2014Anatoly Kondrashov"Sanitater-88"
August 15, 2014Roger"Democracia Nacional"
August 11, 2014Cody Gray (32)SA"Aryan Empire"
August 8, 2014Nikolay Babin"Sanitater-88"
August 4, 2014James Brady (73)"American Front", "National Association of Constitutional Government", "American Nazi Party"

James Brady was permanently disabled when an American Nazi Party member attempted to assassinate President Reagan. He died of his injuries in 2014.

July 25, 2014Ciro Esposito (31)
July 14, 2014Tanya"Sanitater-88"
July 13, 2014Valentin Matitsyn"Sanitater-88"
July 7, 2014Isaac Zafft (27)
July 5, 2014Stanislav Yevseev (35)"Sanitater-88"
June 27, 2014Antra Ozolina (49)
June 9, 2014Leo Johns"Soldiers of the Aryan Culture"
June 8, 2014Alyn Ronnie BeckLE"Bundy Ranch"
June 8, 2014Igor SoldoLE"Bundy Ranch"
June 8, 2014Joseph Robert Wilcox (31)"Bundy Ranch"

The MSM paints the terrorists who killed Beck and Soldo as conflicted anti-government extremists who left a swastika at the scene of the crime just to mock the fallen officers. However, as they were caught passing out white power literature in the past, it is far more likely that they were sincere fascists.

June 2014Zaur Alyshev (37)"Restrukt"
May 23, 2014George Chen
May 23, 2014Cheng Yean Hong
May 23, 2014Weihan Wang
May 23, 2014Katherine Cooper
May 23, 2014Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez
May 23, 2014Veronika Weiss (19)
May 21, 2014Albert Duane Parker (49)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
May 7, 2014Russell William McKinley (29)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 17, 2014Bryan Childers"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
April 15, 2014Joshua Calkins"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 13, 2014Dr. William Lewis Corporon (69)
April 13, 2014Reat Griffin Underwood (14)
April 13, 2014Terri LaManno (53)
February 12, 2014Людмила
February 12, 2014Владимир Запорожец
January 26, 2014Bruno Borges de Oliveira (18)
January 18, 2014Nathan Bradley Maddox (34)"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 18, 2014Krystal Renee Maddox (30)"Aryan Brotherhood"
2014Oleg Daikun"Sanitater-88"
2014Sergei Yevseyev"Sanitater-88"
December 21, 2013Claire Davis (17)
November 16, 2013Derek Wagner"Aryan Skins Kindred"
November 11, 2013Troy LaFerrara (42)Occ (Occ)
October 12, 2013Jessie Cavett"Gypsy Jokers"
September 18, 2013Παύλος Φύσσας (34)"Golden Dawn"
August 11, 2013Daniel Olivera (26)LA

A California Nazi killed a cashier because he thought the cashier was the guard who wouldn't let him into the store while they were counting money.

July 22, 2013Charles Parker"Crew 41"
July 22, 2013Gretchen Parker"Crew 41"
July 17, 2013Konstantin Moljanov (34)
June 5, 2013Clément Méric (18)"Troisième Voie"
June 4, 2013Gavin Siscel (33)"Krude Rude Brood"
May 21, 2013Jean Main (75)
May 9, 2013Vladislav Tornovoi (23)SA
April 29, 2013Mohammed Saleem (82)
March 24, 2013Corey Matthews"Aryan Nations"
March 19, 2013Thomas Lynn ClementsLE"211 Crew"
March 17, 2013Nathan Leon"211 Crew"
March 17, 2013Arturo Lopez"Aryan Nation"
January 17, 2013Shehzad Luqman (27)"Golden Dawn"
January 9, 2013Daniel Delfin (19)"National Socialist Movement"
January 2013Eric Glover (22)Nec (CSA)
January 2013Terrence Rankins (22)Nec (CSA)
December 8, 2012Duane Lomax"Sacramaniacs"
December 6, 2012Amber Nicole Guillory (26)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
October 28, 2012Robert Dodson"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 27, 2012Andrea B. (44)
October 15, 2012Robert John Roth"White Boy Posse"
September 25, 2012Sergio Saldana"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
September 25, 2012Bryan Gower (35)"White Boy Posse"
September 21, 2012Joakim Karlsson"Svenska motståndsrörelsen", "Nordic Resistance Movement", "Nordfront"
September 12, 2012Lorry Ann Santos (35)"White Boy Posse"
August 23, 2012Clement 'Butch' Desmier (68)"English Defence League"
August 21, 2012Kirsten Landeau (36)"Aryan Nations"
August 21, 2012Dillian Cearfoss (20)"Aryan Nations"
August 5, 2012Paramjit Kaur Saini"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 5, 2012Sita Singh"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 5, 2012Ranjit Singh"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 5, 2012Prakash Singh"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 5, 2012Suveg Singh Khattra"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 5, 2012Satwant Singh Kaleka (65)"Stormfront", "Hammerskins"
August 4, 2012William Sherry (28)"Pearl Kings"
July 29, 2012Малин Илиев"VMRO"
July 26, 2012Nicholas R. Fickett (28)
July 12, 2012Earnest Ray Lackey (34)SA"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
July 9, 2012Eloise Costanza (17 months)"Hammerskins"
June 25, 2012Jenna Hernandez (16)"Dirty White Boys"
June 16, 2012Klaus-Peter Kühn (59)
June 8, 2012Robert McCartney (49)
May 24, 2012Lin Jun (33)SA Nec Can"Stormfront"
May 17, 2012Anthony Mollman"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 2, 2012Lisa Lynn Mederos (47)"Stormfront", "U.S. Border Guard", "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps", "National Socialist Movement"
May 2, 2012Amber Nieve Mederos (23)"Stormfront", "U.S. Border Guard", "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps", "National Socialist Movement"
May 2, 2012Lily Lynn Mederos (15 months)"Stormfront", "U.S. Border Guard", "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps", "National Socialist Movement"
May 2, 2012Jim Franklin Hiott (24)"Stormfront", "U.S. Border Guard", "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps", "National Socialist Movement"

The man who murdered Lisa, her daughter, her daughter's fiancee, and her 15 month old granddaughter was already under investigation for a string of murders on the US border.

April 20, 2012Joe Hayes"Aryan Nation"
March 3, 2012Daniel Zamudio (24)
February 2, 2012Michael Clarence Hagen"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 1, 2012Morayma Denise Rodriguez"Nazi Low Riders"
February 1, 2012Samantha Koenig (18)SA Nec"Christian Identity"
January 17, 2012Ormond Gene Sabin (63)"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 14, 2012Sarah Laycock (31)"British National Party"
January 14, 2012Abigail Miller (8)"British National Party"
January 13, 2012Terry Fruichantie (48)"WAR Skins"
January 3, 2012Jamie Lee Czeck (36)"Aryan Circle"
December 30, 2011James Mask"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
December 28, 2011Anatoli (19)"NS/WP Nevograd"
December 13, 2011Samb Modou (40)"CasaPound"
December 13, 2011Diop Mor (54)"CasaPound"
November 26, 2011Ricky Cooper (49)
November 13, 2011Jonathan Duke (27)
November 12, 2011John Forrester (42)
October 18, 2011Gabor Peter Sarkozi"BNP"
October 7, 2011Ronald Richardson"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 3, 2011Reginald Alan Clark (53)
October 3, 2011Mark Mariani"Western European Bloodline"
October 1, 2011Cody Faye Myers (19)
September 26, 2011David Pedersen"Aryan Soldiers"
September 26, 2011Leslie Pedersen"Aryan Soldiers"
September 21, 2011Richard Eugene Warren (48)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
September 11, 2011Alexis Rasmussen (16)"Silent Aryan Warriors"
September 3, 2011Johni Raoni Falcão Galanciak (25)
August 16, 2011Dena Marsh"Aryan Circle"
August 16, 2011Eric Marsh"Aryan Circle"
July 31, 2011Мирослав Ковровский
July 22, 2011Trond BerntsenLE"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Torjus Jakobsen Blattmann (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Anne Lise Holter (51)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Aleksander Aas Eriksen (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Aasta Sofie Helland Dahl (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Anders Kristiansen (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Karin Elena Hoist (15)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne Ekroll Loeville (30)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Fredrik Lund Schjetne (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tina Iversen Sukuvarna (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Carina Borgund (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Elisabeth Trønnes Lie (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Mona Abdinur (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tarald Kuven Mjelde (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Isabel Victoria Green Sogn (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andreas Edvardsen (19)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ronja Soettar Johansen (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Gizem Dogan (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Synne Roeyneland (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tove Aashill Knutsen (56)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Silje Stamneshagen (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Rolf Christopher Johansen Perreau (25)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Dupe Ellen Awoyemi (15)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Margrethe Boeyum Kloeven (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Bano Abobakar Rashid (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Diderik Aamodt Olsen (19)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Birgitte Smetbak (15)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Simon Saebo (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Silje Merete Fjellbu (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Haakon Odegaard (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Guro Vartdal Havoll (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kjersti Berg Sand (26)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne A Balch Fjalestad (43)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sharidyn Meedan Ngahiwi Svebakk-Boehn"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tore Eikeland (21)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanne Kristine Fridtun (20)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Johannes Buoe (14)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Monica Bosei (45)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Gunnar Linaker (23)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Snore Haller (30)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ismail Haji Ahmed (20)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Jamil Rafal Yasin (20)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Syvert Knudsen (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sondre Furseth Dale (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sverre Flate Bjorkavaag (28)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Eivind Hovden (15)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ida Marie Hill (34)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Hanna Orvik Endresen (61)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kai Hauge (32)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Jon Vegard Lervaag (32)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Steinar Jessen (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ingrid Berg Heggelund (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Thomas Margido Antonsen (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Victoria Stenberg"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Bendik Ellingsen"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Eva Kathinka Lutken"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Lene Maria Bergum"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andreas Dalby"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Marianne Sandvik (16)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Tamta Liparteliani"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Even Flugstad Malmedal"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Pamela Ardam"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ruth Menedichte Vatndal Nilsen"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Espen Jørgensen"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Karar Mustafa Qasim"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Maria Maagero Johannesen"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Kevin Daae Berland"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Ida Beathe Rogne"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Monica Iselin Didriksen (18)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Havard Vederhus (21)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Lejla Selaci (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Andrine Bakkene Espeland (17)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Rune Havdal (43)"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Henrik Andre Pedersen"Stormfront"
July 22, 2011Sondre Kjren"Stormfront"

Trond was an off-duty police officer acting as a guard at a summer camp when a neo-Nazi attacked.

July 13, 2011Alexander Ten"Combat Terrorist Organization"
July 13, 2011Lisa Coon Harrington (44)
July 13, 2011Dan Harrington (41)
July 13, 2011Joshua O'Brien (24)
July 13, 2011Kenneth Earl Ayers"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
June 26, 2011James Craig Anderson (49)
June 8, 2011Bill Currier (50)SA"Christian Identity"
June 8, 2011Lorraine Currier (55)SA"Christian Identity"
June 1, 2011Andre K. (40)"Junge Nationaldemokraten"
May 31, 2011Sufeng He (24)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
May 26, 2011André Kleinau"Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands"
May 12, 2011Alim Abdul Manan (21)"Golden Dawn"
May 1, 2011Jeffrey Hall
April 20, 2011Raymond Buys (15)"Echo Wild Game Rangers", "Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging", "Stormfront"
April 3, 2011Alevtina Kuydina
March 27, 2011Duy-Doan Pham (59)
March 14, 2011James Lee Sedtal"SWS"
March 11, 2011James "Jimbo" Huddleston III (36)"Aryan Brotherhood"
March 11, 2011Roman Faizullin
March 1, 2011Kenneth Mills"Aryan Resistance Militia", "Soldiers of Aryan Culture"
February 21, 2011Alexander Petrovich Maximov
January 1, 2011Kurt Johnson (54)Occ"Aryan Brotherhood", "Aryan Nation"
December 31, 2010John Boga Luis Ferreira (60)"True White Boys"
December 24, 2010Inderjit Singh (36)"BNP"
December 16, 2010Olga Pirog (69)
December 6, 2010Angela S. Biggers (48)
December 2, 2010Michael Hudson"Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi"
December 1, 2010Danil Semyonov (12)
October 24, 2010Kamal Kilade (19)
October 9, 2010Radj Anand
October 3, 2010Mark Mariani"Western European Bloodline"
September 10, 2010Shannon Palmer"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 2010Soso Khachikyan (47)"BORN"
August 26, 2010Joseph Militello Jr. (57)"Black Pistons"
August 26, 2010Nancy Militello (68)"Black Pistons"
August 26, 2010Angelo Rosales (32)"Black Pistons"
August 24, 2010M. G.
August 10, 2010Victoria Viner (2)
August 5, 2010John Call Jr. (19)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 5, 2010James Mosteller (53)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 2, 2010Gary Haas (61)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 2, 2010Linda Haas (61)"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 2, 2010Linda Haas"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 26, 2010Edward John Schaefer (44)"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 3, 2010Frank Munz (73)
May 22, 2010Suzanne Blamires (36)Can
May 14, 2010Sven M.
May 8, 2010Marcin Bilaszewski (19)
May 3, 2010Gerald Hall (54)
April 26, 2010Shelley Armitage (31) (Can)
April 21, 2010Melissa Meza (34)"Stormfront"
April 20, 2010Timothy Donley (23)LA
April 12, 2010Eduard ChuvashovLA"National Socialist Society", "BORN"

Eduard Chuvashov, a Russian judge, was murdered in retaliation for daring to find neo-Nazis guilty.

March 29, 2010Rodnell Burton (17)
March 21, 2010Cheryl Lynn Hughes (53)"National Alliance", "Southern National Patriots"
March 12, 2010Garth Radons (39)
March 7, 2010Chad Rowe"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 17, 2010Laura Taft (29)
February 8, 2010Vanessa Pickering (27)"ex-Fourth Reich" (SA)
February 5, 2010Craig Wall, Jr. (5 weeks)
February 2010Grigory KovalchukLE"Primorsky Partisans"
December 25, 2009Solomon Attengo Gwajio (25)"NS/WP Nevograd"
December 25, 2009Naushad Virani (50)"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 24, 2009Muslim Abdullayev"BORN"
November 29, 2009Bo Icelar (58)"National Alliance", "Southern National Patriots"
November 16, 2009Ivan "Bonecrusher" Hutorskoy"BORN"
November 3, 2009Brandi Duba (27)
October 27, 2009unkown
October 10, 2009Trez West Persson (20)
October 3, 2009Kelley Ann Jaeger"Vinlanders Social Club"
September 27, 2009Susana Pelayo-Perez (35)"American Nazi Party (prospect)", "American Nazi Party"
September 3, 2009Rasul Khalilov"BORN"
August 10, 2009Edward Vaughn Keeley (75)
August 3, 2009Maria Balogh
July 28, 2009Andrew Paech"Vinlanders Social Club"
July 19, 2009Blake Ford (23)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
July 14, 2009Azad Hayi (28)
July 13, 2009Shane Thomas DetwilerLE
July 6, 2009Victoria Marie Adams (21)"Vinlanders Social Club"
July 6, 2009Sidney Michael Parrish (18mo)"Vinlanders Social Club"
July 1, 2009Marwa El-Sherbini (31)"Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands"
June 28, 2009Ilya Dzhaparidze"Russkiy Obraz", "BORN"
June 22, 2009Susan Rushworth (43)Can (Can)
June 10, 2009Stephen Tyrone Johns (39)LE
May 30, 2009Raul Flores Jr."(ex?)-Minutemen Civil Defense Corps", "Minuteman Project", "Aryan Nations", "Minutemen American Defense"
May 30, 2009Brisenia Ylianna Flores (9)"(ex?)-Minutemen Civil Defense Corps", "Minuteman Project", "Aryan Nations", "Minutemen American Defense"
May 26, 2009Tracy Ocasio (27)

Tracy was last seen leaving a bar accompanied by a neo-Nazi with a history of violence against women.

May 11, 2009Evan Broderick
April 22, 2009Kóka Jenő (54)
April 21, 2009Bernardo Dayrell Pedroso (24)"Neuland Group", "Hammerskins (future)"
April 21, 2009Renata Waeschter Ferreira (21)"Neuland Group", "Hammerskins (future)"

Bernardo and Renata were celebrating Hitler's birthday with other members of the Nazi scene. They were murdered by their comrades because, apparently, Bernardo had argued against attacks on homosexuals.

April 20, 2009I. Gyöngyvért (20)"Magyar Gárda", "Jobbik"
April 16, 2009Roman Romasov (28)"BNP"
April 4, 2009Eric Guy Kelly (41)LE"Stormfront"
April 4, 2009Stephen J. Mayhle (29)LE"Stormfront"
April 4, 2009Paul John Rizzo Domenic Sciullo, II (36)LE"Stormfront"
February 22, 2009Robert Csorba
February 22, 2009Robert Csorba Jr (4)
January 21, 2009Selma C. Goncalves (20)"Podblanc"
January 21, 2009Arlindo Goncalves (79)"Podblanc"
January 19, 2009Robin A. Burton (28)
January 19, 2009Stanislav Markelov (34)"Russky Obraz", "BORN"
January 19, 2009Anastasia Baburova (25)"Russky Obraz", "BORN"
2009Nikolai Melnik"National Socialist Organization"
December 7, 2008José Sucuzhañay
December 2008Stanislav Valentinovich Aseev (71)"Общество белых-88"
November 9, 2008Cynthia C. Lynch (43)"Sons of Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
November 8, 2008Marcello Lucero (37)"Caucasian Crew"
November 3, 2008József Nagy
November 3, 2008Éva Nagy (40)
October 25, 2008James Lamy"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
October 21, 2008Jeremy Ryan Sisk (24)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 12, 2008Scott "Arizona" Freeman"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
October 10, 2008Fedor Filatov"BORN"
October 9, 2008Ray Valdez (20)"Aryan Circle"
September 28, 2008Stainton Barrett (59)"English Defence League", "Pegida (future)"
September 23, 2008Kimmo Antero Martiskainen
September 23, 2008Marko Olavi Koskinen
September 23, 2008Reetta Eija Elisabet Valli
September 23, 2008Jenni Mari Lahti-Röyskö
September 23, 2008Essi Anniina Korkiamäki
September 23, 2008Emmi Helinä Kiili (20)
September 23, 2008Tanja Tuulia Kotilainen (26)
September 23, 2008Anu Helena Finnilä (20)
September 23, 2008Marjukka Josephiina Liukku (20)
September 23, 2008Niina-Emilia Rantala (20)
August 24, 2008Marcel Wisser (18)
August 17, 2008Rick Langenstein (20)
August 1, 2008Hans-Joachim Sbrzesny (50)
August 2008Etizok Ndobe Ernest"Simbirsk White Power"
July 27, 2008Greg McJendry
July 27, 2008Linda Kraeger
July 23, 2008Karl-Heinz Teichmann (59)"Freie Kräfte Leipzig"
July 22, 2008Bernd Köhler (55)
June 29, 2008Sean Kelly"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 5, 2008Nicola Tommasoli (29)"Blocco Studentesco", "Forza Nuova"
May 4, 2008Mark Davis Byrd Sr."Aryan Brotherhood of Texas", "Aryan Brotherhood", "Aryan Circle"
May 1, 2008Robert Leroy Cotton (28)
April 26, 2008Peter Siebert (40)
April 18, 2008Hans Alberts (77)
March 16, 2008Alexei Krylov (16)"NSO-North"
February 19, 2008Deborah Leshkevich"National Alliance", "Stormfront"
February 14, 2008Dan Parmenter
February 14, 2008Catalina Garcia (20)
February 14, 2008Gayle Dubowski (20)
February 14, 2008Julianna Gehant (32)
February 14, 2008Ryann Mace (19)
February 14, 2008Maria Ruiz-Santana
February 12, 2008Leticia King (15)
January 21, 2008Tawanda Lewis (19)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
January 20, 2008Jan Kučera
January 14, 2008Anna Moiphitlhi (31)
January 14, 2008Keditlhotse Elizabeth Moiphitlhi (3 months)
January 14, 2008Enoch Tshepo Motshelanoka (10)
January 14, 2008Sivuyile Danani (35)
2008Salekh Azizov"Battle Organization of Russian Nationalists"
2008Максим Костиков"NSO-North"
2008Jonathan Lestelle (26)
December 4, 2007Joshua Wayne Morales (30)"Hate Filled Skins"
December 1, 2007Kevin Shields (24)
November 28, 2007Gabriel Rhone"Soldiers of Aryan Culture"
November 18, 2007Matthew Alan Seybert (41)
November 11, 2007Carlos Javier Palomino (16)
November 7, 2007Bradley Qualls"United Aryan Brotherhood"
November 7, 2007Sameli Nurmi (17)
November 7, 2007Mika Petteri Pulkkinen (17)
November 7, 2007Ari Juhani Palsanen (18)
November 7, 2007Hanna Katariina Laaksonen Kinnunen (25)
November 7, 2007Sirkka Anneli Kaarakka (43)
November 7, 2007Mikko Tapani "Mikkous" Hiltunen (17)
November 7, 2007Ville Valtteri "Viltsi" Heinonen (16)
November 7, 2007Helena Kalmi (61)
November 2007Ibrahim Parmanov
October 26, 2007Steven Domer (62)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood", "Chaos Squads Skinheads"
October 20, 2007Sergey Nikolaev (46)"Ivan Kalinichenko gang"
September 3, 2007James Markham Beasley (55)
August 23, 2007Paige Chivers (15)SA Nec"EDL", "BNP"
August 15, 2007Ronald Hamlin Harrison (55)LE
August 10, 2007John Russell Smith (40)LE"Aryan Circle", "Aryan Brotherhood"
August 10, 2007Charles WilsonLE"Aryan Circle", "Aryan Brotherhood"
August 10, 2007David Mitchamore"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
August 10, 2007Christy Rochelle Brown"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"

"Super Dave" Mitchamore and his girlfriend, Christy Rochelle Brown, were murdered by the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas over a drug debt Dave owed.

August 3, 2007Peter Connelly (17 months)"National Front"

Peter died as a result of torture and neglect at the hands of his mother's neo-Nazi boyfriend and the boyfriend's fash activist half-brother.

July 21, 2007Ilya Borodaenko
July 14, 2007M. S. (17)"Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands"
July 14, 2007Brian Davis (15)"Aryan Circle"
July 14, 2007Brandon Lewis (19)"Aryan Circle"
July 14, 2007Natalia Mamarchuk (45)
July 13, 2007Timothy Clark (15)
July 13, 2007Damien Holloway (27)
July 12, 2007Sergei Yatzenko (48)
July 7, 2007Andrei Sidyuk (14)
July 6, 2007Egor Nechvoloda
July 6, 2007Yelena Shram (28)LA
July 6, 2007Valentina Hanzha
July 1, 2007Yevgenia Grischenko
July 1, 2007Nikolai Serchuk
June 28, 2007Christopher Bailey"European Kindred"
June 25, 2007Yekaterina Ilchenko (33)
June 25, 2007Roman Tatarevich
June 25, 2007Stephen Anderson (60)LE"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 23, 2007Dave Kowalczyck
June 20, 2007Зураб Албастов
June 20, 2007Азрудин Галимов
June 2007Bobby Dean Evans (47)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
May 22, 2007Martin William Kent (27)"White Boy Posse"
May 22, 2007Jan Tóth (26)
May 19, 2007Lee Stewart NewbillLE"Aryan Nations"
May 19, 2007Paul Bauer"Aryan Nations"
May 19, 2007Crystal Hamilton"Aryan Nations"
April 25, 2007Michèle Kiesewetter (22)LE"National Socialist Underground"
April 17, 2007Karen Abramian (46)
April 16, 2007Kyril Sadikov
April 5, 2007Kent D. McDonald"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 4, 2007Shamil Udamanov"Format-18", "National Socialist Society"
March 27, 2007Stas Korepanov"Format 18", "People's Will"
March 1, 2007Michael Clearwater"Riverside Skins"
January 31, 2007Eric Calitz (18)"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging", "Stormfront", "Echo Wild Game Rangers"
January 28, 2007Jacqueline Hartman (19)SA"Boot Boys"
January 2007Roland David Dickinson (20)"Aryan Circle"
2007Nicolaas van der Walt (19)"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging", "Echo Wild Game Rangers", "Stormfront"
2007Galimzhan Busurmanov
2007Michael Francis Salem (61)"National Alliance", "Southern National Patriots"
2007Manchittha Nankratoke"National Alliance", "Southern National Patriots"
2007Watson Brown (17)"National Alliance", "Southern National Patriots"
December 28, 2006Anthony G. Beltran"Aryan Warriors"
November 28, 2006Michael Sanderson (42)"Nationalist Alliance"

Mick was stabbed on the 26th by a follower who took exception to him taking droit de führer with his girlfriend. He died on the 28th.

November 13, 2006Donald R. Williams (46)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 23, 2006Charles A. Willingham (53)"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 26, 2006Charles A. Willingham"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 27, 2006Renato Biagetti (26)
August 1, 2006Anthony Ormwell ClarkLA"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 1, 2006Breanna TaylorSA"Aryan Brotherhood"

A group of Aryan Brotherhood members, under the mistaken impression that a fellow jailbird was a Federal agent, tortured and murdered him.

July 2, 2006Adrian Brand (31)"Combat 18"
May 25, 2006Tiffany Marie Souers (20)SA
May 15, 2006Adela Etibako (39)
May 15, 2006Edita Malonga Etibako (12)
May 15, 2006Benedicta (9)
May 15, 2006Stephane Etibako (8)
May 15, 2006Ashley Singh (17)
May 11, 2006Luna Drowart (2)
May 11, 2006Oulemata Niangadou (24)
May 6, 2006James Padgett"Aryan Circle"
May 6, 2006Andreas Pietrzak (41)
April 16, 2006Dana Leigh Taylor"Aryan Circle"
April 16, 2006Stephen Long (22)"Hammer Heads"

A wannabe Hammer Heads member, upset over being called an embarrassment, demonstrated the usual standard of neo-Nazi bravery by waiting until Stephen had fallen asleep and then beating him to death.

April 16, 2006Alexander Ryukhin"BORN", "Slavic Union", "Format 18"
April 14, 2006Christopher Robin Gromberg"Aryan Brotherhood", "Vinlanders Social Club"
April 13, 2006Grigory Markenkov
April 13, 2006Galina Ponamareva
April 8, 2006George Jessome"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006George Kriarakis"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006John Muscedere"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006Luis Raposo"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006Frank Salerno"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006Paul Sinopoli"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006Jamie Flanz"Bandidos"
April 8, 2006Michael Trotta"Bandidos"
April 7, 2006Samba Lampsar (28)"Combat Terrorist Organization"
April 7, 2006Jamie Flanz"Bandidos (prospect)", "Bandidos", "The Holocaust"
April 6, 2006Halit Yozgat (21)"National Socialist Underground"
April 4, 2006Mehmet Kubaşik (39)"National Socialist Underground"
April 2006Tran Ngoc Binh
March 29, 2006Taneka Talley (26)
March 23, 2006Kristofer King (17)"American Nazis"
February 4, 2006Jennifer Rena Bailey (33)
February 4, 2006James Walter Sell (63)LE
January 4, 2006Trisha Lynn Stubbs"Inland Empire Skins"
2006Jack Christen"Hammerskins", "White Aryan Resistance", "Hammerskins.", "Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
December 30, 2005Джафар Гусейнов (20)
December 24, 2005Cory Simpson (31)"Canyon State Skinheads", "Vinlanders Social Club"
December 16, 2005Cindy Cade (44)"Atlantic City Skins"
December 1, 2005Henry "Hank" Nava Jr.LE"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
November 26, 2005Tim Maier (20)"NPD"
November 17, 2005Andy StevensLE"Peckerwoods", "United Society of Aryan Skinheads"
November 13, 2005Timur Kacharava
November 4, 2005Earl Krugel (62)"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 4, 2005Daniel Tupý
October 30, 2005Margarette Moser Kalinoski (55)"Aryan Nations", "Creativity Movement", "White Revolution", "Cleveland Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
October 28, 2005Willie Freeman"Confederate Hammerskins"
October 28, 2005Mike Silva"Confederate Hammerskins"
October 26, 2005Gilbert Vallejo (47)"Confederate Hammerskins"
October 14, 2005Peter Brian Deakin
October 1, 2005Андрея Дзюбы
August 10, 2005Rock Halsey"Aryan Circle"
July 29, 2005Anthony Delano Walker (18)
July 10, 2005Donald Jones Jr. (29)"Universal Aryan Brotherhood"
July 4, 2005Jimmy "Bo" Chunn (71)"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 15, 2005Theodoros Boulgarides (41)"National Socialist Underground"
June 5, 2005İsmail Yaşar (50)"National Socialist Underground"
May 7, 2005Angelo Ramirez (19)
April 23, 2005Fred Fulton (74)
April 23, 2005Verna Decarie (70)
April 2005William P. Chrapan (44)"Brotherhood of Blood"
April 2005David P. Lyons (46)"Brotherhood of Blood"
March 28, 2005Thomas Schulz (31)"Kameradschaft M"
March 21, 2005Daryl Lussier Sr. (58)LE"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Michelle Sigana (32)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Derrick Brun (28)LA"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Thurlene Stillday (15)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Chanelle Rosebear (15)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Chase Lussier (15)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Alicia White (15)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Neva Rogers (62)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
March 21, 2005Dewayne Lewis (15)"Libertarian National Socialist Green Party"
2005Ronald Jamison
December 18, 2004Deborah Rhoudes"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 18, 2004Bob HedmanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 30, 2004Felix W. (8)SA
October 7, 2004Darrell Grockett"FAIM"

Once upon a time, one of the men responsible for Darrell's death had been a close enough friend to invite Darrell to his wedding. But times change, and friends with swastikas tattooed atop their heads can prove a lot less loyal than one would hope.

September 28, 2004Federico Ponce (15)
September 28, 2004Evangelina Miranda (16)
September 28, 2004Sandra Nuñez (16)
August 5, 2004Thomas Pribyl"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 3, 2004Lori Hann (41)"Creativity"
June 19, 2004Nikolai Girenko (64)LA"Combat Terrorist Organization"
June 7, 2004Rostislav Hoffman"Combat Terrorist Organization"
June 7, 2004Алексея Головченко"Combat Terrorist Organization"
June 2004Dennis Steffen
May 14, 2004William McDaniel"Resistance Records", "Outlaw Hammerskins", "Hoosier State Skinheads", "Vinlanders Social Club", "Creativity"
May 6, 2004Levke S. (8)SA
April 6, 2004Cory Lamons"PENI"
March 9, 2004Ricky Mosley (34)
March 2, 2004Suresh K. Dass
March 1, 2004Rose Ann Johnston"Small Town Peckerwoods"
February 25, 2004Mehmet Turgut (25)"National Socialist Underground"
February 21, 2004Amaru Antonio Lima (24)"Russian National Unity"
February 9, 2004Khursheva Sultonova (9)"Combat Terrorist Organization"
February 3, 2004Бондарев"Combat Terrorist Organization"
February 3, 2004Jaime Rodrigo Gough (14)
February 1, 2004Jessica Dooley
January 31, 2004Martin Görges (46)"Freie Nationalisten"
January 20, 2004Oleg Valger (27)
January 9, 2004Pedro Corzo
2004Valery Starchikov"Werwolf Legion"
December 25, 2003Сергей Бельда
December 20, 2003Aleksander Schleicher (17)
December 20, 2003Viktor Filimonov (15)
December 20, 2003Waldemar Ickert (16)
December 14, 2003Kim Hyun-ik"Combat Terrorist Organization"
December 8, 2003Donald McMurray Ouzts (63)LE
December 8, 2003Danny Wilson (37)LE
November 30, 2003Fabio Tomaselli (26)"Bolzano Skins"
November 9, 2003S.V. Bulantsov"Combat Terrorist Organization"
October 12, 2003Omordion Lavrense
October 7, 2003Hartmut Nickel (61)
October 7, 2003Alja Nickel (26)
October 7, 2003Mechthild Bucksteeg (53)
October 4, 2003Thomas K. (16)
October 2003Jae Hyeon Kim (23)"Fourth Reich"
August 23, 2003John J. Geoghan (68)
July 28, 2003Firas Al-Shariah (23)
July 11, 2003Gerhard Fischhöder (49)
July 8, 2003DeLois Bailey (53)
July 8, 2003Mickey Fitzgerald (45)
July 8, 2003Sam Cockrell (46)
July 8, 2003Lynette McCall (47)
July 8, 2003Charlie J. Miller (58)
July 8, 2003Thomas Willis (57)
July 7, 2003Kevin Michael MarshallLE"Christian Identity", "Michigan Militia"
June 14, 2003Jamie L. Roberts (27)"National Alliance"
June 13, 2003Kooros Effatian (66)LA
June 10, 2003Fernando Justo (33)"Movimento de Acção Nacional"
April 7, 2003Blue Norris"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 3, 2003Joe Urdiales (28)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
March 27, 2003Jeremiah Duggan"LaRouche"
March 23, 2003Randall Mark Townsend (42)"Volksfront"
March 16, 2003Davide Cesare (26)
February 27, 2003William Whiteside
February 1, 2003Robert Carson"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
February 1, 2003John Gregg"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
January 27, 2003Hartmut Balzke (48)
January 7, 2003Billy Lederle (45)
2003Errol Wyles
December 27, 2002Jonathan Stewart"Ulster Defence Association West Belfast Brigade C Company"

Jonathan was murdered by the Nazi branch of the UDA, in retaliation for his uncle being in the non-Nazi branch.

December 14, 2002Robert Alan Maricle (30)"Nazi Low Riders"
October 29, 2002Claudia Mamatsieng Mokone"Warriors of the Boer Nation", "Boeremag"
October 28, 2002Melanie Ruth Billhartz (29)"Aryan Circle"
October 16, 2002Cole Bailey Jr."Unit 88", "SS Guardians", "National Alliance"
September 13, 2002François Chenu (29)
September 1, 2002Michael Schnelle (46)
September 2002Daniel Miller (58)"Hammerskins", "Christian Identity"
August 10, 2002Ahmet Sarlak (19)
July 13, 2002Marinus Schöberl (16)"NPD (future?)"
June 30, 2002Christel G. (64)
June 20, 2002Henry George"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 12, 2002Philip Walsted (24)
May 28, 2002Stephanie Ann Benton (18)"PENI"
May 26, 2002Martha Crutchley (51)
May 26, 2002Joshua Ford (32)
May 19, 2002Beatriz Alvarado (31)"Imperial Royal Guard"
May 19, 2002F. J. (31)"Imperial Royal Guard"
May 19, 2002K. B. (27)"Imperial Royal Guard"
May 17, 2002Klaus Dieter Lehmann (19)
May 7, 2002Ahmed Isnasni (47)"National Front"
May 7, 2002Abiba El Hajji"National Front"
April 19, 2002Adam Bishop (18)"Stormfront"
April 10, 2002Arlene Díaz"Aryan Circle"
March 23, 2002Antonia K.
March 8, 2002Scott Miller"PEN1"
March 6, 2002Robert Alan Branch"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
February 25, 2002Mark Mathes"Unit 88"
February 19, 2002Johann Martini (38)
February 19, 2002André Werner
February 19, 2002Klaus Cislak
January 17, 2002Delbert Steed
January 17, 2002Mark Green (31)"BNP"
2002Anthony Cleo Wilson (47)"European Kindred"
December 12, 2001Donald Mayfield"211 Crew"
November 25, 2001Aaron Wade Otto (27)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
November 5, 2001Ingo Binsch (36)
October 30, 2001Vardan Kulidanyan"Russian National Unity"
October 30, 2001Kumar Sarma Provid"Russian National Unity"
October 13, 2001Dwight WoodrellLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 10, 2001Don Morse Dorton (36)"Silent Aryan Warriors"
October 4, 2001Vasudev Patel"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 15, 2001Waqar Hasan"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 9, 2001Nikolay P. PopovichLA"neo-Mansonite"
September 9, 2001Arthur Lampel (18)
September 8, 2001Nina Susu (20)LA"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001Marsha Jackson (32)LA"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001George Bernardino (48)LA"neo-Mansonite"
September 8, 2001John Derek Glimstad (19)"neo-Mansonite"

A Nazi security guard who had been suspended for vandalizing his ex's car (his ex was also a security guard) murdered five people in the Sacramento area.

September 2001Yvonne Polzin (31)
August 29, 2001Habil Kılıç (38)"National Socialist Underground"
August 22, 2001John C. BohachLE"Christian Identity"
August 17, 2001Dorit Botts (54)"Deutsche Heidenfront"
August 10, 2001Jacob Armstrong (21)"Aryan Warriors"
August 9, 2001Klaus-Dieter Harms (61)
August 2001Lawrence Arthur Pettit"Church of the Nation's Knights", "National Knight Klan"
July 30, 2001Kenneth Chiu (17)
July 6, 2001Frank Hackert (33)Occ"NPD"
July 2001Sharon Bubb (30)
July 2001Otto Absolon (33)
June 27, 2001Süleyman Taşköprü (31)"National Socialist Underground"
June 13, 2001Abdurrahim Özüdoğru (49)"National Socialist Underground"
June 12, 2001Shannon McNamara (21)SA
June 4, 2001Gregory Guy Collins (32)LE"Dead Man Incorporated", "Stormfront (probable)"
May 16, 2001Charles Findley
May 16, 2001Tanya Ramsdell
April 1, 2001Barry Scott Holstone"Nazi Low Riders"
April 1, 2001Patreace Holstone"Nazi Low Riders"
March 21, 2001Jennifer Hinz (16)
March 17, 2001Panfilo Ponce (33)
January 28, 2001Marcel von Allmen (19)"Ordens der arischen Ritter"
January 26, 2001Diane Alexis Whipple (33)"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 26, 2001Benjamin Hermansen (15)"Boot Boys"
January 25, 2001Brandi Houston (35)SA"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 19, 2001Rudy Gutierrez"AWA Skins"
December 23, 2000Sarfraz Khan
November 26, 2000Eckhardt Rütz (42)"NPD"
November 12, 2000Tammy EppersonSA
November 4, 2000Belaid Baylal (42)
October 31, 2000Herbert Rice (63)"Ulster Defence Association"
September 9, 2000Enver Simsek (38)"National Socialist Underground"
August 23, 2000Samuel Rockett"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
August 8, 2000Christelle Lavigne-Gagnon (15)
July 2000Dmitry Zavadsky"RNE"
June 25, 2000Genore Guillory (42)SA Nec"The Brotherhood"
June 14, 2000Thomas GoretzkyLE"NPD"
June 14, 2000Matthias Larisch von Woitowitz (35)LE"NPD"
June 14, 2000Yvonne Hachtkemper (34)LE"NPD"
June 11, 2000Alberto Adriano (39)
May 31, 2000Falko Lüdtke (22)
May 28, 2000Rudy Delgado"Aryan Circle"
May 26, 2000Martin Taylor"Loyalist Volunteer Force"
April 29, 2000Helmut Sackers (60)
April 28, 2000Anita Gordon (63)"Free Market Party", "Stormfront"
April 28, 2000Thao Quoc Pham (27)"Free Market Party", "Stormfront"
April 28, 2000Ji-Ye Sun (34)"Free Market Party", "Stormfront"
April 28, 2000Garry Lee (22)"Free Market Party", "Stormfront"
April 28, 2000Anil Thakur (31)"Free Market Party", "Stormfront"
March 21, 2000Zahid Mubarek (19)
March 8, 2000V.A.V.
March 2000Anilo Viterbo (45)"KKK"
Feb 8, 2000Brian Hartzell"National Alliance", "Clan Rook", "New Dawn"
February 6, 2000Edson Néris da Silva (35)
January 10, 2000Richard Jameson (46)"Loyalist Volunteer Force"
January 1, 2000Salih Uzel
2000Aylin Otano-Garcia (15)
December 29, 1999Jörg Danek (39)
December 17, 1999Daniel James Nagle (37)LE
November 17, 1999Sasezley Richardson (19)"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 8, 1999Mark Kulikov (42)"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 1, 1999Ruth Zillenbiller (59)
November 1, 1999Horst Zillenbiller (60)
November 1, 1999Karl-Heinz Lietz (54)
November 1, 1999Daniela Peyerl (18)
October 13, 1999Janis Bambrough (54)"Fourth Reich"
October 12, 1999Björn Söderberg"Nationell Ungdom", "Nordfront"
October 8, 1999Hans-Werner Gärtner (37)neo-Nazi *
October 6, 1999Kurt Schneider (38)"Hammerskins", "Kameradschaft 14/88", "Kameradschaft Spreewacht"
October 3, 1999Patrick Thürmer (17)"HooNaRa"
September 15, 1999Kristi Beckel (14)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Joseph Ennis (14)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Cassie Griffin (14)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Justin Ray (17)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Kim Jones (23)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Shawn Brown (23)"Phineas Priests"
September 15, 1999Sydney Browning (36)"Phineas Priests"
August 10, 1999Joseph Ileto"Butler Plan", "Christian Identity", "Stormfront"
August 9, 1999Peter Deutschmann (44)
July 18, 1999Teresa Perez (31)"Aryan Brotherhood", "American Front"
July 18, 1999Jack Reynolds (44)"Aryan Brotherhood", "American Front"
July 4, 1999Won-Joon Yoon (26)"Creativity Movement", "World Church of the Creator"
July 2, 1999Ricky Byrdsong"Creativity Movement", "World Church of the Creator"
July 1, 1999Gary Matson"Christian Identity", "Aryan Nations"
July 1, 1999Winfield Mowder"Christian Identity", "Aryan Nations"
July 1999Liaquat Ali (30)
May 28, 1999Robert KarlströmLE"National Socialist Front"
May 28, 1999Olov BorénLE"National Socialist Front"
May 18, 1999Terry Lamar Walker"Aryan Brotherhood", "Dirty White Boys"
May 9, 1999David Terence Johnson (22)Can
April 20, 1999Rachel Scott
April 9, 1999Rachel White (22)
April 9, 1999Susan Halverstadt (22)
April 9, 1999Brent Roe (29)
April 3, 1999Ashley Yaraliz Mance (6)"Blood and Honour"
April 1, 1999Donta Greene"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
March 17, 1999Egon Efferts (58)
February 24, 1999Joseph Boucher"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 24, 1999Lillian Boucher"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 19, 1999Billy Jack Gaither
February 13, 1999Farid Guendoul (28)
January 29, 1999Stacie Lynn Reed (16)SA Occ
December 8, 1998Aitor Zabaleta"Bastión", "Frente Atlético"
November 21, 1998Elizabeth Haydon (37)"Snowtown Murders" (Can)

Elizabeth was murdered because her husband had told her about his participation in a string of murders, and feared that she might tell someone else.

November 13, 1998Mulugeta Seraw"East Side White Pride", "Aryan Youth Movement", "White Aryan Resistance"
October 28, 1998Gary O'Dwyer (29) (Can)
October 26, 1998Mary Ruth Bales (80)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 17, 1998Zacchaeus Field"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 15, 1998Nichole Lee Hendrix"Skin Head Dogs"
October 14, 1998Paul Peterson"Aryan Nation"
September 17, 1998Frederick Brooks (18)SA"Snowtown Murders" (Can)

Frederick was the intellectually disabled nephew by marriage of one of the gang members.

September 12, 1998Alfred Williams (62)"Tampa Blood and Honour"
September 12, 1998Richard Arseneau (44)"Tampa Blood and Honour"
September 1998Troy Youde (21) (Can)
July 7, 1998Margarita Flores (53)
July 7, 1998Delia Morin (31)
July 7, 1998Susan Lynn Rodriguez (28)LE
July 7, 1998Ricardo Guillermo Salinas (24)LE
July 4, 1998Linn Newborn"Independent Nazi Skinheads"
July 4, 1998Daniel Shersty"Independent Nazi Skinheads"
June 29, 1998Jeffrey Ford"Nazi Low Riders"
June 28, 1998Marion Carl
June 7, 1998James Byrd, Jr"Confederate Knights of America"
May 17, 1998Milan Lacko (40)
April 30, 1998Dennise Hayslip (39)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 30, 1998Darren Cain (30)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 24, 1998John Gillette (48)
March 26, 1998Jana Georgi (14)
February 23, 1998Timothy Waldron"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 15, 1998Amy Robinson (19)"Aryan Brotherhood" (SA)
January 29, 1998Robert Sanderson (34)LE"Christian Identity"
January 23, 1998Liam Conway"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Loyalist Volunteer Force"
January 22, 1998Jennifer Long (16)"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 4, 1998Nirmal Singh Gill (65)"White Power"
1998Michael Kiklas
December 31, 1997Edmund Treanor (31)"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
November 18, 1997Oumar Dia"211 Crew"
November 12, 1997Bruce VanderJagt (47)LE"Aryan Nations"
November 5, 1997Thomas Trevilyan (18)"Snowtown Murders"

Thomas helped a neo-Nazi gang murder one of their accomplices. Three weeks later, the gang murdered him.

November 1, 1997Felipe Cruz"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 18, 1997Barry Lane (42)"Snowtown Murders"

Barry had helped his boyfriend's neo-Nazi gang hide the corpse of their first victim. Later, the same gang would murder him.

October 17, 1997Josey Anton Gera (59)
October 6, 1997Ryan Osgood"Aryan Circle"
October 1, 1997Mary Ann Woodham (50)"Kroth", "Fourth Reich"
October 1, 1997Christina Menefee (16)"Kroth", "Fourth Reich"
October 1, 1997Lydia Kaye Dew (17)"Kroth", "Fourth Reich"
September 23, 1997Ernst Fisk (59)
September 21, 1997Jonathan Bumstead"Aryan Nations"
September 16, 1997Michael Gardiner (19)SA

Michael was tortured and murdered by a neo-Nazi gang. The date of the killing is unknown but his house was found burgled on the 16th.

September 8, 1997Pierre RondeauLE"SS", "Hells Angels"
September 4, 1997Rolf Baginski
August 28, 1997Frank Joyner"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 28, 1997Abdul Salaam"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 3, 1997Daniel Addis"Nazi Low Riders"
July 25, 1997Aaron Marsh"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 24, 1997Hector Lopez Partida (29)"Aryan Nation"
July 1997Howard Garfield McClendon
June 26, 1997Diane LavigneLE"SS", "Hells Angels"
May 27, 1997Jun Hase
April 17, 1997Chris Danneil"Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei"
April 17, 1997Olaf Schmidke"Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei"

Chris and Olaf went to a bachelorette party with fellow far-righties. Like many fash, they had strong opinions about various things. Such as fap. No, not the fap that that Nordfront guy cut off his finger over. FAP: Freieheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, a neo-Nazi group. Specificacally, they disagreed with another Nazi about when FAP got banned by the government. The coverage, regrettably, does not tell us whether Chris and Olaf or the guy who stabbed them to death was correct about the date.

March 22, 1997Didier Quèze (39)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Bruno Klaus (49)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Pauline Rioux (54)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Chántale Goupillot (41)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
March 22, 1997Suzanne Druau (63)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
March 21, 1997Donna Duncan Vick (52)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
February 23, 1997Stefan Grage (34)LE"Deutsche Alternative", "Nationale Alternative"
February 10, 1997Christopher Castle"National Socialist Movement", "Combat 18"
1997Hemi Hutley"Fourth Reich"
1997Jon Cox
November 8, 1996Randall Scott Anderson"The White Order of Thule", "Aryan Nation", "American Front"
October 23, 1996Achmed Bachir (30)
September 6, 1996Edwin Levi McCollum (69)
August 29, 1996Sanet de Wet (41)"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"

Sanet de Wet's husband was one of a trio of AWB terrorists who escaped from prison and went into hiding on a farm. When her husband was away from the camp, one of the AWB members suffocated her for fear that she would lead the police to the camp. On her husband's return, his comrades assured him that his wife had died of a heart attack.

August 12, 1996Bobie Blewer
August 12, 1996Marilyn Blewer
July 27, 1996Alice S. Hawthorne (44)"Christian Identity"
July 19, 1996Werner Weickum (44)
June 1996Nilton Verdini Silva
May 8, 1996Bernd Grigol (43)
April 25, 1996Damico Watkins (17)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 9, 1996Thomas Richmond"Aryan Brotherhood"
March 21, 1996Donnie Box
March 15, 1996Martin Kemming (26)"Wiking-Jugend"

Dropout from the right-wing scene, murdered by a neo-Nazi rapist/serial killer who considered him a 'traitor'.

March 1, 1996Tullio Melchiori
March 1, 1996Guerrino BotteLE
March 1996Carlos Adilson de Siqueira (23)
February 27, 1996Paolo Vecchiolini
February 15, 1996Sven Beuter (23)"NPD (future)"
February 14, 1996Umberto Marchioro
February 8, 1996Hans Otto Detmering
February 8, 1996Clorinda Cecchetti
February 3, 1996Patricia Wright (23)SA"Wiking-Jugend"
February 2, 1996Arthur Ruffo"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 28, 1996Thien Minh Ly (24)Occ"White Aryan Resistance", "ICP"
January 11, 1996William Mueller (52)"Aryan Peoples' Republic", "Aryan Peoples' Resistance", "Aryan Nations", "Aryan Republican Army"
January 11, 1996Nancy Ann Mueller (28)"Aryan Peoples' Republic", "Aryan Peoples' Resistance", "Aryan Nations", "Aryan Republican Army"
January 11, 1996Sarah Elizabeth Powell (8)"Aryan Peoples' Republic", "Aryan Peoples' Resistance", "Aryan Nations", "Aryan Republican Army"
January 4, 1996Frederick Joseph Mangione (46)"German Peace Corps"
1996Reinhard Wojciechowski
1996Mr. Iliev
December 20, 1995Kristal Bendele (15)SA (SA)
December 20, 1995Brandon Williams (15) (SA)
December 20, 1995Patrick Finley (13) (SA)
December 18, 1995Sanjib Kumar Shrestha"Nationalistischen Front"
Dec 18, 1995Tony Davies (40)
December 15, 1995Curval Lardanchet (19mo)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Aldwin Lardanchet (4)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Jean-Pierre LardanchetLE Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick RostandLE Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Édith VuarnetOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Patrick Vuarnet (27)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995UteOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
December 15, 1995Tania Verona (6)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"

l'Ordre du Temple Solaire (Order of the Solar Temple in English) was an occult secret society, founded by members of a Gestapo agent's occult group after a schism in 1983. By 1995, their leader was dead - but not before brainwashing his followers into believing that only murder/suicide would take them to Paradise. The December 15-16 'transit' ritual claimed the lives of sixteen of the OST's victims, including officers Lardanchet and Rostand - and Lardanchat's young daughters, age 2 and 4.

December 7, 1995Michael James (36)
December 7, 1995Jackie Burden (27)
December 1995Ray Davies (26)SA
November 29, 1995Keith Randles (49)LA
November 25, 1995Milton Walker Jr. (43)"Nazi Low Riders"
November 16, 1995Andrew Whited Jr. (25)"Pit Bulls"
October 14, 1995David Martín Martín (21)"Los Pastilleros"
October 9, 1995Mitchell Bates
October 1995Edward Carthy
September 7, 1995Klaus-Peter Beer (48)
September 1995Gerard Gbeyo
September 1995Henry Roberts"Nazi collector"
August 25, 1995Charles Leger"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 17, 1995John Hron (14)
August 12, 1995Thomas Henson (35)
August 9, 1995Daniel Desrochers (11)
August 9, 1995Marc Dubé
August 1995Jeremy Scott (23)"Aryan Republican Army", "Elohim City"
July 30, 1995Joseph Carpenter"Aryan Nations"
July 1995Guy Levy"Parti nationaliste français et européen"
June 7, 1995Per Skogsberg
June 5, 1995Florence Marie MarksSA Nec
June 5, 1995William Miller
June 5, 1995David Stuart Kaplan
June 1995Alcindo Monteiro"Portugal Hammer Skins"
May 25, 1995Peter T. (24)
May 21, 1995Ricardo Rodríguez García (20)"Bases Autónomas"
May 14, 1995Tibor Berki
May 2, 1995Steve Hampton"Nazi Low Riders", "Aryan Brotherhood"
May 1, 1995Brahim Bouraam"Front National"
April 19, 1995Lucio Aleman Jr.
April 19, 1995Teresa Antionette Alexander
April 19, 1995Richard A. Allen
April 19, 1995Ted L. Allen
April 19, 1995Miss Baylee Almon
April 19, 1995Diane E. (Hollingsworth) Althouse
April 19, 1995Rebecca Needham Anderson
April 19, 1995Pamela Cleveland Argo
April 19, 1995Saundra G. (Sandy) Avery
April 19, 1995Peter R. Avillanoza
April 19, 1995Calvin Battle
April 19, 1995Peola Battle
April 19, 1995Danielle Nicole Bell
April 19, 1995Oleta C. Biddy
April 19, 1995Shelly D. Bland
April 19, 1995Andrea Yvette Blanton
April 19, 1995Olen Burl Bloomer
April 19, 1995Sgt. 1st Class Lola Bolden, U.S. Army
April 19, 1995James E. Boles
April 19, 1995Mark Allen Bolte
April 19, 1995Casandra Kay Booker
April 19, 1995Carol Louise Bowers
April 19, 1995Peachlyn Bradley
April 19, 1995Woodrow Clifford “Woody” Brady
April 19, 1995Cynthia Campbell Brown (26)LE
April 19, 1995Paul Gregory BroxtermanLE
April 19, 1995Gabreon D.L. Bruce
April 19, 1995Kimberly Ruth Burgess
April 19, 1995David Neil Burkett
April 19, 1995Donald Earl Burns Sr.
April 19, 1995Karen Gist Carr
April 19, 1995Michael Carrillo
April 19, 1995Zackary Taylor Chavez
April 19, 1995Dr. Margaret L. “Peggy” Clark
April 19, 1995Robert N. Chipman
April 19, 1995Kimberly Kay Clark
April 19, 1995Anthony Christopher Cooper II
April 19, 1995Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr.
April 19, 1995Dana LeAnne Cooper
April 19, 1995Harley Richard Cottingham
April 19, 1995Aaron M. Coverdale
April 19, 1995Elijah S. Coverdale
April 19, 1995Kim R. Cousins
April 19, 1995Jaci Rae Coyne (14 months)
April 19, 1995Katherine Louise Cregan
April 19, 1995Richard (Dick) Cummins
April 19, 1995Steven Douglas Curry
April 19, 1995Brenda Faye Daniels
April 19, 1995Sgt. Benjamin LaRanzo Davis, USMC
April 19, 1995Diana Lynne Day
April 19, 1995Peter L. DeMaster
April 19, 1995Castine Brooks Hearn Deveroux
April 19, 1995Tylor Santoi Eaves
April 19, 1995Ashley Megan Eckles
April 19, 1995Susan Jane Ferrell
April 19, 1995Carrol June “Chip” Fields
April 19, 1995Kathy A. Finley
April 19, 1995Judy J. (Froh) Fisher
April 19, 1995Linda Louise Florence
April 19, 1995Don Fritzler
April 19, 1995Mary Anne Fritzler
April 19, 1995Tevin D'Aundrae Garrett
April 19, 1995Laura Jane Garrison
April 19, 1995Jamie (Fialkowski) Genzer (32)
April 19, 1995Sheila R. Gigger-Driver (28)
April 19, 1995Gregory N. Driver II
April 19, 1995Margaret Betterton Goodson
April 19, 1995Kevin “Lee” Gottshall II
April 19, 1995Ethel L. Griffin
April 19, 1995J. Colleen Guiles
April 19, 1995Capt. Randolph A. Guzman, USMC
April 19, 1995Cheryl E. Hammon
April 19, 1995Ronald Vernon Harding Sr.
April 19, 1995Thomas Lynn Hawthorne Sr.
April 19, 1995Doris “Adele” Higginbottom
April 19, 1995Anita Christine Hightower
April 19, 1995Thompson Eugene “Gene” Hodges Jr.
April 19, 1995Peggy Louise Holland
April 19, 1995Dr. George Michael Howard, DVM
April 19, 1995Linda Coleen Housley
April 19, 1995Wanda Lee Howell
April 19, 1995Robbin Ann Huff
April 19, 1995Amber Denise Huff
April 19, 1995Dr. Charles E. Hurlburt
April 19, 1995Jean Nutting Hurlburt
April 19, 1995Paul Douglas IceLE
April 19, 1995Christi Yolanda Jenkins
April 19, 1995Norma “Jean” Johnson
April 19, 1995Raymond “Lee” Johnson
April 19, 1995Larry James Jones
April 19, 1995Alvin J. Justes
April 19, 1995Carole Sue Khalil
April 19, 1995Blake Ryan Kennedy
April 19, 1995Valerie Jo Koelsch
April 19, 1995Ann Kreymborg
April 19, 1995Rona Linn Kuehner-Chafey
April 19, 1995Teresa Lea Taylor Lauderdale
April 19, 1995Mary Leasure-Rentie
April 19, 1995Kathy Cagle Leinen
April 19, 1995Carrie Ann Lenz
April 19, 1995Michael James Lenz III
April 19, 1995Donald Ray LeonardLE
April 19, 1995Airman 1st Class LaKesha Richardson Levy
April 19, 1995Dominique Ravae (Johnson) London (2)
April 19, 1995Rheta Bender Long
April 19, 1995Michael Lee LoudenslagerLE
April 19, 1995Aurelia Donna Luster
April 19, 1995Robert Lee Luster Jr.
April 19, 1995Mickey B. MaroneyLE
April 19, 1995James K. Martin
April 19, 1995The Rev. Gilbert X. Martinez
April 19, 1995James A. McCarthy II
April 19, 1995Kenneth G. McCulloughLE
April 19, 1995Betsy J. (Beebe) McGonnell
April 19, 1995Linda G. McKinney
April 19, 1995Cartney J. McRaven
April 19, 1995Claude Arthur MedearisLE
April 19, 1995Claudette (Duke) Meek
April 19, 1995Frankie Ann Merrell
April 19, 1995Derwin W. Miller
April 19, 1995Eula Leigh Mitchell
April 19, 1995John C. Moss III
April 19, 1995Ronota Ann Newberry-Woodbridge
April 19, 1995Patricia Ann Nix
April 19, 1995Jerry Lee Parker
April 19, 1995Jill Diane Randolph
April 19, 1995Michelle A. Reeder
April 19, 1995Terry Smith Rees
April 19, 1995Antonio “Tony” C. Reyes
April 19, 1995Kathryn Elizabeth Ridley
April 19, 1995Trudy Jean Rigney
April 19, 1995Claudine Ritter
April 19, 1995Christy Rosas
April 19, 1995Sonja Lynn Sanders
April 19, 1995Lanny Lee David Scroggins
April 19, 1995Kathy Lynn Seidl
April 19, 1995Leora Lee Sells
April 19, 1995Karan Howell Shepherd
April 19, 1995Chase Dalton Smith
April 19, 1995Colton Wade Smith
April 19, 1995Victoria (Vickey) L. Sohn
April 19, 1995John Thomas Stewart
April 19, 1995Dolores (Dee) Stratton
April 19, 1995Emilio Tapia
April 19, 1995Victoria Jeanette Texter
April 19, 1995Charlotte Andrea Lewis Thomas
April 19, 1995Michael George Thompson
April 19, 1995Virginia M. Thompson
April 19, 1995Kayla Marie Titsworth
April 19, 1995Rick L. Tomlin
April 19, 1995LaRue A. Treanor
April 19, 1995Luther H. Treanor
April 19, 1995Larry L. Turner
April 19, 1995Jules A. Valdez
April 19, 1995John Karl Van Ess III
April 19, 1995Johnny Allen Wade
April 19, 1995David Jack Walker
April 19, 1995Robert N. Walker Jr.
April 19, 1995Wanda Lee Watkins
April 19, 1995Michael D. Weaver
April 19, 1995Julie Marie Welch
April 19, 1995Robert G. Westberry
April 19, 1995Alan G. WhicherLE
April 19, 1995Jo Ann Whittenberg
April 19, 1995Frances “Fran” Ann Williams
April 19, 1995Scott D. Williams
April 19, 1995W. Stephen Williams
April 19, 1995Clarence Eugene Wilson Sr.
April 19, 1995Sharon Louise Wood-Chesnut
April 19, 1995Tresia Jo “Mathes” Worton
April 19, 1995John A. Youngblood
March 29, 1995Frank Vasquez Trejo (58)LE"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 26, 1995Brenda Freeman (48)"Christian Identity"
February 26, 1995Erik Freeman (11)"Christian Identity"
February 26, 1995Dennis Freeman (54)"Christian Identity"

Two neo-Nazi brothers and their cousin joined to murder the brothers' family.

February 21, 1995Ibrahim Ali (17)"National Front", "Le Pen"
February 5, 1995Horst Pulter (65)
January 2, 1995Lawrence William Adusky (42)
1995Yves Bichet
1995Marie-Jeanne Parenti
1995Jean-Yves Bichet (11)
1995Alan Guillemette (17)
1995Marius Boudon (59)
1995Andrée Coletta (65)
1995Rodolphe Incorvala (59)
1995Jeanne Laugiero
1995Mohammed Maarad (41)
1995Pierre Marigliano (68)
1995Denise Otto (77)
1995Mario Pagani (81)
1995André Touret (62)
1995Ginette Vialette (48)
December 10, 1994Thomas J. Mosser
October 16, 1994Eddie Tucker"National Vastilian Aryan Party"
October 16, 1994Melvin DeWayne Johnson"South Bay Nazi Youth"
October 5, 1994Joseph Di MambroOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994JocelynOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Joel EggerOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Bernadette BiseOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Annie EggerOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Jean-Pierre VinetOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Pauline LemondeOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Dominique BellatonOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Martin GermainOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Emmanuelle Di Mambro (12)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 5, 1994Carole CadoretteOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Guy BerengerOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Line LheureuxOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Jean-Pierre VinetOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Robert FalardeauOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Robert OstiguyOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Françoise OstiguyOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Camille PiletOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Renée PfaehlerOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Jocelyn GrandmaisonOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Marie-Christine PertuéOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
October 2, 1994Albert Giacobino (73)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 30, 1994Antonio DutoitOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 30, 1994Nicky Robinson DutoitOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 30, 1994Christopher Emmanuel Dutoit (3mo)Occ"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 30, 1994Colette GenoudOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 30, 1994Gerry GenoudOcc"Order of the Solar Temple"
September 15, 1994Vernon Windell Flournoy (44)
August 6, 1994Gunter Marx (42)
August 5, 1994Zdeněk Čepela
July 31, 1994Zdeňek Čepela
July 23, 1994Beate Fischer (32)SA
July 8, 1994William Douglas Metz
July 6, 1994Lonnie Blackmon
July 1994Donna O'Dwyer (26)"National Front"
June 12, 1994John Brigden
June 2, 1994Shamsuddin Mahmood (26)
May 28, 1994Klaus R. (43)
April 27, 1994Viyani Papiyana"AWB"
April 25, 1994Piet Mashinini"AWB"
April 25, 1994Phillip Nelaphi Nkosi"AWB"
April 25, 1994Mbulawa Jonathan Skosana"AWB"
April 25, 1994Lucas Shemane Bokaba"AWB"
April 25, 1994Gloria Khoza"AWB"
April 25, 1994Fickson Mlala"AWB"
April 25, 1994Mbereyeni Maracus Siminza"AWB"
April 25, 1994Paul Etere Ontory"AWB"
April 25, 1994Thulani Buthelezi"AWB"
April 25, 1994Thoko Rose Sithole"AWB"
April 25, 1994Joyce Baloyi
April 25, 1994Samuel Masemola
April 25, 1994unknown man
April 25, 1994James Ncube"AWB"
April 25, 1994Alfred Dayele"AWB"
April 25, 1994Peter Mogoshe"AWB"
April 25, 1994Phillip Plaatjies"AWB"
April 25, 1994Alex Maziba"AWB"
April 24, 1994Susan Keane"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994Jostine Makho Buthelezi"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994Makomene Alfred Matsepane"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994Goodman Dumisani Ludidi"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994Gloria Thoko Fani"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994Peter Lester Malcolm Ryland"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 24, 1994unknown man"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
April 23, 1994Steven Frederich Terblanche (22)LE"Afrikaanse Weerstands Beweging", "Boere Weerstands Beweging"
March 12, 1994Francis Allen Carter (50)
March 6, 1994Barnabas JaggersLE"AWB", "IFP"
March 1994Mcoseleli Benya"AWB"
February 28, 1994Mottolane Kleinbooi Ramolla (57)"AWB", "AVF", "Boere Krisis Aksie"
February 18, 1994Ali Bayram (50)
1994Daemane David Maphisa
1994David Murray QuesnelNeo-Nazi *
December 12, 1993Noel Cardwell (26)"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
December 12, 1993Teboho Makhuza"AWB"
December 12, 1993Theophilus More"AWB"
December 12, 1993Gabriel Shabangu"AWB"
December 12, 1993Simon Nkomboni"AWB"
November 13, 1993Lucrecia Péreza (33)"Real Madrid Ultrasur"
October 15, 1993Paddy Mahon"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
October 12, 1993Milan Holub
September 29, 1993Lulamile Johnson"AWB"
September 19, 1993Horst T (51)
September 18, 1993Abraham LabuschagneLE"BWB", "BRL"
September 7, 1993Sean Hughes"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
September 5, 1993Filip Venclík
September 3, 1993Michael Edwards"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
August 30, 1993Marie Theresa Dowds de Mogollon"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
August 10, 1993Øystein Aarseth
August 8, 1993Sean Lavery (21)"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
August 6, 1993Martin Sullivan"American Front"
August 5, 1993Cynthia Burger (45)SA
July 19, 1993Roy Dick"Atlantic City Skins"
July 1, 1993William Lesenjego"AWB"
June 17, 1993Abdi Atalan (41)
June 3, 1993Thomas Joseph Scharf (18)"National Socialist Front"
May 29, 1993Gürsün Genc (27)
May 29, 1993Hatice Genc (18)
May 29, 1993Saime Genc (5)
May 29, 1993Hülya Genc (9)
May 29, 1993Gülüstan Öztürk (12)
May 1, 1993Alan Lundy (39)"Ulster Freedom Fighters", "Ulster Defence Association"
April 27, 1993Matthias Lüders (23)"Deutschen Liga für Volk und Heimat"
April 15, 1993Robert VallandinghamLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 15, 1993David Sommers"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 15, 1993Earl Elder"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 11, 1993Guillem Agulló (18)"Frente Antisistema", "Alianza Nacional"
April 10, 1993Chris Hani"AWB"
April 1993Norman Linda"AWB"
March 29, 1993Friedrich Maßling (58)"Freiheitlichen Arbeiterpartei"
March 25, 1993Damian Walsh (17)"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
March 16, 1993Shidane AroneSA
March 15, 1993Glenn Chambers"Sacramaniacs"
February 25, 1993Mike Zerna (22)
January 24, 1993Mario Jödecke (23)
January 9, 1993Susana Ruíz Llorente (16)SA"Bases Autónomas"
January 8, 1993Gred Keffer"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 28, 1992Dean Fawcett (22)
December 15, 1992Bruno Kappi (55)
December 14, 1992Ñacuñán Sáez (37)
December 14, 1992Galen C. Gibson (18)
December 8, 1992Johnny Sharbnow (29)"Aryan Nations"
November 30, 1992Yves Lalonde"White Power Canada"
November 28, 1992Katrina MontgomerySA"Skin Head Dogs" (CSA)
November 23, 1992Hassan Al Yahahaqui (25)
November 23, 1992Yeliz Arslan (10)
November 23, 1992Bahide Arslan (51)
November 23, 1992Ayşe Yılmaz (14)
November 21, 1992Silvio Meier (27)
November 21, 1992Alfred Salomon (92)"Schutzstaffel", "Organization Todt"
November 15, 1992Eugenio Berríos Sagredo
November 14, 1992Francis Burns (62)"Ulster Defence Association"
November 14, 1992Peter Orderley (47)"Ulster Defence Association"
November 14, 1992John Lovett (72)"Ulster Defence Association"
November 13, 1992Karl-Hans Rohn (53)"Nationalistic Front"
November 12, 1992Moloi Mofokeng"AWB"
November 7, 1992Rolf Schulze (52)"Organisationen Nationale Offensive", "Nationalistische Front"
October 23, 1992Waltraud Scheffler
September 26, 1992Hattie Mae Cohens (29)"American Front"
September 26, 1992Brian Mock (45)"American Front"
August 31, 1992Clinton Trezise (22)
August 29, 1992Gunter Schwannecke"White Storm Berlin", "KKK", "Hammerskins (future)"
August 24, 1992Frank Bönisch (35)"Deutschen Front Coblenz"
August 21, 1992William Francis Degan, Jr.LE"Aryan Nations"
August 1, 1992Dieter Klaus Klein (49)
July 13, 1992Daniel Shettler"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 8, 1992Sadri Berisha (56)
July 1, 1992Emil Wendland (50)
June 25, 1992Thomas DavisLE"Aryan Brotherhood", "Aryan Nation"
June 5, 1992Thomas Lauri (60)
June 5, 1992Barbara Cunningham (53)

According to the murderer, his reason for killing his in-laws was that he feared they would be a bad influence on his niece, daughter and grandniece. The lack of a comma is not an error - he had forced his niece into a sham marriage, officiated by his mother.

June 1992Fox Buys"AWB"
May 16, 1992Merritt Riordan (29)
May 9, 1992Thorsten Lamprecht (23)
May 1992Michael Hickmott
April 28, 1992Philomena Hanna (26)"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
April 24, 1992Nguyễn Văn Tú (29)"Deutsche Volksunion", "AfD (future)"
April 18, 1992Benny James Rembert"White Aryan Resistance", "Confederate Hammerskins"
April 16, 1992Ronald Mayes"White Aryan Resistance"
March 19, 1992Ingo Finnern (31)
March 18, 1992Gustav Schneeclaus (53)
March 16, 1992Chashasa Andries Sithole"Toekomsgesprek"
March 15, 1992Dragomir Christinel (18)
March 1992Donald Palmer"National Front"
February 23, 1992Blanka Zmigrod (68)
February 5, 1992Jack Duffin (66)"Ulster Defence Association"
February 5, 1992Christy Doherty (52)"Ulster Defence Association"
February 5, 1992Willie McManus (54)"Ulster Defence Association"
February 5, 1992Peter McGee (19)"Ulster Defence Association"
February 5, 1992James Kennedy (15)"Ulster Defence Association"
January 25, 1992Navid Sadiq (15)
January 1992David O'Neil"Annihilators"
December 24, 1991Douglas Garrett"Hammerskin Nation"
December 23, 1991Emily Antkowicz (65)"Northwest Indiana Skinheads"
December 22, 1991Aidan Wallace (22)"Ulster Freedom Fighters"
December 12, 1991Timo Kählke (27)"I. Werwolf-Jagdeinheit Senftenberg"
December 4, 1991Gerd Himmstädt (30)
November 8, 1991Jimmy Ranjbar
October 14, 1991Maria Claudine Roux"National Socialist Partisans", "Church of the Creator"
October 14, 1991Wilson Dobani"National Socialist Partisans", "Church of the Creator"
October 14, 1991Makoarela Dobani"National Socialist Partisans", "Church of the Creator"
October 6, 1991Sònia Rescalvo Zafra (45)
September 28, 1991Larry Murchan (63)"Loyalist Retaliation and Defence Group"
September 19, 1991Samuel Kofi Yeboah (27)
September 16, 1991Wolfgang Auch
September 3, 1991Seamus Sullivan (24)"Ulster Defence Association"
August 1, 1991Beatrice Louise Routh (10)SA
August 1991Michael Alan Foster (31)
June 16, 1991Agostinho Comboio (34)
June 7, 1991Tarron Dixon (25)"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 7, 1991Donald Thomas (32)"Northern Hammerskins", "Confederate Hammerskins", "Hammerskin Nation", "Confederate White Vikings", "Strike Force"
May 17, 1991Harold J. Mansfield, Jr. (22)"Church of the Creator"
May 16, 1991Gelsomina Reglin (55)"Northwest Indiana Skinheads"
April 20, 1991Wayne Smith"National Action"
March 31, 1991Jorge João Gomondai (28)
February 13, 1991George Mkomane"AWB"
January 28, 1991Leo LaChance"Aryan Nations"
January 20, 1991Dennis Saunders"White Majority League"
January 20, 1991Bobby Hood"White Majority League"
January 17, 1991Deborah Ann Mason (33)"Aryan Brotherhood of Texas"
January 4, 1991Armando Miller"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 2, 1991Zacharia Mofokeng"AWB"
January 1, 1991Alexander Selchow (21)"Freiheitlichen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei"
December 28, 1990Daniel Mark English (29)
December 28, 1990Nihad Yusufoglu (17)"Taunusfront"
December 11, 1990Klaus-Dieter Reichert (24)
November 24, 1990Amadeu António Kiowa (28)
October 29, 1990Billy London
October 21, 1990Eberhard Arnold (23)"Nationalistische Front"
October 16, 1990Dermot McGuinness"Ulster Defence Association"
October 7, 1990Andrzej Frątczak
October 2, 1990Nicolas James Elvin Cruise
September 14, 1990Johannes Masango
August 22, 1990Paul Carallo (20)"Sacramento Skins"
August 20, 1990Samuel K. Huffman"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 12, 1990Kent Antonssen
August 9, 1990Hung Anh Truong (15)
August 1990David Richard Lindley (19)"Malicious Oi Boys", "American Front"
July 31, 1990John Judge"Ulster Defence Association"
July 1, 1990Heinz Mädel (58)
July 1990Norman Dale Hillier"Hammerskins"

Norman was beaten to death by four of his fellow Hammerskins because they wanted $25 he'd stolen... and his boots. No word on how they planned to split the boots.

June 15, 1990Jonas Rammphalile"AWB"
May 21, 1990Dennis Colwell"White Aryan Resistance", "The Cause"
May 21, 1990Darlene Paris"White Aryan Resistance", "The Cause"
May 21, 1990Franklin Raper"White Aryan Resistance", "The Cause"
May 21, 1990Richard Ritchey"White Aryan Resistance", "The Cause"
April 20, 1990David Noble"KKK"

David was murdered by a Nazi pedophile, when, in the course of celebrating Hitler's birthday, he asked if he could borrow the pedo's girlfriend.

March 11, 1990Eamonn Quinn (32)"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Fighters"
January 8, 1990Richard Denney (62)"Aryan Brotherhood", "White Aryan Resistance"
January 8, 1990Virginia Denney (64)"Aryan Brotherhood", "White Aryan Resistance"
January 7, 1990Frankie T. Merrifield (59)"White Aryan Resistance", "Aryan Brotherhood"
January 7, 1990Roy E. Donahue (40)"White Aryan Resistance", "Aryan Brotherhood"
1990Max Serame"AWB"
1990Tony Le (15)"Aryan Resistance Movement"
December 18, 1989Robert E. Robertson"Americans For a Competent Federal Judicial System"
December 16, 1989Robert Vance Sr.LA"Americans For a Competent Federal Judicial System"
December 4, 1989Ricardo van WykLE"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"
November 20, 1989Josu Muguruza Guarrotxena"GAL"
October 1989José Carvalho"Movimento de Acção Nacional"
September 12, 1989Anton Lubowski"South African Civil Co-operation Bureau"
September 1, 1989David Locke"Australian Nationalist Movement"
August 29, 1989Potoka Franzar Makgalamele"AWB", "Orde van die Dood"
August 10, 1989Michael HaosebLA"Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging"

Michael Haoseb was a guard at the UN office in Outjo when a trio of terrorists bombed it.

August 9, 1989Arva Lee Ray"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 6, 1989Michael O'Farrell"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 12, 1989Ufuk Şahin
May 1, 1989David Webster"South African Civil Co-operation Bureau"
April 16, 1989Aaron Wood (34)
March 18, 1989Loretta Stephens (69)SA Nec"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 22, 1989Kenneth L. Stewart"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 29, 1988Jaime Antonio Quilan Cabezas (26)"Pinochet"
December 25, 1988Anthony Patrick Michalowski (22)
December 19, 1988George Iordąchescu"French and European Nationalist Party"
December 10, 1988Anthony Montgomery (27)"Reno Skins", "American Front"
December 1988Matthews Mokoena"AWB"
November 15, 1988Mashadi Catherine Mokwena (33)"Wit Wolwe", "AWB"
November 15, 1988Tsatsawana Selina Nguna (88)"Wit Wolwe", "AWB"
November 15, 1988Priscilla Motau (88)"Wit Wolwe", "AWB"
November 15, 1988Gelbooi Mobena"Wit Wolwe", "AWB"
November 8, 1988Martha Motsekili (25)"Wit Wolwe", "AWB"
October 15, 1988Thomas Lamb"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 1988Phila Portia Ndwandwe"Stratcom"
September 3, 1988James Ronald Peters (19)
June 12, 1988Stanza Bopape"Witwatersrand Security Branch"
January 28, 1988Freddie Floyd HouseLE Occ
1988Immanuel Shifidi
1988Glenn Burks"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 20, 1987Isiah Walker (41)
November 30, 1987David MothasiLE
November 30, 1987Busisiwe Irene Mothasi

Sgt. David and his wife were assassinated by a South African government death squad during apartheid.

October 9, 1987Francisco Notarantonio"Ulster Defence Association", "Ulster Freedom Front"
October 1987Gordon Gaskill (33)"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 20, 1987Enrique Jorge Gutiérrez Núñez (26)
September 20, 1987Luis Miguel Muñoz Lazo (23)
September 10, 1987Alejandro Alberto Pinochet Arenas"Pinochet"
September 1987José Julián Peña Maltés"Pinochet"
September 1987Gonzalo Ivan Fuenzalida Navarette"Pinochet"
September 1987Manuel Jesus Sepúlveda Sanchez"Pinochet"
September 1987Julio Orlando Muñoz Otárola"Pinochet"
August 12, 1987Tracy Jo Shine"Aryan Brotherhood"
July 18, 1987Robert Lee Booker
July 18, 1987ReneeSA
June 16, 1987Juan Valdemar Henriquez Araya"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Wilson Daniel Henriquez Gallegos"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Julio Arturo Guerra Olivares"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Esther Angélica Cabrera Hinojosa"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Elizabeth Edelmira Escobar Mondaca"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Patricia Angélica Quiroz Nilo"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Ricardo Hernán RIVERA SILVA"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Ricardo Cristián SILVA SOTO"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987Manuel Eduardo VALENCIA CALDERON"Pinochet"
June 16, 1987José Joaquín VALENZUELA LEVI"Pinochet"
June 15, 1987Recaredo Ignacio Valenzuela Pohorecky"Pinochet"
June 15, 1987Patricio Ricardo Acosta Castro"Pinochet"
May 27, 1987Frank Ringi (42)"American Front"
May 5, 1987Joe Tsele"Vlakplaas"
May 1987Ntombikayise Priscilla Ngocobo (41)"Vlakplaas"
March 16, 1987Stella Lemon (76)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
March 7, 1987Hilda Leitz (82)"National Socialist Party"
March 7, 1987John Powell (44)"National Socialist Party"
March 6, 1987Joe Pike (68)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
February 16, 1987Victor Omar Perez Espinoza (28)"Pinochet"
February 5, 1987Margaret Kuckro (80)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
February 3, 1987Gerd-Roger Bornemann (17)"Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei", "Gemeinschaft Eisernes Kreuz EK 1"
February 3, 1987Larry Pritchard
January 15, 1987Daniel Ferreira-Ramos Scaltritti (38)"Pinochet"
January 10, 1987Leo Parker (47)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
December 10, 1986Cleo Fish (67)Occ"National Socialist Party"
December 9, 1986Odas Day (72)"National Socialist Party"
December 1, 1986Madeline M. Kisner (45)"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 22, 1986Mose Thompson (65)"National Socialist Party"
November 12, 1986Lynell Murray (19)SA
November 7, 1986Corinna Dell Novis (20)SA
November 4, 1986Henry CodyOcc"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
October 30, 1986William Collins (85)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
October 29, 1986Albert BuehlmannOcc"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
October 28, 1986Pamela Simmons (35)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 11, 1986Sandra Neary (32)SA"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 24, 1986Juan Gilberto Cofré Quezada (53)"Pinochet (indirect)"
September 20, 1986Clayborn Kendrick"National Socialist Party"
September 17, 1986Roger Evans"National Socialist Party"
August 29, 1986Milton Canter (85)"National Socialist Party"
August 18, 1986Kenneth L. Shray (28)"Aryan Nations", "Order II", "Bruder Schweigen Strike Force II"
August 16, 1986Earnest Frey"National Socialist Party"
August 3, 1986Mario Daniel Martínez Rodriguez (24)"Pinochet"
July 29, 1986Piet Mbalekwa Ntuli
July 25, 1986James Woods"National Socialist Party"
July 7, 1986Donald Barney (61)"National Socialist Party"
July 6, 1986Rodrigo Andrés Rojas Denegri (19)"Pinochet"
July 3, 1986Francisco Humberto Lopez Zuñiga (19)"Pinochet"
July 3, 1986Ernesto Igor Rios Cespedes (18)"Pinochet"
July 2, 1986Iván Marcelino Aqueveque Antileo (21)"Pinochet"
July 2, 1986Nadia del Carmen Fuentes Concha (13)"Pinochet"
July 1986Rodrigo Rojas DeNegri (19)"Pinochet"
June 29, 1986Robert Crockett (80)"National Socialist Party"
June 21, 1986Lars Ronny Olof Landin (20)
June 20, 1986Edward Schreibeis"National Socialist Party"
June 1986Gregory Hill"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 5, 1986Doris Nally"National Socialist Party"
April 23, 1986Ramon Alvero Cruz (40)
April 23, 1986Daisy Ricard (38)
April 22, 1986Fara Quintero (28)
April 22, 1986Sara Musa (30)
April 19, 1986Virgil Weddle (81)Occ"National Socialist Party"
April 17, 1986Neal S. Rosenblum (25)
April 12, 1986Leon Nelson (64)Occ"National Socialist Party" (Occ)
April 8, 1986Nathaniel Watson"National Socialist Party"
March 19, 1986Ed Sobolewski (29)"American Nazi Party"
February 27, 1986Luis Robledo (37)
February 27, 1986Ulpiano Ledo (37)
January 28, 1986Michael Millot (43)
January 22, 1986Mario Amador (33)
January 22, 1986Roberto Alfonso (28)
January 18, 1986Juan Carlos González Inzunza
December 24, 1985Ramazan Avcı (26)
December 10, 1985Patricio Leonel González González (23)"Pinochet"
October 29, 1985Ludwig Buchwald"Nordiska rikspartiet"
September 24, 1985Batandwa Ndondo"Vlakplaas"
July 24, 1985Mehmet Kaymakcı
May 1, 1985Giovanni Di LeonardoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
April 29, 1985James Thimm (26)SA"Christian Identity"

James was a member of an obscure Nazi church. The pastor ordered his torture, rape, and murder.

April 15, 1985Jimmie Elliot LinegarLE"The Order", "Aryan Nations"
March 25, 1985Luke Stice (5)SA"Christian Identity"

Luke's father joined a neo-Nazi church. Following the pastor's instructions, Luke's father would torture and rape him repeatedly. Eventually, the pastor killed Luke.

March 1985Calvin Massey"Aryan Brotherhood"
January 15, 1985Hugo Hernán Vasquez Peña (27)"Pinochet"
November 5, 1984Victor Rea
October 19, 1984Craig Martina
October 18, 1984Horacio Ariza
October 1984Roger Gardner"Aryan Brotherhood", "Hell's Angels"
September 3, 1984Herbert Pierucci"KKK"
June 30, 1984Louis Perry BryantLE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord"
June 28, 1984Jeannette Schoon
June 28, 1984Katryn Schoon (6)
June 18, 1984Alan Berg"Church of Jesus Christ Christian", "The Order"
May 27, 1984Walter E. West"The Order", "Aryan Nations Church"
April 18, 1984Floyd Holmes
April 18, 1984Dean Bultema
April 15, 1984Robert Baranski
February 2, 1984Arthur Dade"Aryan Brotherhood", "Aryan Nations"
January 29, 1984Boyd H. SpikermanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"

Boyd was murdered by prison thugs who were trying to impress the Aryan Brotherhood.

January 8, 1984Corinne Tartarotti"Ludwig"
1984Boris Weisfeiler"Colonia Dignidad"
December 31, 1983César Roque Mémola Hormazábal (22)"Pinochet"
December 4, 1983Luis Alfonso Orellana Jara"Pinochet"
November 1983Bill Stumpp"The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord"
Oct 22, 1983Merle CluttsLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
Oct 22, 1983Robert HoffmanLE"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 9, 1983Timothy Coggins
October 6, 1983Richard Andreasen"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 23, 1983Gregory Keefer"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 20, 1983Kerwin Duinmeijer (15)
July 3, 1983Thomas Glenn Jackson, Sr.LE"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 3, 1983Harold Matthews (38)LE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord"
May 14, 1983Livio Ceresoli (46)"Ludwig"
May 14, 1983Giorgio Fronza"Ludwig"
May 14, 1983Ernesto Mauri"Ludwig"
May 14, 1983Pasquale Esposito"Ludwig"
May 14, 1983Elio Molteni"Ludwig"
May 14, 1983Domenico La Sala"Ludwig"
April 1983Patrick Barkey"NF Skinz"
February 26, 1983Don Armando Bison"Ludwig"
February 19, 1983Elizabeth Ann Hickey"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 13, 1983Kenneth MuirLE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord", "Posse Comitatus"
February 13, 1983Robert S. Cheshire, Jr.LE"the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord", "Posse Comitatus"
February 13, 1983Richard Barnes"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 11, 1983Danilo Wilfredo Quezada Capetillo (26)"Pinochet"
1983Zweli Nyanda"Vlakplaas"
1983Keith MacFadden"Vlakplaas"
November 18, 1982Erminio CarloniLA"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 30, 1982Joseph Hoover (17)"Mansonites"
September 27, 1982Raymond Smith"Aryan Brotherhood"
August 30, 1982Brian Warford (17)
August 27, 1982Timothy Sheehan (50)
August 17, 1982Ruth First
August 10, 1982Carmine Palladino"Ordine Nuovo"
July 20, 1982Gabriele Pigato (69)"Ludwig"
July 20, 1982Giuseppe Lovato (71)"Ludwig"
July 3, 1982Stephen Clark"Aryan Brotherhood"
June 24, 1982Antonio GalluzzoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 24, 1982William Schenk (25)"NPD"
June 24, 1982Rufus Surles (27)"NPD"
June 24, 1982Mohammed Ehab"NPD"
June 8, 1982Giuseppe Antonio CarrettaLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 8, 1982Franco SammarcoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
May 12, 1982Giuseppe Rapesta (53)LE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
April 15, 1982Siphiwo Mthimkhulu"Port Elizabeth Security Branch"
April 15, 1982Topsy Madaka"Port Elizabeth Security Branch"
March 5, 1982Alessandro Caravillani"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"

After a bank robbery, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari operatives covered their escape by shooting wildly into a crowd.

March 4, 1982Wilmar Holsinger"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 25, 1982Tucapel Francisco Jiménez Alfaro (60)"Pinochet"
February 18, 1982Alphonse Vandermeulen (31)"Westland New Post"
February 18, 1982Francesca Arcoulin (44)"Westland New Post"
February 1, 1982Horace T. Rickerson (57)
January 30, 1982Oscar Constancio Guajardo Palma"Pinochet"
January 22, 1982Eduardo Frei Montalva"Pinochet"
January 16, 1982Ernesto Zúñiga Vergara (29)"Pinochet"
January 9, 1982Thomas Johnson
January 9, 1982Robert Beckett
January 2, 1982Pablo Garayalde Jaureguizábal"Triple A"
1982Steven Ray Gibson"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 11, 1981Sergio Gabriel Flores Duran (29)"Pinochet"
December 11, 1981María Verónica Cienfuegos Cavieres (28)"Pinochet"
December 7, 1981Ciro CapobiancoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
December 6, 1981Romano RadiciLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
December 1981Victor Corvalan Castillo"DINA"
December 1981Enrique Garrido Ceballos"DINA"
November 28, 1981Juan Angel Ojeda Aguayo"Pinochet"
November 10, 1981Juan Ramón Soto Cerda"Pinochet"
November 10, 1981Jaime Alfonso Cuevas Cuevas"Pinochet"
November 10, 1981Luis Pincheira Llanos"Pinochet"
November 10, 1981Nelson Araneda Loaiza (36)"Pinochet"
November 1981Griffiths Mxenge"Vlakplaas"
October 21, 1981Francesco StraulluLE"Gruppo di fuoco Franco Anselmi", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 21, 1981Ciriaco Di RomaLE"Gruppo di fuoco Franco Anselmi", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 19, 1981Carlo BuonantuonoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 19, 1981Vincenzo TumminelloLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 30, 1981Marco Pizzari"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 21, 1981René Eduardo Bravo Aguilera (25)"Pinochet"
September 21, 1981Julio César Riffo Figueroa"Pinochet"
July 31, 1981Giuseppe De Luca"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
July 8, 1981Hugo Riveros Gomez (29)"Pinochet"
July 8, 1981Oscar Polanco Valenzuela"Pinochet"
May 25, 1981Luca Martinotti"Ludwig"
April 23, 1981Xavier Aguirre"BVE"
April 18, 1981Satnam Singh Gill
April 13, 1981Ermanno Buzzi"Ordine Nuovo"
April 1981Michael Bottoms (23)"Aryan Brotherhood"
March 27, 1981Heather Bridges"National Front"
March 20, 1981Michael Donald (19)"United Klans", "KKK"
March 9, 1981Sergio Ernesto Yañez Ayala (27)"Pinochet", "Central Nacional de Informaciones"
March 4, 1981Carmen Arechiga
March 3, 1981Francisco Javier Ansa Cincunegui"BVE"
February 19, 1981José Alejandro Campos Cifuentes (30)"Pinochet"
February 19, 1981Luis Quinchavil Suarez (42)"Pinochet"
February 5, 1981Enea CodottoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 5, 1981Luigi MaroneseLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
January 18, 1981Walter Gill
January 6, 1981Luca Perucci (19)"Nuclei Rivoluzionari Armati"
1981Robert Chappelle"Aryan Brotherhood"
1981Carol-Ann Kelly
December 30, 1980José Martín Sagardía Zaldua"BVE"
December 24, 1980Josef Arnold (38)LE"Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands"
December 24, 1980Walter Wehrli (31)LE"Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands"
December 20, 1980Alice Maria Beretta"Ludwig"
December 19, 1980Shlomo Levin"Wehrsportsgruppe Hoffmann"
December 19, 1980Frida Poschke"Wehrsportsgruppe Hoffmann"
December 17, 1980Antonio Leandri"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"

Murdered in a case of mistaken identity - NAR believed he was a lawyer who'd been responsible for the capture of a far right leader. Ironically enough, thirteen months later NAR would be assassinating their fellow neofascists.

November 26, 1980Ezio LucarelliLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
November 23, 1980José Camio"BVE"
November 23, 1980Jean Pierre Aramendi"BVE"
November 14, 1980Esperanza Arana"BVE"
November 14, 1980Joaquín Alfonso Etxeberria"BVE"
November 14, 1980Joaquín Antimasbere Escoz"BVE"
November 5, 1980Danny Jackson (35)"Aryan Warriors"
September 9, 1980Francisco Mangiameli"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
September 7, 1980Miguel María Arbelaiz"BVE"
September 7, 1980Luis María Elizondo"BVE"
September 2, 1980Maurizio Di Leo"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 30, 1980Angel Etxaniz Olabarria"BVE"
August 22, 1980Nguyên Ngoc Châu"Deutsche Aktionsgruppen", "Deutschen Aktionsgruppen"
August 22, 1980Dô Anh Lân"Deutsche Aktionsgruppen", "Deutschen Aktionsgruppen"
August 20, 1980Theodore Tracey Fields (20)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
August 20, 1980David Loren Martin (18)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
August 2, 1980Angela Marino (23)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonella Ceci (19)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Catherine Mitchell"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980John Kolpinski"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Leo Luca Marino (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Domenica Marino (26)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Errica Frigerio In Diomede Fresa (57)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vito Diomede Fresa (62)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Cesare Francesco Diomede Fresa (14)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Anna Maria Bosio In Mauri (28)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Carlo Mauri (32)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Luca Mauri (6)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Sonia Burri (7)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Patrizia Messineo (18)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Silvana Serravalli In Barbera (34)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Velia Carli In Lauro (50)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Salvatore Lauro (57)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Manuela Gallon (11)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Elisbetta Manea Ved. De Marchi (60)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vittorio Vaccaro (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Flavia Casadei (18)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Giuseppe Patruno (18)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rossella Marceddu (19)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Davide Caprioli (20)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vito Ales (20)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto Procelli (21)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mauro Alganon (22)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Nilla Natali (25)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pietro Galassi (66)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Verdiana Bivona (22)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzina Sala In Zanetti (50)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mauro Di Vittorio (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Sergio Secci (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto Gaiola (25)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Katia Bertasi (34)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Angelo Priore (26)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Euridia Bergianti (49)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Onofrio Zappalà (27)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pio Carmine Remollino (31)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Gaetano Roda (31)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonino Di Paola (32)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Nazzareno Basso (33)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzo Petteni (34)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Salvatore Seminara (34)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Francesco Gomez Martinez (23)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Argeo Bonora (42)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Francesco Betti (44)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mario Sica (44)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Pier Francesco Laurenti (44)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Eckhardt Mader (14)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Margret Rohrs In Mader (39)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Kai Mader (8)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Paolino Bianchi (50)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Natalia Agostini In Gallon (40)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Berta Ebner (50)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Vincenzo Lanconelli (51)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Romeo Ruozi (54)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Amorveno Marzagalli (54)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonio Francesco Lascala (56)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rosina Barbaro In Montani (58)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Lidia Olla In Cardillo (67)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Antonio Montanari (86)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Fausto Venturi (38)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Angela Marangon (22)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Lina Ferretti In Mannocci (53)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Idria Avati (80)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mirco Castellaro (33)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Rita Verde (23)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Angela Fresu (3)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Brigitte Drouhard (21)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Eleonora Geraci In Vaccaro (46)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Franca Dall'olio (20)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Irene Breton In Boudouban (61)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Loredana Molina In Sacrati (44)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Marina Antonella Trolese (16)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Anna Maria Salvagnini In Trolese (51)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Mirella Fornasari (36)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Paolo Zecchi (23)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Viviana Bugamelli In Zecchi (23)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Roberto De Marchi (21)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Carla Gozzi (38)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Umberto Lugli (38)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Iwao Sekiguchi (20)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
August 2, 1980Maria Fresu (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
July 1980Akhtar Ali Baig (29)"National Front"
June 25, 1980Nancy Santomero (19)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 25, 1980Vicki Durian (26)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 23, 1980Mario AmatoLA"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
June 15, 1980Kathleen Mikula"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 15, 1980Arthur Smothers"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 11, 1980José Miguel Etxeberria"BVE"
June 8, 1980Darrell Lane (14)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 8, 1980Dante Evans Brown (13)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
June 8, 1980Robert Hogan"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 28, 1980Francesco EvangelistaLE"Gruppo Organizzato Per L'azione Diretta", "Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
May 8, 1980María José Bravo del Barrio (16)SA"BVE"
May 3, 1980Rebecca Bergstrom (20)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
April 19, 1980Felipe Sagarna Ormazábal"BVE"
March 11, 1980Mario Traversa"MSI"
February 23, 1980Robert Banks (30)"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 23, 1980Bob Skeens (26)"Aryan Brotherhood"
February 22, 1980Valerio Verbano (18)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"

Both rightist and leftist terrorist groups claimed credit for his murder. The neofascists provided accurate details about the murder scene that the leftists did not.

February 6, 1980Maurizio ArnesanoLE"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 2, 1980Jesús María Zubigaray Badiola"BVE", "Fuerza Nueva"
January 19, 1980Pedro Luis Catalán Ojeda (17)"Pinochet"
January 14, 1980Leo Thomas Watkins (19)
1980Pauline Paul
December 12, 1979Claudio Costa
December 5, 1979Mercedes Lynn Masters (15)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
October 21, 1979Jesse Eugene Taylor"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
October 21, 1979Marian Lisa Bresette"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
October 9, 1979Roberto Cavallaro"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
October 5, 1979Justo Elizarán "Periko" Sarasola"BVE"
September 28, 1979Tomás Alba Irazusta"BVE", "Grupos Armadas Españoles"
August 18, 1979Raymond Elton Turner (28)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
August 2, 1979Juan José Lopategui Carrasco"BVE"
August 1979Federico Alvarez Santibañez
July 22, 1979Harold McIver
July 12, 1979Marold McIver"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
July 11, 1979Giorgio Ambrosoli (46)"Propaganda Due"
June 29, 1979Aurelio Fernández Cario"BVE"
June 28, 1979Francisco Javier Martín Eizaguirre"BVE"
June 25, 1979Enrique Gómez Álvarez"BVE"
May 20, 1979John Sherman Marzloff"Aryan Brotherhood"
May 5, 1979Mercedes Luzmira Polden Pehuén (17)"Pinochet"
March 25, 1979Johnnie Noyes Jr.
February 1979Danny Atwell"Aryan Brotherhood"
1979John Mazloff"Aryan Brotherhood"
December 21, 1978José Miguel Beñaran Ordeñana"Batallón Vasco Español", "Alianza Anticomunista Argentina", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
December 17, 1978Luciano Stefanato"Ludwig"
October 16, 1978Jorge Patricio Valenzuela Barrientos (26)"Pinochet"
October 1, 1978Claudio Miccoli
September 28, 1978Ivo Zini"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
July 29, 1978Bryant Tatum"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party"
July 25, 1978Franco Nicolini"Banda della Magliana"
May 24, 1978José Martín Merquelanz Sarriegui"BVE"
May 1978Leroy Banks"Aryan Brotherhood"
March 18, 1978Fausto Tinelli"Esercito Nazionale Rivoluzionario NAR -Brigata Combattente Franco Anselmi"
March 18, 1978Lorenzo Iannucci"Esercito Nazionale Rivoluzionario NAR -Brigata Combattente Franco Anselmi"
February 28, 1978Roberto Scialabba (24)"Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari"
February 21, 1978Franco Battagliarin (49)LA"Ordine Nuovo"
February 2, 1978Johnny Brookshire (22)
January 16, 1978Gabriel Octavio Riveros Ravelo (28)"Pinochet"
1978William Tatum
1978Renato León Zenteno"DINA"
1978Frank Ponciano"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 28, 1977Benedetto Petrone (19)
October 9, 1977Ricky Helt (29)"Aryan Brotherhood"
October 8, 1977Gerald Gordon (42)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party", "Ku Klux Klan"
October 1977William Ray"Aryan Brotherhood"
September 30, 1977Walter Rossi"Movimento Sociale Italiano"
August 25, 1977Guerrino Spinelli"Ludwig"
August 7, 1977Alphonse Manning (23)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party", "Ku Klux Klan"
August 7, 1977Toni Schwenn (23)"American Nazi Party", "National States Rights Party", "National Socialist White People's Party", "Ku Klux Klan"
May 1, 1977Vicente Israel García Ramírez (19)"DINA"
May 1977Vincent Papa (59)"Aryan Brotherhood"
April 2, 1977Joseph Russo
February 14, 1977Allen Bruce McLeod, Sr.LE
February 14, 1977Joseph Hicks (60)
February 14, 1977Frederick Holmes (55)
February 14, 1977James Green (45)
February 14, 1977Pariyarathu Varghese (32)
January 24, 1977Enrique Valdelvira Ibáñez"Alianza Apostolica Anticomunista"
January 24, 1977Luis Javier Benavides Orgaz"Alianza Apostolica Anticomunista"
January 24, 1977Francisco Javier Sauquillo"Alianza Apostolica Anticomunista"
January 24, 1977Serafín Holgado de Antonio"Alianza Apostolica Anticomunista"
January 24, 1977Ángel Rodríguez Leal"Alianza Apostolica Anticomunista"
January 23, 1977Arturo Ruiz García (19)"Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey"
December 20, 1976Edras de las Mercedes Pinto Arroyo"Pinochet"
December 18, 1976Lizandro Tucapel Cruz Diaz
December 18, 1976Carlos Patricio Duran Gonzalez (25)
December 15, 1976Horacio Cepeda Marinkovic"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Lincoyán Yalú Berrios Cataldo"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Juan Fernando Ortiz Letelier"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Waldo Ulises Pizarro Molina"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Héctor Veliz Ramirez"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Luis Segundo Lazo Santander (61)"Pinochet"
December 15, 1976Reinalda del Carmen Pereira Plaza"Pinochet"
December 13, 1976Fernando Alfredo Navarro Allendes"Pinochet"
December 9, 1976Armando Portilla Portilla (48)
November 29, 1976Santiago Edmundo Araya Cabrera"Pinochet"
November 11, 1976Javier Ernesto Parada Valenzuela (24)"Pinochet"
September 27, 1976Carlos González Martínez"Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey"
September 21, 1976Orlando Letelier"DINA"
September 21, 1976Ronni Moffitt"DINA"
September 10, 1976Brian J. MurrayLE"Otpor"
August 10, 1976Nicolás Hugo Vivanco Herrera"DINA"
August 9, 1976Mario Juica Vega"Pinochet"
August 9, 1976Crecencio Galañega Hernández
August 9, 1976Jesús Cejas Arias
August 7, 1976Manuel de la Cruz Vargas Leiva (54)"DINA"
August 5, 1976Oscar Orlando Ramos Garrido"DINA"
August 5, 1976Oscar Arturo Ramos Vivanco"DINA"
August 4, 1976Carlos Godoy Lagarrigue"Pinochet"
August 4, 1976Hugo Ernesto Vivanco Vega"DINA"
August 4, 1976Alicia de las Mercedes Herrera Benítez"DINA"
July 16, 1976Carmelo Luis Soria Espinoza"DINA"
July 10, 1976Vittorio OccorsioLA"Ordine Nuovo"
May 28, 1976Luigi Di Rosa (21)"Movimento Sociale Italiano"
May 26, 1976Juan Bosco Maino Canales (27)"Pinochet", "Colonia Dignidad", "DINA"
May 26, 1976Elizabeth Mercedes Rekas Urra (27)"Pinochet", "Colonia Dignidad", "DINA"
May 26, 1976Antonio Elizondo Ormaechea (29)"Pinochet", "Colonia Dignidad", "DINA"
May 9, 1976Ricardo García Pellejero"Alianza Anticomunista Argentina", "Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey", "Fuerza Nueva"
May 9, 1976Aniano Jiménez Santo"Alianza Anticomunista Argentina", "Guerrilleros de Cristo Rey", "Fuerza Nueva"
May 5, 1976Jaime Patricio Donato Avendaño"DINA"
May 5, 1976Uldarico Donaire Cortez"DINA"
April 29, 1976Nalvia Rosa Mena Alvarado"Pinochet"
April 27, 1976Gaetano Amoroso (21)"MSI"
February 24, 1976Iván Renato Perez Vargas"DINA"
February 24, 1976Amador Roberto Del Fierro Santibañez"DINA"
February 24, 1976Mireya de Lourdes Pérez Vargas (21)"DINA"
February 24, 1976Susana Elizabeth Sanhueza Salinas (7)"DINA"
February 24, 1976Pascual Antonio Araya Araya (25)"Pinochet"
February 7, 1976Edwin Zdovc"Exercise for Croatian Liberation"
January 13, 1976Adán del Carmen Cancino Armijo (30)"Pinochet"
December 29, 1975José Ramón Ascencio Subiabre (30)
December 12, 1975Mario Luis Quezada Solis (32)"Pinochet"
December 5, 1975Ignacio Orlando Gonzalez Espinoza (24)"Pinochet"
December 5, 1975Miguel Rodríguez"Pinochet"
December 5, 1975Ricardo Weibel"Pinochet"
November 18, 1975Roberto Gallardo Moreno (25)"Pinochet", "DINA"
November 18, 1975Mónica Pacheco Sánchez"Pinochet", "DINA"
November 18, 1975Alberto Recaredo Gallardo Pacheco"Pinochet", "DINA"
November 18, 1975Catalina Ester Gallardo Moreno"Pinochet", "DINA"
October 16, 1975Dagoberto Perez Vargas"Pinochet"
September 19, 1975Dr. Charles A. Glatt (46)
August 1975Joseph Tommasi"National Socialist White People's Party"
July 15, 1975Larry Romine
July 15, 1975Robert Hoard
July 2, 1975William Robert Beausire"DINA"
June 28, 1975Michelle Peña Herreros"Pinochet"
June 25, 1975Michelle Marguerite Peña Herreros"DINA"
June 21, 1975Jolanda Paladino
June 17, 1975Ricardo Ernesto Lagos Salinas"DINA"
June 12, 1975Alceste Campanile
May 25, 1975Alberto Brasili"MSI"
May 1975Michael Habbib (15)
April 16, 1975Claudio Varalli
April 3, 1975Cedomil Lausic Glasinovic"DINA"
March 21, 1975Anthony Crean
March 10, 1975Adele Price (89)
March 6, 1975Ariel Adolfo Mancilla Ramirez (26)"Pinochet"
March 4, 1975Alfredo Rojas Castañeda (34)"DINA"
February 20, 1975Juan Carlos Perelman Ide"Pinochet"
February 19, 1975Luis Fidel Arias Pino"DINA"
January 31, 1975Hugo Enrique Alfaro Castro (43)"Pinochet"
January 25, 1975Luis Humberto Piñones Vega (21)"Pinochet"
January 24, 1975Leonardo FalcoLE"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
January 24, 1975Giovanni Ceravolo (44)LE"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
January 16, 1975José Patricio Del Carmen Leon Galvez (29)
January 13, 1975Ramón Hugo Martínez Gonzalez"DINA"
January 13, 1975Alberto Esteban Palacio González"Pinochet"
January 8, 1975Sergio Fernando Órdenes Albornoz (21)"Pinochet."
January 7, 1975Miguel Angel Sandoval Rodriguez (26)"DINA"
1975Victor Jara
1975Exequiel Ponce"DINA"
1975Mireya Rodríguez"DINA"
1975Carlos Lorca"DINA"
1975Modesta Carolina Wiff"DINA"
1975Rosa Soliz Poveda"DINA"
1975Sara Donoso Palacios"DINA"
December 31, 1974Jaime Eugenio Robotham Bravo"DINA"
December 31, 1974Claudio Francisco Thauby Pacheco"DINA"
December 24, 1974Rudy Carcamo Ruiz"Pinochet"
December 17, 1974Luis Dagoberto San Martin Vergara (21)"DINA"
December 3, 1974Alejandro de la Barra Villarroel"DINA"
December 3, 1974Ana María Irene Puga Rojas (26)"DINA"
December 3, 1974Gastón Eduardo Cifuentes Norambuena (25)"Pinochet"
November 29, 1974Jorge Hernán Müller Silva"Pinochet"
November 29, 1974Carmen Cecilia Bueno Cifuentes"Pinochet"
November 25, 1974Rubén David Arrollo Padilla (24)"DINA"
November 22, 1974Luis Omar Mahuida Esquivel (25)
November 22, 1974Antonio Patricio Soto Cerna
November 22, 1974Luis Genaro Gonzalez Mella (25)
November 20, 1974Fanny Dallari
November 18, 1974Diana Frida Aron Svigilsky (24)"DINA"
November 13, 1974Ariel Danton Santibañez Estay (25)"Pinochet"
November 3, 1974Lumi Videla Moya"DINA"
October 30, 1974Jacqueline Paulette Drouilly YurichSA"Pinochet"
October 30, 1974Marcelo Salinas Eytel"Pinochet"
October 20, 1974Adelchi Agada"Avanguardia Nazionale"
October 5, 1974Miguel Enríquez"DINA"
October 2, 1974Cecilia Miguelina Bojanic Abad
October 1974Aldo Gonzalo Pérez Vargas"DINA"
September 30, 1974Carlos Prats"DINA"
September 30, 1974Sofía Cuthbert"DINA"
September 26, 1974Sergio Perez"DINA"
September 25, 1974Mario Eduardo Calderon Tapia (31)
September 24, 1974Carlos Alberto Aracena Toro (28)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1974Luis Armando Silva Silva (20)"DINA"
September 22, 1974Maria Cristina Lopez Stewart (21)"DINA"
September 11, 1974Víctor Olea Alegría"DINA"
September 6, 1974Mónica Chislayne Llanca Iturra"Pinochet"
August 25, 1974Gloria Ester Lagos Nilson"Pinochet"
August 15, 1974Alvaro Miguel Barrios Duque"DINA"
August 12, 1974María Cecilia Labrín Sazo"Pinochet"
August 6, 1974Guillermo Haroldo Rojas Zamora"Pinochet", "DINA"
August 6, 1974María Angélica Andreoli Bravo (27)"DINA"
August 6, 1974Muriel Dockendorff Navarette"DINA"
August 4, 1974Elena Donatini"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Nicola Buffi"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Herbert Kontriner (35)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Nunzio Russo"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Maria Santina Carraro"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Marco Russo (14)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Tsugufumi Fukuda (31)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Antidio Medaglia (70)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Elena Celli (67)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Raffaella Garosi (22)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Wìlhelmus Jacobus Hanema (19)"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
August 4, 1974Silver Sirotti"Ordine Nero", "Ordine Nuovo", "Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario"
July 9, 1974José Luis Baeza Cruces (41)
July 8, 1974Héctor Marcial Garay Hermosilla (19)"DINA"
July 8, 1974Miguel Angel Acuña Castillo (19)"DINA"
June 18, 1974Albano Agustin Fioraso Chau"Pinochet"
May 28, 1974Giulietta Banzi Bazoli (34)
May 28, 1974Livia Bottardi Milani (32)
May 28, 1974Clementina Calzari Trebeschi (31)
May 28, 1974Alberto Trebeschi (37)
May 28, 1974Euplo Natali (69)
May 28, 1974Luigi Pinto (25)
May 28, 1974Bartolomeo Talenti (56)
May 28, 1974Vittorio Zambarda (60)
May 20, 1974Alvaro Modesto Vallejos Villagran"Pinochet", "Colonia Dignidad"
April 5, 1974David Orellana Apablaza (51)"Pinochet"
March 21, 1974Ernesto Ramón"Pinochet"
March 21, 1974Juan Francisco Mondaca Vega"Pinochet"
February 28, 1974Vasco Alejandro Ormeño Gajardo (18)"Pinochet"
February 14, 1974Isabella Griffiths
February 11, 1974Luis Alberto Toro Castillo (34)"Pinochet"
February 11, 1974Alberto Amador Yáñez Carvajal (31)LE"Pinochet"
February 7, 1974Carlos Hugo Zelaya Suazo (40)"Pinochet"
January 31, 1974Pedro Antonio Bahamonde Rogel (24)"Pinochet"
January 31, 1974Héctor Hugo Maldonado Ulloa (26)"Pinochet"
January 31, 1974José Hernán Mañao Ampuero (22)"Pinochet"
January 31, 1974José Antonio Soto Muñoz (23)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Orlando Tomás Cabello Cabello (44)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Nicolás Chanez Chanez (43)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Juan Mamani Garcia (27)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Luis Aníbal Manriquez Wilden (44)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Hugo Tomás Martinez Guillen (36)"Pinochet"
January 29, 1974Juan Rojas Osega (38)"Pinochet"
January 20, 1974David Alejandro Leon Farias"Pinochet"
January 20, 1974Emilio Morales Lobos"Pinochet"
January 17, 1974Luis Enrique Cortes Pinto"Pinochet"
January 15, 1974Ilucinio González Bustamante"Pinochet"
January 15, 1974Levy Segundo Arraño Sancho (27)"Pinochet"
January 14, 1974Leoncio del Carmen Sarmiento Cantillana"Pinochet"
January 13, 1974Manuel Segundo Salgado Morales (36)"Pinochet"
January 12, 1974Celso Alamiro Guajardo Bettancourt (54)"Pinochet"
January 11, 1974Isiaias Higueras"Pinochet"
January 7, 1974Sergio Eduardo José Cienfuegos Cavieres (23)"Pinochet"
January 3, 1974María Victoria Alvarez Toro (28)"Pinochet"
January 1, 1974Arturo Fernando Díaz Jiménez (49)"Pinochet"
1974Carlos Freddy Pérez Vargas"SIM", "DINA"
1974Carlos Lorca"DINA"
1974Sheila Cassidy"DINA"
December 31, 1973Angel Clodomiro Roman Vergara (26)"Pinochet"
December 31, 1973Carlos Aurelio Carrasca Caceres (26)"Pinochet"
December 30, 1973Joaquín Walker Arangua"Pinochet"
December 27, 1973Oscar Armando Gomez Farias (31)"Pinochet"
December 22, 1973Jorge Arturo Toy Vergara (18)"Pinochet"
December 21, 1973Carlos Alberto Cuevas Moya (21)
December 21, 1973Pedro Rojas Castro (21)"Pinochet", "DINA"
December 21, 1973Luis Emilio Orellana Perez (25)"Pinochet", "DINA"
December 21, 1973Alejandro Patricio Gomez Vega (22)"Pinochet", "DINA"
December 21, 1973Luis Alberto Canales Vivanco (27)"Pinochet", "DINA"
December 21, 1973Barra Duarte Juan Pablo (24)"Pinochet"
December 19, 1973José Braulio Astorga Nanjari (55)"Pinochet"
December 19, 1973Nelsa Zulema Gadea Galan (29)"Pinochet"
December 18, 1973María Isabel Beltrán Sanchez (21)
December 13, 1973Bautista van Schouwen Vasey
December 13, 1973Patricio Munita
December 8, 1973Anselmo Cancino Aravena (25)"Pinochet"
December 8, 1973Héctor Hernán Contreras Cabrera (21)
December 7, 1973Manuel Tomás Rojas Fuentes (20)"Pinochet"
December 7, 1973Juan Domingo Martinez Aldana (42)"Pinochet"
November 30, 1973Santiago Omar Faundez Bustos (23)
November 29, 1973Germán Elidio Palominos Lamas (25)"Pinochet"
November 27, 1973Juan Carlos Cabezas Castro (20)"Pinochet"
November 26, 1973Francisco Rafael González Morales (22)"Pinochet"
November 26, 1973Grover Vicente Braniff Rojas (46)"Pinochet"
November 25, 1973Raúl Adrián de la Cruz Jerez Padilla (23)"Pinochet"
November 11, 1973Reinaldo Catriel Catrileo (42)"Pinochet"
November 6, 1973José Oscar Badillo Garcia (49)
November 6, 1973Manuel Sepulveda Cerda (26)
November 6, 1973Exequiel del Carmen Verdejo Verdejo (49)
November 5, 1973Oscar Enrique Fetis Sabelle (35)"Pinochet"
November 5, 1973Sergio Iván Fetis Valenzuela (27)"Pinochet"
November 5, 1973Tomás Enrique Ramirez Orellana (26)"Pinochet"
November 5, 1973Luis Guillermo Wall Cartes (22)"Pinochet"
November 3, 1973Héctor Ernaldo Velasquez Mardones (29)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Claudio Jesús Escanilla Escobar (16)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Rafael Alonso Diaz Meza (23)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Ireneo Alberto Mendez Hernandez (22)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973José Ignacio Bustos Fuentes (52)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Manuel Eduardo Bascuñan Aravena (23)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Oscar Abdón Retamal Perez (19)"Pinochet"
October 23, 1973Roberto del Carmen Romero Muñoz (23)"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Jenaro Ricardo Mendoza Villavicencio (25)LE"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Aquiles Juan Jara Alvarez (30)LE"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Samuel Altamiro Lazo Quinteros"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Carlos Enrique Lazo Quinteros"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Samuel del Tránsito Lazo Maldonado"Pinochet"
October 16, 1973Luis Rodolfo Lazo Maldonado (20)"Pinochet"
October 15, 1973Uberlindo del Rosario AGUILERA PEREIRA"Pinochet"
October 15, 1973Manuel Segundo Taquias Vergara"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973José Manuel Diaz Inostroza (29)"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973Francisco Javier Lizama Irarrazaval (34)"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973Juan Manuel Ortiz Acevedo (38)"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973Luis Celerino Ortiz Acevedo (36)"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973Jorge Manuel Pavez Henriquez (35)"Pinochet"
October 13, 1973Carlos Patricio Fariña Oyarce (13)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Arturo Navarette Leiva
October 11, 1973Alberto Segundo Reinante Raipan (39)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Alejandro Antonio Tracanao Pincheira (22)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Bernarda Rosalba Vera Contardo (27)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Carlos Alberto Cayuman Cayuman (31)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Carlos Figueroa Zapata (46)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Daniel Antonio Castro Lopez (68)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Eliseo Maximiliano Traconao Valenzuela (18)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Ernesto Juan Reinante Raipan (29)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Isaías José Fuentealba Calderon (29)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973José Héctor Borquez Levican (30)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Luis Armando Lagos Torres (50)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Luis Rivera Catricheo (54)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Mauricio Segundo Curiñanco Reyes (38)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Miguel José Tracanao Pincheira (25)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Modesto Juan Reinante Raipan (18)"Pinochet"
October 11, 1973Salvador Alamos Rubilar (45)"Pinochet"
October 8, 1973Jorge Orlando Vilugrón Reyes (27)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973José Gregorio Liendo Vera"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973José Angel Cabezas Bueno (21)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Francisco Javier Calderon Nilo (19)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Domingo Antonio Galaz Salas (23)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973José Emilio Gonzalez Espinoza (32)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Juan Rosendo Gonzalez Perez (23)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Aurelio Enrique Hidalgo Mella (22)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Bernabé del Carmen Lopez Lopez (23)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Carlos Manuel Ortiz Ortiz (18)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Héctor Santiago Pinto Caroca (34)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Hernán Pinto Caroca (42)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Aliro del Carmen Valdivia Valdivia (39)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Hugo Alfredo Vidal Arenas (27)"Pinochet"
October 3, 1973Victor Manuel Zamorano Gonzalez"Pinochet"
October 2, 1973Sergio Osvaldo Alvarado Vargas"Pinochet"
October 2, 1973Julio Antonio Carcamo Rodriguez"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Juan Calderon Villalon (25)"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Nolberto Jesús Cañas Cañas (48)"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Marcelo Omar Guzman Fuentes (34)"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Luis Alberto Lizardi Lizardi (29)"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Juan Jiminez Vidal (42)"Pinochet"
September 29, 1973Michel Selim Nash Saez (19)"Pinochet"
September 26, 1973Edward Tillman
September 24, 1973Martín Segundo Saravia González (39)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Humberto Salas Salas (32)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Eduardo Aliste Gonzalez (19)"DINA"
September 24, 1973Arnoldo Camú Veloso (36)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Ernesto Gallardo Zárate (38)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Antonio Aninao Morales (48)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Carlos Enrique Mario Nicholls Rivera (27)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Héctor Guillermo Castro Saez"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Juan Guillermo Cuadra Espinoza (28)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Gustavo Hernán Martinez Vera"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Juan Bautista Nuñez Vargas (33)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Ignacio del Tránsito Santander Albornoz (17)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Jaime Iván Meneses Cisternas (28)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Miguel Segundo Orellana Barrera (32)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Jorge Bernardino Pinto Esquivel (53)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Nardo del Carmen Sepulveda Mancilla (24)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Alvaro Javier Acuña Torres (25)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Guillermo Arriagada Saldías"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Domingo Gutiérrez Aravena"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Héctor Alfonso Inostroza Paredes (21)"Pinochet"
September 24, 1973Roberto Hernán Caceres Santibañez (16)"Pinochet"
September 23, 1973Juan Guillermo Arredondo Gonzalez (33)"Pinochet"
September 23, 1973Juan Humberto Alberto Orellana Alarcon (31)"Pinochet"
September 23, 1973Juan Jorge Coria Calderón (19)"Pinochet"
September 23, 1973Sergio Hugo Muñoz Maturana (21)"Pinochet"
September 23, 1973Emilio Guillermo Vásquez Romo (30)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Antonio Artemio Tamayo Reyes (31)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Luis Alberto Ortega Fernandez (31)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Luis Porfirio Alzamora Gonzalez (21)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Luis Sergio Mendez Ortega (25)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Raúl Enrique Bacciarini Zorrilla (49)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Héctor Rojo Alfaro (43)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Samuel Nuñez Gonzales (49)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Amando Jimenez Machucha (38)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Guillermo Alvarez Cañas (49)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Fidel Alfonso Bravo Alvarez (22)"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973Michael Woodward"Pinochet"
September 22, 1973José Gabriel Molina Guerrero (31)"Pinochet"
September 19, 1973Alejandro Robinson Mella Flores (19)"Pinochet"
September 17, 1973Luis Fernando Rojas Valenzuela (49)"Pinochet"
September 16, 1973Ricardo Raúl Lagos Reyes"Pinochet"
September 16, 1973Sonia Ojeda"Pinochet"
September 16, 1973Carlos Eduardo Lagos"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Rodolfo Iván Leveque Carrasco"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Raúl Bladimir Leveque Carrasco"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Hernán Fernando Albornoz Prado (23)"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Juan Humberto Albornoz Prado (25)"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Elizabeth del Carmen Bellarriz Cabrera"Pinochet"
September 15, 1973Blanca Marina Carrasco Paña (27)"Pinochet"
September 14, 1973Yactong Orlando Juantock Guzmán"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Pedro Abraham Morales Retamal (44)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Héctor Domingo Aguayo Olavarria (16)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Juan Cabrera Figueroa (20)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Alejandro Escobar Vasquez (18)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Raúl Marcial Figueroa Burckhardt (22)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Elías Dagoberto Gonzalez Ortega (25)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Hugo Arner Gonzalez Ortega (23)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Carlos Schmidt Arriagada (21)"Pinochet"
September 13, 1973Ricardo Augusto Schmidt Arriagada (20)"Pinochet"
September 12, 1973Jaime Aldoney Vargas"Pinochet"
September 12, 1973Guilliermo Eugenio Schmidt GodoyLE"Pinochet"
May 28, 1973Felicia Bartolozzi"Ordine Nuovo"

Felicia was murdered in a grenade attack targeting police. Another civilian and two officers were killed.

May 27, 1973Federico Masarin (30)LE"Ordine Nuovo"
May 25, 1973Giuseppe PanzinoLE
May 17, 1973Gabriella BortolonLA"Ordine Nuovo"

Gabriella was murdered in a grenade attack targeting police. Another civilian and two officers were killed.

April 12, 1973Antonio Marino (22)LE"La Fenice", "Movimento Sociale Italiano"
1973Guillermo Baltazar Kegevic Julio"Pinochet"
October 10, 1972James T. Willett (26)"Aryan Brotherhood", "Manson Family"
October 10, 1972Lauren Willett (19)"Aryan Brotherhood", "Manson Family"
September 20, 1972Julio Tomás TroxlerLE"Argentine Anticommunist Alliance"
August 25, 1972Mariano Lupo
June 25, 1972Miloš PopovićLE
June 25, 1972Branko BlečićLE
May 31, 1972Donato PoveromoLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
May 31, 1972Franco DongiovanniLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
May 31, 1972Antonio FerraroLE"Ordine Nuovo", "Avanguardia Nazionale"
April 21, 1972Fred Charles Castillo"Aryan Brotherhood"
November 19, 1971Fred Biggs (60)
July 7, 1971Bob Egle (59)
April 7, 1971Vladimir Rolović"Otpor"
April 7, 1971Mira Stemphihar"Otpor"
February 4, 1971Guiseppe Malacaria (33)
January 7, 1971Gianfranco Carminati"Movimento di Azione Rivoluzionaria"
September 16, 1970Mauro De Mauro
December 12, 1969Giovanni Arnoldi"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Giulio China"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Eugenio Corsini"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Pietro Dendena"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Gaiani"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Calogero Galatioto"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Garavaglia"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Paolo Gerli"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Luigi Meloni"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Vittorio Mocchi"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Gerolamo Papetti"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Mario Pasi"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Perego"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Oreste Sangalli"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Angelo Scaglia"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Carlo Silva"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
December 12, 1969Attilio Valè"La Fenice", "Ordine Nuovo"
August 28, 1969Donald Jerome Shea (35)"Manson Family"
August 25, 1969Rosemary Calandriello (17)
August 10, 1969Rosemary LaBianca (38)"Manson Family"
August 10, 1969Leno LaBianca (44)"Manson Family"
August 8, 1969Voytek Frykowski (32)"Manson Family"
August 8, 1969Sharon Tate (26)"Manson Family"
August 8, 1969Steven Parent (18)"Manson Family"
August 8, 1969Jay Sebring (35)"Manson Family"
August 8, 1969Abigail Folger (25)"Manson Family"
July 27, 1969Gary Hinman (34)"Manson Family"
July 21, 1969Lillie Belle Allen"Newberry Street Boys", "Girarders"
November 4, 1968Jane Durrua (13)SA
April 4, 1968Martin Luther King Jr.
August 25, 1967George Lincoln Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell was leader of the 'American Nazi Party'. He was assassinated by a former member he'd expelled over political differences.

June 26, 1967Armando PivaLE
June 26, 1967Francesco GentileLE
June 26, 1967Mario Di LecceLE
June 26, 1967Olivo DordiLE
June 10, 1966Ben Chester White (61)"White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan", "Cottonmouth Moccasin Gang"
April 27, 1966Paolo Rossi
January 10, 1966Vernon Dahmer (58)"KKK", "Mississippi White Knights"
October 6, 1965Edward Evans (17)
March 25, 1965Viola Gregg Liuzzo"KKK"
March 11, 1965James Joseph Reeb
March 1965Ernst Kirchweger
1965Jonathan Daniels
December 26, 1964Lesley Ann Downey (10)SA
November 10, 1964Wolf Katz (15)"National Socialist Movement"
July 11, 1964Lemuel Penn (49)"KKK", "Black Shirts"
June 21, 1964James Earl Chaney (21)"KKK"
June 21, 1964Andrew Goodman (21)"KKK"
June 21, 1964Michael Schwerner (24)"KKK"
June 16, 1964Keith Bennett (12)SA
May 2, 1964Charles Eddie Moore (20)"White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
May 2, 1964Henry Hezekiah Dee (19)"White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"
November 23, 1963John Kilbride (12)SA
September 23, 1963Kurt GruberLE
September 15, 1963Addie Mae Collins (14)"KKK"
September 15, 1963Cynthia Wesley (14)"KKK"
September 15, 1963Carole Robertson (14)"KKK"
September 15, 1963Denise McNair (11)"KKK"
July 12, 1963Pauline Reade (16)SA
June 13, 1963Medgar Evers"KKK"
September 30, 1962Paul Guihard (30)"KKK", "National States Rights Party"
September 30, 1962Ray Gunter (23)"KKK", "National States Rights Party"
April 21, 1962Molly Young
February 8, 1962Fanny Dewerpe
1962John Berridge
July 13, 1959Raymond William Purdy (43)LE
May 17, 1959Kelso Cochrane"Union Movement"
January 23, 1957Willie Edwards, Jr. (24)"KKK"
August 28, 1955Emmett Till (14)
December 25, 1951Harry Tyson Moore"KKK"
December 25, 1951Harriette Vyda Moore"KKK"
November 20, 1948Robert Mallard"KKK"
September 8, 1948Isiah Nixon
1948George Polk
July 20, 1946Maceo Snipes"KKK"